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Let your children Sing, Dance, learn some Art, Play Music, Learn Photography and lead a real life

Sairam friends,

As everything gets too mechanical, I feel most of the parents doesn’t encourage their children to go beyond their studies. At certain age when these children realize that education is like a burden, they start to divert their mind through easily accessible entertainment.

For some, it could be simply chatting with friends over phone or text them, For some, it could be partying and for majority of them, it could be Video Games. Millions of children and even grown ups are addicted to Video Games and its spoiling their health and also their whole life as their nature becomes inhuman like a character in the games they play.

I started writing this article as I got a mail from a Mother who was worried about her Son always addicted to Computer Games. They have taken him to counselors, medicines, mentors but nothing has helped him. He seems to be more and more addicted to Games and when they try to stop him, he has gotten aggressive. It was a painful mail from a Mother who’s worried about her son loosing weight and his future.

I have privacy policy. So won’t reveal names. What matters to me is how to help these children come out of their addiction and lead a real beautiful life.

Imagine how many Intelligent children and adult must have been into some kind of unreal addiction like this? Simple fact is that they din’t realize truth is some where else. Truth always exists but we get interested in Maya of the world. I am not against playing Video Games or any other entertainment. I simply wish we must not become slave to it.

Let your children Sing, Dance, learn some Art, Play Music, Learn Photography and lead a real life

There are schools which teaches children to learn such Arts but you have to encourage your children and help them realize the value in being creative and innovative. There is a life beyond all these technology gadgets and artificial entertainment. There is truth and truth is in Nature.

Even if you make your children get interested in Trees, Plants etc and make them involve in Gardening, it will give them enough opportunity to use their time productively.

If you or your children are addicted to any thing artificial like Video games and other stuff do this

1. Travel to any scenic place or a very peaceful temple

2. Close your eyes and meditate for a while.

3. Recollect all your goals, Ambitions and plan how you can use your time productively

4. Gradually reduce your interest in what ever you are addicted to. You are not addicted to it any more. You are simply trying it for a while just to relax.

5. Learn a Art. It could be photography or some Musical instrument or it could simply be a small craft. It can even be a new language. Learn Spanish, German or even take up writing as your love.

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