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Let’s go NASA and my passion to show a good way to everyone

Sairam friends,

The weekend was spend doing something productive. On Saturday, I had been to work and later went with friends to Tractor dealer shop for some enquiry. He asked several questions and I was just thinking how will be Agriculture sector as most of our families past generations lifeline was agriculture. In India, Most of us are basically farmers and did some kind of labor work and later we moved on to other Career one generation after another.

The owner was very kind and tried to call his friends to give my friend all the details. I learned that farmers have to invest a lot to earn their living. Before we left, he asked us how we found his shop because its in the outskirts of the city. He told us “Why din’t you use internet to learn about these products.”

We could have not learned as much as he said but its important that we must do some research before going for anything in the market.

Anyway, On Sunday, I was sitting in Dwarkamai when one of this guy asked me suggestion about what to study after his under graduation. I gave him some ideas. I also added that, I wanted to do this counseling in a larger scale. Reach out to many students and professionals. Some need guidance to study further and some need guidance to find a better career or start a company. This way, I will be able to motivate many people to do good in their life.

Showing a good way to someone has become my passion over the years. In StarSai, I have done that to many in a personal level and if I make that as my career, I believe my life will be meaningful.

One of the things parents must do to their children is to inspire them by telling them stories of leaders, scientists and how they came up in life. In India, we need more scholars and scientists which will lead to better innovations. Its OK, if they go abroad to work in some other organization. What matters is their contribution to man kind.

My Sister has taken Katya to NASA recently. I think they visited NASA Space Center Houston, Texas. Here are some pictures for you to have a look.

NASA, Space Center Houston

A Photo at NASA, Space Center Houston

moon nasa houston space

Moon Landing Photo @ NASA Houston space Center

Zero Gravity at NASA

Zero Gravity at NASA

Freezed Dried fruits for Astronomers

Freeze Dried fruits for Astronomers

I kept asking Katya what she saw in NASA. She told it was great and they had a good time. She was telling her Mom that they had kept rotten fruits for the Astronomers. My Sister told her its just dried, frozen fruits.

I have other picture but don’t want to bore you with photos. I literally hate people watching TV shows, especially those singing and dancing competitions. Its horrible in some of these Tamil channels. I find it too artificial. Where ever I go, people sit and watch that. I agree, you need to relax but how will we create a Great Nation if we are hooked to T.V Shows and use Internet just to entertain ourselves?

When Kids grow up, then their interest again is in going out to movies, restaurants etc.

We must have a balance and must learn what big organizations and great leaders are doing.

Sai Saraswathi Blessings,


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  • Good article… I really feel children must be tought good things and the thing which make them excite and. Increase their curiosity…

    Sai Ram

  • Jai Sai Ram,

    I am not married but i too agree with you , as i observe the same with my niece and nephew, infact this is creating a worst mind set to the kids and they loose culture and affection from parents just watching useless shows, rather they can teach them some thing constructive or educate them with how to face the world,

    But in recent days i see a lots of young devotees at Baba’s places, hope things will be better soon

    Sai ram

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