Saibaba washes your bad karma when you offer him Dakshina

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Kashinath Dube was a Shop keeper in Kopergoan. Surprisingly, He did not know that there was a Saint called Saibaba in Shirdi until 1909.
In 1909, a lady goes and asks him for a loan of Rs.10. Kashinath Dube immediately gives it to her but felt she won’t return it to him. He vowed that, if she does return the money, he would offer it to Baba.

Eventually, the lady returns the money.

He goes to Shirdi forgetting his vow to offer Rs.10 to Saibaba.
During the first day, he goes to Dwarakamai 5 times. The first time, Baba asked him to offer Dakshina of Rs.5/-. Then, Rs.2 during another visit. Then, Rs. 2 during evening darshan and finally Rs.1.

Kashinath stayed in Shirdi for 3 days but in the next 2 days, Saibaba did not ask for any dakshina. He realized that Saibaba only collected what he vowed – To offer Rs.10 as Dakshina to Baba.

It’s not the money that matters for Sai Baba. Sai would have washed away his bad karma of several births by taking the money from him.

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