Saibaba assured “Doctors have nothing to tell about your health”

Sairam friends,

This is a beautiful Devotees experience of my sai friend Punitha .

Aum Sai Ram
Ur website is wonderful and quite soothing for the suffering mind.
I want to mention about my mother’s experience as u had mentioned we are late devotees of Sai.
My mother had continous serious medical issues. while her worried Dr.sister who is not a Sai devotee was on her way to consult the doctor, confused what the doctor might tell about her condition.
My mother disclosed her about her experience she underwent while she woke up from the bed.
She saw Sai in full form like how he sits cross legged just warmly touching my mother’s head telling
“Doctors have nothing to tell about your health.u r absolutley normal.”

My mother narrated this before consulting the doctor since my aunt will not believe my mother’s experience if they had seen the doctor.
My aunt has now become a staunch devotee of BABA too.
Time is immaterial of how long u r associated with.All that matters is only faith.
If any problem my mother would go & stand in front of BABA & leave it to him.we have 100% faith in HIM immaterial of our suffering due to our past karma.
in BABA’s love

4 thoughts on “Saibaba assured “Doctors have nothing to tell about your health””

  1. Sai baba plz save her. newly born little girl plz save here. Now only u can save her. Doctors says no to her. Plz sai plz. if i ever done good deed then plz give blessing to her. plz sai . I believe you. you are GOD you are Ram, Shyam, Shiv, Ganpati. Plz save littly baby girl

  2. Allah Sai Raham ! Allah Sai Raham! So merciful God & saint Sai,I haven’t seen on the earth,Please bless us with your heart full blessings.You have given me every thing ,your kind guidance in my dream,which is so amazing ,O lord how merciful are you,You have saved me from so many dangerous situations,Please fulfill my most awaited wish of my & mine family,I know you are there for me to bless,I do have trust & faith on your lotus feet…..Please accept my soul & heart for you……

    Om sai Ram!!! Om sai Ram!!
    Jai Sai Ram !!! Jai Sai Ram!!

  3. Om Sai Ram,

    Baba i have great faith on you ,Plzzz help and give ur blessings to my papa so that he become healthy fit and well forever and the diseases will never reoccur again.,Baba i know you are only the Doctor who save life of their son and devotees………

    jai sainath……………

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