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Saibaba cures Father’s toothache and blesses Mother to earn her living through Music Classes

Shirdi Saiababa earn living
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Hope your Diwali was good. I have been a little lazy these days because I am thinking about what would happen to me. Some insecurity is cropping up in my mind but Saibaba has always made me feel safe.

This is a simple and beautiful Devotee’s experience from a devotee called Devika Jayan from Kerala.


My father’s name is Jayan. Two weeks ago he had tooth pain and He could not eat anything. He approached a doctor, took medicine for one week and never got any result. After that my mother prayed in front of baba’s photo and mixed some sacred udi in water and gave it to him. It was a wonderful miracle of sai baba that my father got relief from his severe pain and now he is completely recovered.

My mother is a music teacher. At the time of covid 19 lockdowns here she lost all her classes and my family suffered a lot of stress and difficulties. At that time, One day, one of our family friends came to my home gave 1000 rupees as baba’s Dakshina and he gave us a beautifully framed photo of Saibaba.

From the next day onwards we started lighting lamps and diyas in front of the photo and started praying. After two weeks a miracle happened. My mother got a call from one of her students and asked to start an online class for Carnatic music.

I am sure that, it was Baba who blessed my mother and helped her to start classes. Now she is teaching many students online and baba saved my family from all the difficulties.

Om sai ram
Thank you Venkat brother

Hope you like this Sai leela friends

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