Do not believe in people asking you money in the name of Shirdi Saibaba

Sairam friends,

Few years back, I got a dream from Shirdi Saibaba saying he’s hurt because 169 people has come as group and cheating many innocent Sai devotees across south India. These are not bad people but they use our Sai devotion for their benefit. I wanted to write about them but felt why should I spread bad review about anyone and left it. I have seen few Sai devotees believing in any thing and everything said in the name of Saibaba.

Listen. If Saibaba wants something from you, he will make you do it on his own. He will never send someone else to ask money from you. Further, Saibaba is really hurt when his ardent devotees are cheated by these so called “Sai Sevaks”.

Here’s an experience shared by devotee Brindha.

Om Sai Ram!

One day I went out for purchase. I was going out by bike.I read Satcharitra once. Half the way, I saw a rickshaw in which devotees of baba with a baba statue. Then I stopped my vehicle and went to pray. They wrote 10 kg of rice to be donated in my hand. The amount to be given for that is Rs.516. I gave that amount and I moved from there. Suddenly the other person in that rickshaw called me and said baba is asking you 5000Rs. I told I dont have that much huge amount with me.

Again they said baba is asking. Since they said baba is asking I didn’t think of second time. I went to ATM to withdraw the amount. In two of the ATMs it was not working. Then I got confusion. Then another ATM was there, I withdrawn and given that amount to the devotee in rickshaw. He blessed that baba will come to your home. But I was in confusion that the thing which I did is correct. Then I shared with very few. They scolded me. I told whatever the thing I’m doing is not completely done by me.

Everything is done by me. But in 10 days I got a call to go abroad for three months from my Boss. That trip was not at all planned. Suddenly I got this call. Even if baba takes a small amount from us. He will return 100 times more than that. This is also available in satcharitra I am not happy for the money which I got back. But I am happy that I’m taken care by my baba. I’m waiting for another miracle to happen. Soon I will come back with another miracle.

Love u Baba!

All of us are blessed by baba always.

Brindha Palaniswamy

Hope you realize that Saibaba never asks for anything from his devotees through such greedy people. Please be careful and do not believe in any one seeking money forcibly from you. Its OK even if they scare you. Sai knows how to take care of his children. – Venkat


1 thought on “Do not believe in people asking you money in the name of Shirdi Saibaba”

  1. Jai Sai Ram,

    But Mr.Venkatji, i am not able to understand how to stop ourself from not adhering to such things from common men , even if we are not able to meet the commitment, there would be guiltyness in us for not listeing to Baba right, i think it would not be possible for us to push back ourselves in such case,
    can you clarify how to get ourselves clarrified in such situation.

    Jai sai Ram

    Edit: I always request Sai devotees never to get exited when they know others like Saibaba. Never believe in strangers saying they serve Sai and always keep a limitation in what they “Give” by force. You must always give for your personal satisfaction and not because someone asks for it. Just because someone speaks about Sai or you see a Saibaba photo, that doesn’t mean that everything is alright. Sai is every where but he has given us buddhi to think and decide what’s good for us and what’s not – Venkat

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