Kings Justice and Lord Shiva’s grace giving life to calf and making Mother Cow happy

Sairam friends,

Its Pradosham auspicious to Lord Shiva and my Father was busy arranging for pooja in the Colony Shiva Temple. Its the pradosham on saturday which makes it more auspicious and divine.  I was trying to chant Sai Sai Sai all the while and in between my friend was on What’s up asking me to tell a story to make a short film.

I honestly feel depressed and sad these days and din’t had any idea. I told him a story line which he liked a lot but really its not going to work. I have no interest in Shooting with my camera and footage is not getting digitized in my Computer to edit. You see, Shooting needs to be done professionally or we must not work on it. What we do will be amateur and I don’t like it. Just because they ask, I might work on it and am requesting them to give up the idea as am not in mood.

In the evening, I went to Shirdi Saibaba temple,  lit lamps , sat near the Thulasi plant in Dwarakamai and started to read the holy book . I love the below story in the book.

There was a King called Manu Needhi Cholan from Surya Vamsam who ruled Thiruvarur in Tamilnadu. He took care of every life in his land as his own eyes and considered them as his own soul. His glory spread to every other Nation as he was ruling his country with honesty and dedication.

When ever any citizen of Thiruvarur has a problem, they submit their worries and issues to the King. The king makes sure good justice is done to every ordinary and rich citizen of his kingdom. There was a huge bell tied infront of the fort. If any one feels they din’t got good justice, they can ring the bell and bring the people , ministers and even the king to assemble and listen to their problems. This bell was never used as the King always gave proper justice and treated everyone poor, rich, educated or uneducated with equality.

Due to the Dhyana the king did in his previous life, his wife was blessed with a son. The prince learned and enhanced skills and in Arts and excelled in it. He also learned to ride the Chariot. The price had very good nature which made the kind very happy.

Once he took the Chariot from the fort and was riding it fast in the street of his kingdom. Many poets were singing in prize of the Prince which he was happy about.  As if to test the Kings honesty in giving Justice, a worst thing was about to happen to his own son.

The prince was riding the Chariot fast. A calf jumping and running some where in the streets and suddenly comes to the street in which the Price was riding his chariot. Before the King could realize, the Cow got stuck in the wheels of his Chariot and it dies.

The Prince was shocked as he could not save the little Cow. Looking at the dead calf, the Mother cow ran to it and cried so much. The Mother cow was in so much pain that like a human it fell on the mud and cried.

The price could not bear looking at the Mother cow in such pain. He realized some danger has fallen on him. The Mother Cow, ran to the place where they had tied the Bell in front of the Kings fort. The prince followed the Cow. For the first time, the Mother Cow rang the Bell as it felt the King must give justice to its pain.

The King, Ministers and all the people near by the fort assembled surrounding the Mother Cow. They learnt that the Price had killed the Little Cow which because unbearable for the mother to accept.

Now the King is supposed to give justice to the Mother Cow as he respected every life in his kingdom and treated them with equality. The Cow was still shedding tears. The King can simply ask his Son to pay a Fine and finish off the case. He felt guilty that the world will speak that the King showed partiality to his own Son but punished other offenders in past and future. He was a very principled and Honest King.

So he immediately decided to give good Justice to the Mother Cow.

He announced “The prince will be killed by making him lay on the street and by riding the Chariot over him” .

The king himself took the Chariot, made his son lay down in the street and passed the wheel of the chariot over the prince. The King killed his own Son to bring proper justice to the Mother Cow.

Looking at the honesty of the King, the people shed tears. Even the Devar on the Sky offered flowers to the King as there were no other King who can stick to good justice as Manu Needhi Cholan.

To everyone’s surprise, Lord Shiva himself appeared in the street and gave darshan with his consort Uma Devi.  Many people were surrounding Lord Shiva and Parvathi singing in praise of the almighty.

The King Manu Needhi Cholan could not believe the Lord himself came down to see him as a honor for his pure Justice.

Lord Shiva has only tested the King’s Honesty. So he made the Little Cow to come back to Life. The Calf which was dead immediately came to life and ran to its Mother. The Mother Cow was very happy and celebrated it.  The Kings Son also came back to life.

The prince bowed to his Father’s feet and got his Ashirwad.  The King and the people of the Kingdom were very happy as they got Darshan of Lord Shiva and Parvathi. They lived a very happy life ever after.

This story suits this day as its Pradosham and I also felt painful like the Mother Cow all through this evening and night. I feel that I lost some thing in my life which I adore. Its very painful.

We must learn how important it is to treat everyone with equality from this story. In today’s politics there are so many issues where people in power show partiality, this story teaches us how Justice must be given to the good and innocent people.

I also like any stories about Cow and calf – Kannu Kutti as they look cute.

While writing this late night, one of my Sai friend Dr.N mailed me that she’s on the way to Shirdi and feeling exited about it. I requested her to pray for my parents and also my friend whom I call as little Cow. The past few days, I am only writing my personal stories that am depressed, this and that in StarSai. It looks like my diary. So felt happy to write a good story today about Shiva Leela.

Sai and Lord Shiva, Parvathi blessings to you and your family

Am sure all who reads this sacred story will be blessed

You can also have a look at StarSai holy feet network’s Animal Care website  –

Aum Namah Shivaya


Always in the holy feet of Shirdi Saibaba


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  1. naku sai baba anta chana istam nareshmha swammy penchil swammy marreyamma hanuman andharu nakt chana chana istam. Andharu devulaki dhanam pettokuntonanu ma amma nanna chana kasta padothunaru enka naina bhaga undathatto chudo deuvda ade na prardhana

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