There’s something gorgeous about earring…

Sairam friends, How old is StarSai? On December 22nd 2004, late at night, I registered the domain, immidiately wrote the first article and launched the website. So we can say December 23rd as birthday of StarSai. We have completed 14 years and stepping into 15th year. I remembered this only now…Late at night. Today, I … Read more

Sai Baba will only warn you once in a while. You should decide what you want in life

Sairam friends, After years of experience with how Sai handles relationship issues for his devotees, I understood all relationships which happens in this birth are due to two reasons. 1.Good relationships which continues for lifetime happens due to good deeds we have done in previous birth. 2.Painful relationships which results in disharmony and breakup happens … Read more