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Slept just 3 hours and surprisingly saw my beautiful Dattatreya statue talking to me

Dattatreya Pooja
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Lord Dattatreya’s devotion is the only gift I got during my stay in Mumbai. During 2008-2009, I used to go to a little Dattatreya Mandir in Borivali. I used to go there almost every Sunday as I love him. I came back from Mumbai as someone who is deeply devoted to Dattatreya. In Tamilnadu, people don’t know much about Datta and I used to tell them about him. Sai even inspired me to make this site – 

Sai himself is the avatar of Dattatreya. Usually, people who love Sai used to say “Sairam” to each other in the temple. From 2009, I used to tell “Datta” or “Datta Maharaj” to all the priests in Nagasai Mandir. Hence, even today, many of them say “Datta” to me whenever they come across me. One priest won’t talk to me if I don’t say “Datta Maharaj”…He would stand still and look at me. I would understand he wants me to say “Datta Maharaj”…hehe.


I was a little engaged at work the whole day. Though it was Thursday, I could not make it to the Saibaba temple near the office. I was really frustrated during the evening as a Ginger Eating Monkey wanted me to make a corporate film for an event in Bangalore next week. Most of the days,  I will be free and have ample of time. I used to request these people to cooperate with me for a promo video and none would bother. Now, when I am occupied with other work, this too came up. So today, I have to shoot and start editing.

I don’t like anyone asking me to do stuff authoritatively.

I need this job now and I abide by their stupidity. Let’s see.

I wanted to stay back at the office until late at night in the office. Since there was a Bus strike in Tamilnadu until yesterday, I had assured 2-3 girls to drop them in my car as its easy for them to reach their home from the highway. I could drop the day before yesterday. I felt it’s not nice if I can’t do it yesterday. So decided to drop them and come back to work. I spent a few hours at work and reached home too late by 1 o clock. I watched some travel videos on YouTube as I am fascinated these days by people driving on dangerous roads like Himalayas, Nepal, and other mountains.

I tried to sleep but was really depressed that I could not have a sound sleep. I kept worrying about why my life is like this? What should I do? Sai asks me to hold on to this job but I hate working for dictators.

I suddenly realized its already early in the morning. My Father gave me something to drink and I slept off again. Even this time, I started worrying and could not sleep.

I told Sai – I can’t sleep. If I can’t sleep how will you come in a dream today?

Somehow, I tried to sleep.

Just before I woke up, I had 3 dreams.

The first dream – I saw a Shiv ling in a divine temple. I could not remember more.

The second dream – I remembered this when I woke up but completely forgot it later.

Third dream –

This was a very divine experience. I see myself in my room. My parents were sitting adjacent to me. I see the Dattatreya statue kept in our pooja place near me. I am looking at Datta curiously. Suddenly, I could see the little mouth of Dattatreya in the statue speaking to me. hehe.

It was really beautiful. The way the mouth was moving in the statue. I cannot hear any words. I could not believe myself as it was not like a dream. It was so real and hence I keep my finger over the mouth of Datta. Dattatreya bites my finger slightly. Later, I call my Ma and Pa and tell them in surprise – Look, this Datta is talking.

My parents don’t see it as a big surprise. They don’t react to it because they feel I often speak such stuff and ignore me. Later, they too were curious. I ask my Ma and Pa to touch Datta’s mouth and see that the statue really got life. I could see the whole statue was with flesh and blood.

That’s the dream.

I woke up and felt very happy.

I am listening to Guru Pathuka Stotram now.

It’s a beautiful mantra on how one must surrender oneself to Guru.

Here’s a stanza from the mantra which I wish all of you worried about your career must go through

Natha yayo sripatitam samiyu kadachidapyasu daridra varya,
Mookascha vachaspathitham hi thabhyam,namo nama sri guru padukhabyam.


Salutations and Salutations to the sandals of my Guru,
Which make those who prostrate before it,
Possessors of great wealth, even if they are very poor,
And which makes even dumb people into great orators.

I hope Sai and Lord Dattatreya shows me a way.

A couple of days back, I wrote an article about the dream I had about this girl that she’s ignorant and blindfolded by a guy. – A vivid dream from a Ganesha temple in a cave that helps me understand something must come to an end

After writing that, I kept thinking if its right on my part to comment on others’ relationships? Irrespective of what Sai tells me I am nobody to judge her relationship.

I told Sai not to make me do anything, write anything, or speak anything on things I can’t control.

There are even people who lived 40 years of married life without any comparability. My business is to pray. I only can say a prayer for this girl with heart and soul to bless her with a beautiful life. Prayers have no direct communication with the people involved. It reaches my Sai. My Sai knows what’s right for everyone and bless them.

In the end, I am the one who’s most ignorant and vulnerable.

Else, why would I hug Sai’s book and sleep every day?

All I have is my Sai.

I hope Sai and Lord Dattatreya will show me a way.

Hey. There could be another dream I saw Dattatreya in the dream. It was late at night when I started from the office. My favorite Dog in Campus snowy was sleeping on the pavement. I thought he will run behind me for biscuits if I cross him but he was happily sleeping. I called “Snowy” twice and he wagged his tail. He never asked me anything. I touched his head and walked away.

If you take care of Dogs and Animals, Sai and Dattatreya will ever be with you.


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