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Such is the abundant love I received from Sai Baba

Sairam friends,

This morning, I had many good dreams.

One was like there’s a home in Saibaba colony in Coimbatore. I am going into the home and spending some time there. There’s a old man and women, their Daughter in law in that home. Their Son comes from office late in the night. There are 2 kids in that home. I am going in as if I know them very well. None asks me who I am and why I had come to their home?

After a while, I see this Daughter in law is limping as She’s hurt in leg and I am praying for her. I go to the old women in the home as I wanted to know who they are. Immidiately she says “You can say anything but don’t cry” ..he he…

That was funny because as soon as She said this, she walked quick into another room.

In the second dream

I saw as if there’s a very ancient Lord Ganesha temple near our home. Its made of stone. My Dad often asks me to wake up early. So I am waking up at 3 A.M and going to worship this Ganesha. That’s it. I felt blessed because of these dreams.

Thanks Sai for this change in me

One good change in me is that in the past one month, I have learned not to give importance to the girl at work. I don’t even find her beautiful anymore since couple of years back She was innocent. That’s how I felt and I started to like her. Now, I feel She’s just another girl and its my mistake that I spoke to Sai about her. Only since I spoke to Sai about her, I started to get dreams about her. So probably, the mistake is in me.

If you ask Sai about a girl, obviously he’s going to tell about her. Just that, I also wish, Sai must have stopped me from writing to her.

Now, I just respect this girl for Sai gave importance to her but I told Baba, I don’t see her as the same innocent girl I had liked earlier. Well,  I am nobody to judge this too because I don’t even know her. I am finding all ways to come out of this and if I keep on having good idea about her, I will be sufferer. To be honest, earlier, I felt She was little..Small one! Now, I feel She’s too smart and matured. So I start to realize if I really liked her earlier also. I just imagined something, spoke to Sai and Sai started showing dreams week over week. Look at my life now?

Its disastraus. I have never suffered in any other issue than this one. Atleast this must have not happened when I feel that I am too old for such behaviour and I can’t forgive myself.

Further, there were couple of dreams in which Sai himself said something which upsets me. What ever I do, I won’t be able to forget the pain because I can’t prove anyone Sai’s involvement in this. I divert my mind speaking to all my Sai friends, listening to their problems and doing something that interests me.

Anyway, Here’s  a devotees experience sent by Preetha.V


This is a long due post which I had promised to write some 5 years back.

I was a person who has not even heard about Shirdi Sai till the age of 23 and When I was going through some hardships in life when I chose my own life partner who was not of my parents’ choice, there was a total emotional distress in my family.

From all sides, I heard about Shirdi Sai Baba. Not just me, my parents too. My dad visited Shirdi prostrating in front of him to change my mind and I was visiting all the temples in Chennai praying to Baba to accept my choice.Within all these confusion , baba blessed me with an admission to do my Masters in Singapore. That was the turning point in my life.

I never looked back on anything. Baba became an integral part of my life. I completed my Masters and the person of my choice also completed his masters and we both ended up in a good jobs and saw personal career growths.That was when something happened and my dad saw a change of heart and wanted to meet the boy of my choice and had a word with him.

With little hiccups here and there, Our parents met each other and the place of meeting was again in a Sai temple.Within months our wedding was fixed and we married each other with complete acceptance from both our parents. Inspite my health issues, we were blessed with a wonderful baby boy and he is not 4.5 years old.

I have just written things very precisely in the post. If I start writing in length , each of my experience will go for pages. Such is the abundant love I received from Baba.

Every 9 thursday vrat I have started so far in life, has given me success. I am one person who sees miracles from Baba even in the littlest of things.

My sister-in-law who married my brother 1.5 years ago and relocated with him outside India could not find a job till last week. That’s when they were blessed to visit Shirdi and the next day after their return she got a job offer in the same industry she wanted with a good company.

Miracles become a part of our lives when Baba is with us. Yes, sometimes he tests our patience and we struggle on a tug of war between mind and heart. In the end, its his abundant love that keeps us all going.

Again, I have a wish that is waiting for Sai Baba’s blessings and I have started the 7 days Sai Sathrachithra Parayan. Hoping to receive his blessings and experience his one more time in life.

He truly is a bestower of blessings on devotees who trust him whole heartedly!

Preetha V

Hope you liked Preetha’s experience friends. I am happy after more than a year, I am posting experiences of devotees.

Om Sai Ram


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