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Shirdi Saibaba doesn’t mind if you don’t name your baby as Sai…

Sairam friends,

Its always a blessing to name your newborn baby as “Sai” or names of any God or Goddess you like. Somehow, I felt strange why so many parents choose to use “Sai” in front of other names and wanted to express my feeling about it. If your baby or you are already named Sai, be happy about it. Its truly a blessing.

My concern is to spread the message that whatever name you give your child, they are always taken care by Sai.

There are thousands of couples who pray to Shirdi Saibaba to bless them with a child.  Some women write to me to suggest some Pooja or Mantra they can do. At times, I simply pray in mind, and sometimes I reply asking them to have faith, do a Parayan of Sai Satcharitra, light lamps etc. You see, Nowadays, I don’t like telling any specific pooja to be done for Sai blessings.

It depends on a family’s personal traditions. Simply follow the way your Parents or ancestors used to do. There is no specific pooja, mantra, or rituals which is responsible for fulfilling your desires. All that is required is “Patience”

I created to inspire couples to have faith and patience.

Pooja, rituals, and Mantra does have their own powers but people need everything instantly. Sai devotees write to me “It’s been 2 years since I got married, Its been 3…8 years”. I get so many emails worrying about not having a child. I agree, you are anxious but be calm. Things will happen by God’s grace.

Do any Pooja you like or simply chant the holy name “Sai…Sai…Sai”…You can learn to recite Vishnu Sahasranama or Lalitha Sahasranama. Keep your faith and accept life as it comes.

If you feel you might have any other problems, Seek a physician’s guidance, and see if there’s a solution.

The painful part about trying to help Sai devotees through StarSai is this. People show the anger they have on Baba on me. They say am wasting my time and life believing Saibaba and that it’s not worthy spreading Sai’s glory as Sai doesn’t help them.

Well. Sai didn’t help me too in so many issues and I accept Sai for what he is.

I know Sai didn’t help me but he loves me. I know Sai loves and cares for each and every one of his ardent devotees.

I am not married yet and hence you might think that I don’t know your pains. Well. I do. I know what it means for so many women to be blessed with a child. Its a gift of a lifetime and it’s going to happen to you. So have faith and believe Sai will do good to you and your family.

Shirdi Saibaba doesn’t mind if you don’t name your baby with his name

I wish to write Sai devotees about choosing a name for your child. In the past few years, many families who are devoted to Shirdi Saibaba, name their child as “Sai Anand, Sai Priya, Sai Lakshmi” etc. If all in your family especially the husband and wife together agree with such names and have named their child with “Sai” in the name. Fine. Go ahead and name your child with “Sai” as a suffix or prefix.

I just wish to say, don’t name your child with “Sai” just because you love Shirdi Saibaba and if either wife or husband suggests a different name.

It doesn’t matter to Sai if your baby carries his name or not. Your child will always be blessed.

Some devotees write to me to suggest a name for their newborn baby. Sometimes they see my blog on Lord Surya and request me to suggest any names of Lord Surya for their child. Sometimes, I request devotees to find good names from Mantra they might listen.

Further, Indians living abroad must name their child keeping in mind the child’s future in an alien Nation. Make sure your children are not teased when they go to school and college.  Even if you keep a Hindu name or any Indian name, see if everyone can pronounce the name easily so that they Child will not feel odd as he/she grows up. Try to look for a name that they will be happy about for a lifetime. It’s a humble request.

Don’t force Sai devotion in your children

I agree, you must cultivate the habit of doing regular prayers and Pooja to your children. At the same time, give them their freedom to do what they like to do most. Don’t force Sai devotion or devotion on any Gods in your children. Let it come naturally. Don’t make them fear for Sai or any Gods.

Simply tell them good Stories in Hindu scriptures and tell them our values. My Sisters child has told her that her classmates are telling her …………… the only helper. So my sister has helped her little daughter understand our values and that all Gods are one but she as a Hindu must follow our tradition.

These days, children as they become adults have lots of chances to get disappointed. It’s a competitive world. So if you keep telling them “Sai is going to help you” , they will only think Sai will work for them. They will gradually get irritated and disappointed with baba when failures haunt them contentiously. So tell them how Sai works.

I get emails from youngsters saying Sai didn’t help them etc. Why blame Baba? You focus on your life and Sai will silently work on you and when the right time comes, your life will be good.

Sai works in your children’s life when they remain pure, good-hearted, cultivate good habits, and work hard with honesty.

So instead of being proud and happy that you named your Child with “Sai” in front of behind other names..

1. Simply teach them good habits

2. Make them get interested in Education and Arts they like

3. Give them the freedom to be independent and think about what’s good for them.

4. Request them to learn about the values of our tradition and also about Shirdi Saibaba but let them do it when they like.

5. Take them to temples but if they feel its boring, have a balance in your spiritual and worldly life.

I say this because some Sai devotees are extremely devoted to Sai or other Gods that they feel going out to movies, restaurants or traveling to places is something wrong. Please never be too devoted to the extent that your children will hate Sai subconsciously. Give your children beautiful experiences during their childhood.

One of my biggest mistakes is I myself give all the responsibilities on Saibaba and very rarely do I realize, Sai will help me only when I take efforts. So I don’t want Sai families to ruin their children’s future.

My opinion is, Your Children might carry the name “Sai” or not. It’s your own personal likings and you have all rights to name your child as you wish. Just be very clear that bringing up your child doesn’t stop with naming. Be there for them at every stage, teach them very peacefully what’s good for them, and help them be courageous and independent.

For God’s sake, never think that you were blessed with a child by Sai grace and Sai might be angry on you if you keep some other names. Sai just wants you to focus on dedicating enough time and effort in bringing up your child.

I don’t know why I write this article but it’s my honest belief that Sai devotion must come naturally. Not because someone has the holy name of “Sai” in their name. Not just because their parents worship Sai.

It must happen naturally.

Kindly don’t force it on your children.

Let them be free and happy.

Sai knows how to take care of them and bring them in his path.



Little servant of Shirdi Saibaba

Edit: After writing this article, While going to Shirdi Saibaba temple in my hometown, I was thinking parents name their children with the holy name “Sai” as they really thank Sai this way as they believe their baby as Sai’s gift to them. Why did I interfere with this? Maybe I must have not written this article. My intention is simply to tell you that Names are very important.

The holy book Sripaadha Sri Vallabha Charitramrutam says “There are 16 most powerful things in the world and one of them is Name”.

So I just wish parents have all the freedom and use their creativity to name their children.

Further, Some youngsters change their names in between considering their previous name as unlucky. Honestly, there’s nothing like lucky and unlucky names. Simply accept life as it is and focus on your work. Try to make yourself a better person and someday your life will be good.

Today while sitting in Dwarakamai, I saw a few kids coming with their parents and felt so happy.

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