India Calling

Sairam friends, I continued to be worried a bit today but that’s how my life is. In the evening, I went to take photos of one of the building in my IT campus where an organization was functioning 4 years back. Since the time it got vacated, it was not occupied by any other company. … Read more

How to practically help the people of Tamilnadu affected by rain in Chennai?

Saibaba blessings

Hi, Rains in Tamilnadu and specifically Chennai has affected lives of thousands of people in the city and several villages in Cuddalore, kanchipuram and Chengalpattu districts. I previously wrote about an article about how I spent few hours remembering Shirdi Saibaba to protect the people of Chennai. You can read the article in the link below. Tried … Read more

Water is Life. Water is Happiness

Sairam friends, Last evening my Father was speaking to me about his childhood memories while watching old Tamil songs. That he used to sleep in the platform near the ditch and never knew that it isn’t hygienic as there were 8 kids in their home. My Pa said he will at times watch 2 movies at … Read more

If you start a good karma, do it fully

Shirdi Saibaba pooja

Sairam friends, It is said that “Well begun is half done”. I am happy that some of my friends at work participated as volunteers in planting tree saplings last weekend in Coimbatore. You can read my experience in the below article. Enjoyed planting trees in Coimbatore  I was expecting good rain the same evening when … Read more

Enjoyed planting trees in Coimbatore with my friends

Sairam friends, My friends at work had associated with a Non-Profit Organization Ver in Coimbatore and we participated in an event to Plant trees in the Coimbatore-Mettupalayam roadside. Last night, I went to Jenny’s club to meet my Sister’s Father in law who has flown all the way from the U.S to meet his friends. … Read more