Fakir accepting blanket – Saibaba helps when ever we wish to do a good deed.

Good Morning Venkat,

Yes my name is Janki & i am from Pune. Thank you so much for reading & replying my mail. I will definitely chant sairam as you advised and also light lamps at home.

Offering Food and Blanket to poor :

Just to share a small incident where i felt baba reads our heart. I did Baba’s 9 Vrats but somehow due to mental stress and other uncalled reasons i could not do a proper udyapan of this vrat. So i thought i shall atleast do some daan to few needy people on the 9th thursday i.e . on 12/1/2012. By deepest of my heart i wanted to go to a dargah and offer some food as well as some blankets to the fakirs or poor people there. But somehow i was unable to do so. I went to Ganesha & Maa Jogeshwari Temple and offered the poor there, but had still left with one blanket and some food. I was unable to find any more poor people so i thought of returning back home but all my way i kept thinking i should have gone to a dargah…………

Fakir accepting Blanket and blessing:

I was just 1 Km away from my home and i went to a small baba’s shrine situated near my house and was returning a suddenly i saw four fakirs sitting near the temple (which normally never happens), i stopped and went to them and offered food to them they happily took it and one of the fakir asked me” beti bahot thandi hai hamay odhney ke liye kuch nahi layi” listening to it i burst out of tears and gave him that last blanket, he then blessed me and said we are going to Haji Malang and will pray for you and your family and said Allah tera bhala karay.

Venkat this is a very small incidence but i could feel Baba there and after many months i smiled from the bottom of my heart. I thank Baba for everything and being there with all of us.

Aum Sai Ram

Janki K J


I realized from this leela that Saibaba helps us when ever we wish to do a Good deed. I have realized many times Babas favour in small incidents like these. All thats required is heart to do good and Sai is there to show us the right way and bless us too – Venkat

5 thoughts on “Fakir accepting blanket – Saibaba helps when ever we wish to do a good deed.”

  1. Namaste Venkat,

    Baba realy help me also,but i cant share right now but i will share baba presense in life, But he want all our devottion…thx for these side bez pepole will express ther experience in life…


    Baba ki jai ho,

  2. Om Sai Ram. These experiences are not small. They are invaluable to be stored in our heart and experienced throughout our life. Close your eyes and you will find your Sadguru in your heart.


  3. I completed my degree in 2011. Since now i didnt get any job still now i am trying for a job last one and half year . I came to know abt sai baba in jan2012 through my friend. I did 9thursday verath still now i didnt get job. I am so depressed and vex in my life . I dono when sai baba show a love on me

  4. Megala

    Work hard, improve your skillset. 🙂 Don get depressed. try to learn as much as Possible. Don think, only your studies will fetch u job. Yeah dear, soft skills, Personal strength, ur inner turmoil, marketing urself in job market, sharpen everything. even if it is a small thing, what u have learnt will help u someday in life. Please make it a point, u ll strive and yearn ur job within next months. Yes, do with confidence and Have deep rooted faith in SAI.

    Hard work + Unflinching Prayers = Success

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