Never create big expectations about Career and Business opportunity you provide. Be kind to people who work for you

Sairam friends, Today I was happy. I kept making fun and reading once in a while.  Some one told me about few happenings and I felt sorry for few ……………… though I don’t know them personally.  I really get upset when I learn about how these people treat some …………… and it doesn’t sound good … Read more

How to be Dedicated in the work you do?

Sairam friends, I was not doing much work yesterday as I have habit of giving up when ever something upsets me. I was simply showing my teeth and speaking to friends and once in a while thinking what I am going to do in my life. I was not able to read any useful articles … Read more

Memories of Past

Sairam friends, A day before I had a dream of a Cinematographer I had met years back when I was into Film industry. It was a funny moment when he had come to editing room to review a scene. The assistant editor was from a village and very casual. He played the scene and since … Read more

Shirdi Sai Baba – Lessons for Professionals in Corporate world – Think Local, Be Local, Act Global

Sairam friends, I have been planning to write this article for the past couple of days. When Saibaba want’s me to write about something, he makes me think about it often. Firstly let’s define Corporate because many of us use words with out knowing what it actually means…( I do) Definition of corporate in English … Read more