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Sai Baba blessings to get a job: Sai Leela in the life of Bhaskar Sadasiv

Shirdi Saibaba blessings to get a job
Written by venkatraman

Om Sai Ram friends,
Many Shirdi Sai Baba devotees worry about problems in their careers. Some look for better earnings and some even lost their job and hence they pray Sai Baba to bless them with a good job.

Sai leela which happened in the life of Bhaskar Sadasiv Satam is really beautiful. He joined the Police force in 1911 and because of his honesty, he grew quickly as a Sub Inspector of Police. In 1930, One of his good friends, Nagesh Atmaram Samant spoke to him about Shirdi Saibaba. He said that Saibaba is a powerful saint who lived in a village called Shirdi and if he is interested, they both could plan to have darshan of his Samadhi.
Bhaskar Sadasiv did not show interest in going to Shirdi at that time as everything was good in his life.

Later, in 1940, Bhaskar lost his job. He was already suspended and was really depressed.

That’s when he again met his friend Nagesh Atmaram in a training school. This time, he said that he needs Saibaba’s blessings to secure the job. Through a devotee called Sagum Meru Naik, Udi and prasad were sent to Bhaskar Sadasiv.

But only after receiving Udi, he got confirmation from his department that he was dismissed and his job loss was confirmed. He continued to love Saibaba and believed Sai will help him.

Bhaskar and his son decided to go to Shirdi during a beautiful Ram Navami day. They stayed there for 2 days peacefully. As soon as they got down the train in Dadar, a police constable told Bhaskar that

“I assume your job will be reinstated and you will be posted in Lamington road”.

Bhaskar was happy as it was like a hint from Saibaba. But nothing seemed to happen. He was really worried. Finally, he wrote a letter to his department seeking his status of the job. By end of May 1940, he received a letter from the police department. It read

“Reinstated and posted to Lamington Road,Bombay”

How was the constable able to give him assurance that he would get back his job and even be posted in Lamington road even a month earlier?
That’s what Saibaba does.

He gives you assurance but makes you wait. The wait is because of your own past karma. So do not get fed up when you face difficulties in your job and business.

Saibaba eventually will do good to you.

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Om Sai Ram

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