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May Shirdi Saibaba bless all his children – Happy Diwali friends

Sairam friends,

Happy Diwali to you and your family

I have a humble request friends.

1.Be careful when you play around and have fun during this Diwali.

2.Try not to Hurt anyone.

3.Light lamps as many as possible in a safe place at home or temple.

One of my Sai friend Anuradha has made this wonderful Diwali Greeting Card . These days am very much devoted to Lord Ganesha and Shirdi Saibaba as always. So i was happy to receive this Diwali card which portrays

1. Paadhukas – Makes me remember first avatar of Dattatreya – Saint Shree Paadha Shree Vallabha and Sri Krishna

2. Lord Ganesha – Recently did Parayan of Vinayakar Puranam and realized the greatness of Ganesha.

3. I love Lord Surya and Lighting lamps both are present in the design

So i felt like sharing this Diwali Greeting card sent by my friend to all sai children visiting StarSai

Happy Diwali shirdi saibaba

Happy Diwali – Greetings sent by my Sai Friend Anuradha – © Copyright protected.

May Shirdi Saibaba bless all his children with Peaceful life.

Aum sri sainathaya namaha



always in the holy feet of shirdi saibaba

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