Saibaba saved a devotee from job transfer and gave peace of mind in the office

Om Sai Ram friends,

Many Sai devotees face issues in their Career. Some people working in Bank and other field might have to decide between Promotion and Transfer to a new location. Here’s a devotee who shared his experience on how Sai baba blessed him to stay close to his home.

Sairam devotees ,

I am just sharing my experience with SaiBaba miracles. I am working in a government bank. I am an ardent Sai devotee since 2012 but totally surrender to baba since 2014. In 2019, I experienced a SaiBaba miracle.

My wife is also working in a bank. I always have a job transfer problem, as our job is all India Transferable. So I am in spite of a very good career but I forgo promotion due to transfer problem due to family problem. Still, all of a sudden I am transferred out of my state. I am hopeless, what to do .

How can I go out of state leaving my family with a little daughter? Who will take care of my family? Sleepless nights and totally helpless.

I am not taking a promotion, sacrifice my career for my family still, I am transferred outside state. I requested many senior executives even requested all anything but all in vain.

Around 50 people transferred along with me to an outside state. I have no option just prayed SaiBaba to help me in these critical times. Colleagues started to get relieved one by one. I faced sleepless nights at any time they might call me to relieve.

I was just praying SaiBaba to please help me.

In those days when I am going to the bank still evening while doing my work, I was just remembering SaiBaba not relieve me today. Day after day, I saw no one calling me to relieve. Four-month passed, all were relieved, but SaiBaba saved me. Still, I don’t know how I got saved?

I firmly believe it’s just blessings of SaiBaba and nothing else. I promised Sai that I will share my experience with Sai devotees. In any critical phase of life, what ever may the situation just trust SaiBaba. Miracle will happen at any time.

Shardha Saburi.

JUST TRUST SAIBABA AND TOTALLY SURRENDER TO HIM, HE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU. I request all Sai devotees to totally surrender to SaiBaba, he is iswar’s Avatar.
I even want to forget my name. I just want to remember SaiBaba at every moment.


Hope you like this Sai leela friends. Sometimes, it’s very painful to go through such situations in office. But do not fear and worry much. Just focus on your work with peace of mind. Baba will take care of your happiness and harmony in family.


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