21 thoughts on “Shirdi Saibaba Happy Birthday Greetings 10”

  1. Babas blessings are there who believe him and have faith.

    His presence is there where there love and peace. Keep chanting his
    name when ever you are in distress. Have patience till his blessings shower on you

  2. Dear all,

    We can proudly say that our beloved sai is the very incarnation of GOD.If ever god had descended upon earth then it is in the form of Sai.Let us dedicate our lives to the lotus feet of Sai .

    Om sai ram


  3. Dear
    Wish u a very very Happy Birthday for u its a special Greeting Card i have selected for u i know how much u love saibaba. Once again Happy Birthday for u a heartful wishes from ur wife

    Om Sai Ram

  4. sai ram baba…..we lve u baba ……..u know baba am feel very lonely & sad bcz i have no job & no happiness……………my parents have great acception from me ……..but am looser baba………………..tell me baba ……………………& happy birthday baba in advance………..:):)

  5. Hi Sibilings,

    Today is my Birthday. And Baba has bestowed a beautiful life to me. Now again he has given me a rebirth today showing his path of love and devotion. From today onwards, i have pleadged to try my best to walk on the path shown by him.

    I hope baba shall hold my hand and help me walk his way of love and giving and fills my heart. Please say a prayr to baba for giving more happiness into his world and a lots and lots of Love.

    thanks Purnima.

  6. i loves baba so much.Because he is a oil lamp in my life now.So i lord him very hapilly and he is areally powerful guru for allbaba bakhtars.OM SAI RAM.

  7. Dear Sai,

    I wanted to wish you on this Sree Rama Navami day and request you to be in my life always.

    Om sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai

  8. wish u advanced birthday wishes deepa. may baba come to your home soon as baby sai and fill ur life with joy

  9. Wish u happy birthday dimpal. Shri Sai Baba chi krupa nehmi tuya vr aso , sai baba tula sukh ani aandat devo hi prathna

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