Sai Mother

Chapter – 1 Sai Mother God is listening to you because he did for me. When you suffer extremely in life, when you prayed God or a Saint and in the end face difficulties, its natural to ask “Is God really there, why i suffer so much being so good ? ” . This is … Read more

Understanding Life of Shirdi Sai Baba

Saibaba of Shirdi is a saint who appeared as a young lad meditating under a Neem tree in a small village called Shirdi in India.A old indian proverb goes like this “Never try to find the origin of Ganges (holy river ) and the saints” As it is said that its hard and not ethical … Read more

Silence of Sai

Silence of Sai Vakra thunda Mahaa Kaaya Surya Koti Sama prabha Niruvignam Kurume dheva Sarva Kaarya shu Sarvadhaa Lets close our eyes, imagine that we offer green grass , coconut and light a lamp to lord Ganesha along with Milk and Sweets to bless us with Love , Wisdom and success all our life by … Read more

Everything i do, I do it for you

Chapter 6 – Travel to Shirdi Ashish is a wonderful friend . Though he din’t had time to join me to shirdi, he helped me carry my 2 big bags which had lots of saibaba photos to give as gift to devotees i might meet in shirdi, A big old laptop 7 KGs etc. While … Read more