What to reveal and What not to reveal – Girls be cautious on what you speak,do and write in social media

Sairam friends,

I am alright today and got well by sai grace. Just that my back pain is little worrying at times and I don’t speak about it to parents as they won’t let me use computer at home. I was home for 3 days and simply speaking to parents. Irrespective of the fact that my Mom kept speaking about marriage stuff, I playfully changed topic to other “Most important” matters in life like childhood memories, future plans etc

At  least am pleased my Amma has someone to speak now. Her friend Padma aunty came back from U.S visiting after 6 month stay with her Son and daughter in law.

I got bored on Sunday as I recovered completely and wanted to go out. I wanted to walk a lot. So decided to go to Marudhamalai Hill temple and worship Lord Murugan. I requested my friend to pray that my pain gets reduced and as soon as She did, I felt better. May be she has her own divine way of connecting to Sai.

HR Problem

While I was in bus, I over heared a guy who was speaking to one of his friend about problems in his office. De CM- Cellku mail panitomla, one weekla reply vandhrum. I was blinking and wondering what kind of company it must be that these guys resign and send a mail to Chief Minister ? He was telling over phone that they make them work too much and treat like a slave. I kept listening to it and also listening to songs.

Moral number 1 : Do not speak aloud in Mobile while you are traveling out or when you are in any public places. You never know who is listening to you. Always cultivate habit to keep personal conversation when there’s enough privacy.

Anyway, I am going to tell entire conversation to my friends and tease my friends in HR today !

Climbing Marudhamalai

Marudhamalai has become my favorite destination now a days to find peace. While climbing up in steps we see some local love stories siting and speaking to each other. Meeting in temple isn’t a wrong idea but it isn’t always safe as very few uses steps when it gets dark. Any place is not safe in this country as far as I know as there are good and bad people every where.

Moral number 2:  We already have stories where boy friend takes girl friend to movie or they are traveling officially and the girl has to face some problems. You can fall in love, meet but make sure you meet in a safe place and know to secure yourself.

Positively speaking, I find few youngsters coming to temple now a days. I mean guys with their friends and its a good thing. At least once in a while some kind of devotion helps. On reaching the Abode of Murugan,  I felt good. I had wonderful Darshan of Lord Murugan. They decorated Murugan with Sacred ash -Viboothi.  I loved Marudhamalai so much as I felt divine.

What to reveal and What not to reveal

Its surprising Sai blesses me with some words in dream. I had these words “What to reveal and what not to reveal” before a month. I believe its an advice for me and also many girls and women out there and to some extent every one for that matter.  When we speak to strangers or even people who are not very close to us, we at times blabber everything about where we go, our personal details etc to them. We think its a casual conversation.

We never know what people’s intention are. So be careful and think twice before you tell something about yourself.

Girls be cautious on what you speak,do and write in social media

Its for everyone but I mention “Girls” because it I believe women are easily revealing things to few people they trust. Honestly, there’s no one in this world whom you can trust. Its very important to tell what happened to you and the problems you face but don’t reveal every detail of your life.

These days I get so many mails from girls and women devotees telling their problem and asking for suggestion. Honestly, I reply few and don’t have time to read few. I used to wonder what will happen if these girls tell such stories to any one else? What if some one is going to create problems and black mail you?

Do not ever trust people who say they can show you a way through some pooja or Sai or any spiritual stuff.

There are few who are dedicated to spirituality and serving people but vast majority are only cheating you to make money out of it. Now a days, I see so many people in name of astrologer, healer telling they can get back your lost love, fix your relationship problem etc.

Trust me. There is no mantra and tantra that can alter your life if at all you have devotion in your mind. I personally know few girls who have spent thousands or rupees and dollars to people who cheat them saying they can fix their relationship issues.

Please if you have lots of money, either do any good deeds or give your parents. They will save it for your future.

Social Media:

Posting pictures, twittering and linking. All fine but there are few who get addicted to social media. Mobile chat networks are wasting millions of minutes from young India. Are we going to achieve anything in life using chatting with friend groups? Please grow up and make your life meaningful.

Be real and have real friends whom you can meet and speak or at least who care for the “real” you.

StarSai too has a facebook page but Sai alone knows who liked it and I never any most of them personally. My friends are people who write to me once in a while, who know me as a person and other people whom I meet in temple and at work.

Secondly, What ever you do online is stored some where. There are some sites where you cannot delete your posts and what if you want to delete something and forgot your password?

Moral of the story – When you have problems, please tell your friends and also mail people whom you can trust but please don’t give out each and every detail of your problem. Be crisp and when ever you speak or mail someone whom you don’t know be very cautious.

Why I write this article..This morning at 5 o clock. I got a beautiful dream in which I saw my college and in the middle of it was like a swimming  pool. It was really beautiful and I saw a man being lifted from 3rd floor to ground floor by some innovative lift which I saw in this post –


After that I hear Carlson watches and then name the name – Amanda Carlson

When ever I see watches in dream I feel its Sai’s blessing as people who follow StarSai will know about it. I woke up and wrote in my mobile what i saw in dream so that i wont forget it. Then I searched online for Amanda Carlson and came to this page
Amanda Carlson in Amazon.com

Amanda is a Minnesota girl, born and bred. She started writing stories about teenage girls and their social missteps while in high school.

I got a hint from the word “Social Missteps” that Saibaba wants me to write about such issues related to Social media and how girls has to be cautious about it.

Well. I am strange

My Sai’s ways are strange

and You might think I am mad to relate things this way.

Some may even doubt my dreams and that am playing around

Well. That’s how it works !

Its been 9 years of StarSai

I can’t tell you how my Sai works

Now my father called me to temple as he has given for Pooja for Durga

So running out and going to work


and yes Be careful

because I care for every men, women and child who come’s to starsai


Edit – I write this at night. I went to Saibaba temple after office hours and sat in Dwarakamai and saw how easily I do spelling and grammar mistakes when I write in hurry in morning. I wish Sai helps me write better English. I also read few pages of Amanda’s book and realized its like Vampires stories and wonder what Sai really means. There is no use using my Amazon aff link in a site people hardly come with an Idea to shop.

I was surprised with an very peculiar event. In the dream, I also saw that I jump into a swimming pool and today I drenched my dress in water from the pipe in real while I was near canteen and I felt embarrassed. So there’s something common between dream and reality -“Water”.  But why did I hear the name of author who writes about Vampires and witches…he he…

May be Sai simply wants me to read lots of books and improve my language skills in future or Sai saved me from evil. Today when I was looking at the ancient painting of Sai in Nagasai mandhir behind the main statue, I felt the love of Sai on me. I may not be happy today. I know my pains but I know Sai is working on my life.

Its hard to understand how Saints work.

Sai really is working on me – Venkat

1 thought on “What to reveal and What not to reveal – Girls be cautious on what you speak,do and write in social media”

  1. This is an important topic and it needed to be written here. Way too many people pour their hearts out in public media without realizing its consequences. Once it’s written, it cannot be taken back. Even if one deletes their post on FB for example, there will always be a copy of it somewhere and it can be retrieved when needed.

    I feel sad that precious time in a day is wasted on this social media with meaningless posts/pics/chatter when one can use that time to read or learn a new skill or musical instrument/language etc. I am not saying one should never use social media but it has become an obsession not just for the young but also the old. It’s not a phenomenon only in western countries, I saw it a lot even in India during my recent visit.

    I hope this madness will subside and not every one’s mundane or private stuff is put out there for all to consume. People looking for jobs should be especially cautious as employers all hire background check companies to find out what you like/what you post/what you look like etc. before hiring you! May Baba bless all of us to use social media for sensible things or spread good things or to do some good to others!

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