Five decades of Shirdi Sai Baba devotion

Sairam friends,

Shirdi Sai Baba devotees used to say that I have been worshiping baba for over 20 years…30 years etc. Some would write me saying they because Sai devotees very recently and in many strange ways. I believe we all have been related to Sai in several previous births and in this birth our link with Sai has started during  a specific period of life.

I got a mail from a Sai devotee who very precisely listed the events in his life about how Saibaba helped him from the moment he came to know about Sai until now. He has wrote few little incidents which makes me feel happy because we always ignore the little things Sai has done for us.

So here’s the Devotees experience…

Five decades of Shirdi Sai Baba devotion

Om Sai Ram

How Shirdi Sai Baba came into my life?

My exp of sai baba:

1)1967 in Hyderabad :

In the twin cities of Hyderabad & secunderabad several buildings and shops are named shirdi sai baba. In certain areas it is more. it goes like this – Shirdi sai shop, Sai durga shiva, Sai Rama, Sai saptagiri, Sai Bhawani etc etc. a.p. people are very god fearing and pious than all indians i think.

One day i went for getting veg in monta market(near sec.bad rly stn). after this, i went to a photo shop for buying one photo of lord sreekrishna. there were several beautiful photos of all gods viz. sri krishna/sri rama/mahadev shankar-parvati/ so…so , including an old man sitting with crossed leg- Shirdi sai baba.

My eye fell on shirdi sai baba (i like to say now that my home(in kerala) was near a big old temple -deity annapurneswari&sri krishna. my late dadi (vishnu nambodiri) was an asst pujari here. so i was a sree krsna devotee ).
coming now to my present story.

I was pleasantly surprised that i couldn’t think of going for any other photo except the shirdi sai photo. i even now have no idea how i went for sai photo. all baba’s maya only.
that day onwards i have been a real baba bhakta(but not as i am now- now ardent shirdi sai devotee only).
i do pooja 2 times daily in my house of sai( as usee below).
many instances of increasing my faith on sai happened as below.
2) 1978 :

While travelling from Tatanagar to Rourkela (for office work -night time- train) in a general compartment, fully packed. just before reaching Rourkela Station, train stopped at the outer signal. My nearby man wanted to get down and walk from there. he also asked me to follow him, he being local man could help me there but when i started to get down, one man came running and stopped me and told i might be duped at night and didn’t allow me to go. so i was really saved from a great danger.
*om sai ram om sai ram*

3) 2004 August – Darshan of Shirdi Sai Baba

Iad the fortune of having a live vision of my Sai Baba in Dwarkamai at Shirdi. so i was blessed by my sai. My faith& bhakti on baba increased several fold then onwards.
*om sai ram*

4) 1987 – Sai Healed

I was saved from”tetnus”( sudden killer). seven days i couldn’t eat or drink anything. throat problem. all thought it was cancer. but baba had another way in this. I was praying to baba vigorously to help overcome from this problem. 8th day admitted in hosp as i was damn tired not able to walk. ( after my office tour to Bilaspur this happened).

15 days i was bed ridden in hosp. and escaped from death. very few only get 2nd life from tetnus. drs were doing their best. but god has the ultimate say in such cases. so sai came to my help i hav to say.

After effects of this was sleepless nights for a month. With medicine only i could sleep. also fear phobia. after a month or so got out of these by sai baba blessings.

*om sai ram*

5(a) one morning a Brahmin came to my flat (2nd floor). He straight came to us and sat on the sofa. we do not know him. He asked for money to do puja for our well being. We were suffering many ways that period. we gave rs.10. He went away. I believe he was baba in disguise.
*om sai ram*

5(b) in 1997 june – Dog came home to have food

one dog came to my 2nd floor flat while i was returning from office(saturday) .i could see it only near the entrance door of my flat. i gave it bread pcs. dog ate it and ran away. came next day same time. barked from outside. opened the door and gave bread pcs. ate and went away the dog. i believe strongly it was baba in disguise to give me courage to face all problems that period i was going thru. that period was terrific for me and fmly various problems following us. baba only saved us from those. similar incident is given in sai satcharita reg mrs.tarkad.
om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram sai om sai om
sai saranam .

6) 2012 feb  – At parassini Muthappan temple (kannur kerala).

I Went to Parasini Muthappan on a sunday. heavy rush. hence couldn’t see deity of muthappan. had prasadam and came to bus stand. in the bus near my seat one man came and sat. asked me where”sai ram”going. got shock when he said sai ram. it never happens in kerala. he was from vizg(andhra) Telugu man. was speaking good malayalam. he got down before bus started. i tried to see him but couldn’t see him any where.

7.a) While flying to Coimbatore (on my way to my home town Kannur(Kannapuram), on the flight, near me was a young man smiling and carrying a book of SAI SATCHARITA(telugu). When he sat near me, my fear of flying gone- while working, officially I had traveled by flight several times all over India, except Bombay, (Calcutta several occasions, Delhi Bangalore Madras TVM) – Baba was pacifying me by this.

7.b) At the Airport(Coimbatore) I hired a taxi and the driver too was hanging in the taxi Baba photo& a Baba idol. Means Baba is with me always.

7.c) Made friendship on flight from Calicut to Hyderabad. He dropped us at Our place Safilguda in his car since he too is there. He is a travel agent
His coy name is


Narayanan T.V.

Hope you like this little incidents friends. I liked it because little things in life of Sai devotees and the way Sai favored them are truly nice to listen.

2 thoughts on “Five decades of Shirdi Sai Baba devotion”

  1. dear sai venkatji

    today (12-09-2013) strange things happened.

    i listened to chapter 18 and 19 – sairam’s Guru’s dakshina of 2 coins – shraddha and saburi and sai’s teachings on not talking ill about others.

    I thought that i have become merged or become one with sai and thought that there is no differentiation between sai and me.

    once i had finished listening to the sat charitra, events started happening one after another – i behaved in a completely different way – entirely OPPOSITE to what I listened.

    There was no shradda, and no saburi – and on top of that i spoke ill of others. Afterwards only I realised that sai tested me so badly. i am not mature enough to follow HIS teachings and i overreact. This taught me a great lesson to be humble, to remain silent and BE AN OBSERVER rather than a doer. YES SAI HELPS US ALL.


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