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I will never let you fall. Don’t worry about anything. I am with you always – Sai Baba

Don't worry - Shirdi Sai Baba
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

I started early from work as I wanted to go to Shirdi Saibaba temple on Maha Shivratri. I lit lamps and came around holy dhuni for few minutes. Then, I worshiped Lord Shiva offering Bhel leaves. I reached home, lit 7 lamps and prayed Shiv ling. My parents asked me to take milk for abishekam in near by Shiva temple. So I went there and parents joined later. I don’t like crowd and chose to come around the Goddess Thaiyalnagagi amman as no one was around the temple. I did pradishana and felt good about it. Some kids were playing and one kid asked why I am always coming around?

I don’t like to sit in a place in temple or where ever I go. I either like to read books or do something. Further, Sivanesan Swamiji who served Baba from 1954 to 1996 living in Shirdi has encouraged devotees to do pradishana of Lord Datatreya, Gurusthan and Nanda deep ( Though now a days we can’t do it, we still can come around any temple where there’s less crowd).

When I saw the kids, I felt happy. Later, I read a Baba’s book sitting behind the temple on my mobile.

I received the below mail while I was in the temple from a devotee Prita.

Om Sai Ram,

I was blessed to have darshan of Lord Shiva and a specially set up Shivalinga at a temple near my house on Shivaratri day. Mailing you the same.

I got opportunity to sing night arati.. And watch Sai in all his glory..

Don't worry - Shirdi Sai Baba

“Don’t Worry” – Shirdi Sai Baba

I got darshan of Sai as I sat meditating on him. As if we were playing in a ground- me like a carefree child and He light a loving father. I was wearing an old frock and he was in his white kafni. The joy I felt while running around and chasing him was inexplicable. The laughter was so full of joy. And when I was about to fall, he ran and came and caught me. And said –

“I will never let you fall. Don’t worry about anything. I am with you always.”

When I opened my eyes I had tears..

His leelas are unfathomable.


Shiva Pooja during Mahashivratri

Shiva Pooja during Mahashivratri

Hope all of you feel blessed to see these beautiful Sai Baba photos and Shiva Pooja

Om Sai Ram


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  • Om Sai Ram…
    I could visualise prita’s imaginations while i was reading thru it…God bless… a divine feeling

  • Sai pls recover me from my health problem. Pls protect me & my baby…
    Om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai.

  • Omsairam..daily I feel sainath in your words sairam. Thank you so much.may sainath gives his blessings abundance for you and your family..
    Kind regards,

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