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Instead of solution to your problems, pray for retaining peace and patience. Sai Baba will give it you

Sai Baba
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

I changed few words from my previous article about going to Mumbai because no matter how people treat me, I must remain calm and be good to everyone.  I have this Sai friend who calls herself as “Shamya Sai”.  She sent me this mail which I believe is worth publishing as it has a good message.

Om Sai Ram
Dear Venkat

Shat Shat Pranam
Sai ram

Just read your message about going to Mumbai and having Baba’s darshan at Shirdi. Blessed are you.. May you have a peaceful and heart warming darshan of Baba Sai.. May Baba fulfill all your desires and allow you to sit at his feet….

Jai sai ram

Dear Venkat, I have a small request to make.I would really obliged if you could please spare some time for it.

I don’t know much either this world or the other, but just that life sometimes has a unique way of throwing us in a loop.. When everything seems to be going perfectly well, something or the other may pop up out of the blue which bears the capacity to alter the very realm of our existence. Life is truly a great teacher of sorts.. It leads the one who always walks on flowers to bear the sting of thorns and also gives the one content with the dusty footpaths as his bed, a gigantic sized silk draped cot to rest upon… It is also cruel in ways one can only dare to imagine for it hurts everyone without any distinction at the very point where it hurts the most. No one is spared from the whip of destiny which lashes out at each and everyone knowingly or unknowingly.

(Meanwhile, here’s a Sai Baba photo by my Sai friend Aradhana das during pooja at her home. I felt it’s truly divine)

Sai Baba

Let us pray for Peace and Patience from Sai Baba

None is given everything in life

None is given everything, no matter a pauper or the King. Some desperately wait for a job for years, some are denied the joy of parenthood, some may not find their partner, some suffer in their marriage, some are in the claws of deadly and painful diseases..Not much can be done in most of these situations. All these are without doubt very painful and frustrating situations.

Baba advises to have Shraddha (Faith) and Saburi (Patience) in such situations. That is the only mantra given and ultimately one day or the other Baba will pull us out of all the pain and thorns of life.

Does everyone have patience to face ups and downs of life

This is completely true but it takes a very long time, sometimes years, sometimes decades and maybe even a lifetime for relief to be bestowed. What to do during the time of distress, how to seek relief? Same thing Saburi or having patience.That is beej mantra. But does everyone have so much patience and resilience to face the ups and downs of life… least of all we fall into the traps of depression and life looks like a long and endless tunnel surrounded only by darkness and no hope of any light…. Most problems of our life look insolvable when we are going through them.. What to do during that time?

Patience. Again the answer is patience.

But funny enough, there is often the situation that we ask Sai Baba for everything and anything from the smallest of things to the biggest of happiness, success, solution to our problems. We pray to our Deva to take away our problems.. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. But just that we ask for patience and resilience very few times. I am not saying all this like a big mouth or a preacher but trying to convey that in this very thing lies the trap of life.. We pray for mercy, we pray for success, but both the things are definitely granted but take a while, meanwhile we need patience the most, but we somehow forget to pray for it. Somehow when it comes to patience we believe that Baba is not our friend but a tough taskmaster who will bless us only after we have had enough patience.

We believe that it is our own battle to develop faith, patience and courage and that our Baba cannot help u in it rather is waiting for us to develop enough of these three and will help us only thereafter. No our sweet Deva is not only our destination he is our journey too.

Sai Baba will help you have patience, he will help you see the worst of things in a positive light if only you ask for it.

It is said that the world resides in your heart. The world, your life is as you see it.It is often said to develop a good attitude, a positive outlook on your life, but is it possible to develop such things when you are going through the worst phase of your life, facing problems nobody should ever have to….? Yes, It is… It is possible that the world outside you is going topsy turvy and you remain calm and peaceful inside. It is truly a beautiful feeling experienced only by the most highest of yogis or the most developed of souls, after lives of penance. But our Deva, the kind and bountiful fakir will bestow upon you this very highest of stages in the lowest of your life.If you just pray for it. If instead of the solution of your problems, you may somehow pray for this experience of retaining peace and patience, of somehow not being affected by your miseries, Baba will give it you.

This is one blessing Baba does not withhold. Outwardly you will go through all the motions of your life but inwardly you will be like a yogi and this is not a feeling that only the best of souls experience but something that ordinary people like you and me, that even sinners like me may experience and it is not something achieved due to my penance or extra-ordinary faith. It is merely a boon that Baba bestows for carrying you against the most painful tides of your life.

Only if you ask. Yes asking is very important. I used to wonder why… why praying is important, why asking is important?

Baba knows the inside out of our lives. He will give us whatever is right and required at the right time….then why to ask? Sai Satcharitra poses the same question. When B.V.Dev wishes to read the the Gyaneshwari but shies away from asking Baba thinking that He knows everything and will on His own bless him, Baba accuses him of being a thief and tells succinctly that he is supposed to ask what he wishes for, I often wondered why?

Recently this doubt of mine was solved, there is a serial coming here of Santoshi Ma, the Goddess of granting peace and contentment.There was an episode where Ma in all her kindness helps her devotee at the time of distress even when she is not called for…however, Brahma Dev, the father of the three worlds, prohibits her from doing so as it is against the law of nature and rescuing a devotee only when she is invoked.

My mind is small and filled with filth.. I don’t know what is right or wrong. But just a humble request that please tell the people about this.I don’t wish to be acknowledged. Just a hope that maybe just maybe it may work and those with hearts and souls wounded beyond hope may find some solace.

I am sorry about writing such a long mail and blabbering like an idiot and one thing i would like to confess that i m neither a very good soul or someone doing anything in anyone’s service. I am just a selfish person absorbed in my own world and own problems and i know i have blabbered uselessly and foolishly trying to sound very intelligent though it cannot be far from truth.

So please ask Baba and if we finds it right and true, only then believe it.

May Baba bless you

Jai sai ram

Shamya Sai

Hope you like this article friends. If everyone has this realization to have patience and ability to accept what ever happens in life, then, their life will be more peaceful. The world works in its own way. You remain where you are. Be calm and peaceful. Have tolerance. You will only gain a lot when you tolerate few difficult people and situation in life. It’s all in your mind set.

Love and Peace


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  • Om Sai Ram….

    Very true….Shamya Sai ji…

    Sometimes our experience becomes our toughest teacher but the lessons imparted shall be worth for life…

    For the last two days i have been thinking to myself….my recent tough path has changed me a lot….but sometimes i really miss the real person i was before all this turbulance started….

    I never realised how much i was being pampared by my parents n baba……all i did was enjoying life but still used to lament and long for something which may be was not right for me at that time…

    When children doesn listen to baba…he just lets us in loose just to teach us a lesson…but any point of time, like a mother to the child…baba comes to our rescure……

    Recently I got this thought in my mind..i feel like some one told me the below line while i was sleeping:

    “Be it good times or bad….no one can ever freeze the moment even if they wish too”

    So if our life is through a bad phase…pray n believe that baba is watching

    if life is good… thank baba and keep going….

    P.S. I just typed my mind…Apologize if i had not succedded in communicating my thoughts effectively.

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