How Saibaba helped his devotee to realize US is a better place to stay?

Sairam friends,

We all have some attachment to the place we live and it’s not easy for all to accept change and call a new city or country as their new home. Sometimes, we might not like such changes which comes in our life but Sai eventually helps us understand what’s good for us.

I received this devotees experience Gopala Krishna which is beautiful to read!

Dear Friends,

I lived most of my 30’s to early 40’s in Singapore. My wife has always been a Sai devotee. My company requested me to move to US. While I came to US, initially I did not appreciate much and my family went back to Singapore.

My manager and all friends advised me to stay in US as that is a better place for opportunities and education. While my manager agreed to move back to Singapore, I went to a temple in Milpitas.

I heard Sai asking me why I came alone and did not bring family (when they are in Singapore) I told my wife, who is actually frustrated with one return already and reluctant to come back.

Sai helped me settle things with family and they all moved.

Since then, I became a Sai devotee and feel so blessed always. Sai also helped me get my Green Card in time.

Jai Sai ram.

I always felt He is omni present and has been helping me

Gopala Krishna

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