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Believe in Baba.Chant his name and you can experience his miracles everyday

Sairam friends,

Its been such a long time since I posted devotees experience. Here’s a mail I received from Neha Priya.

Om Sai Ram

I have been a Sai devotee from the year 2002.I want to take this opportunity to share my experience with the world. I got married in 2010 and I was working with a corporate in Mumbai. As a couple we decided to go for a child after 2 years of marriage and looked for medical guidance.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to conceive due to medical complications..Doctors gave up and I was  diagnosed with tubal blockage.

I was depressed and eating more medicines than food hoping that the situation will improve but 6 months passed by and nothing positive was happening.

One day while traveling towards office, my cab stopped at a signal and a book seller selling books on the road pavement caught my attention. I got down and walked towards him .

I saw Sai  Baba book lying among the many other books on the roadside. I bought the book and reached office.

The very same day, I started reading and was introduced to the Sai Baba 9 guruwar puja.

I made up my mind and reached home in evening.I discussed my wish with my husband and told him that I am planning to start fasting on Thursday and showed him the book too. That same day, I threw all my medicines in the dustbin and cried and decided I will stop with all treatments and checkups and just trust baba and begin a new journey.

I started fasting and did the puja as per the book instructions..and 9 weeks passed by. It was the 10th Thursday when the udyapan was to be done.

I came back from office prepared sweet for prasad and decided to go to Sai temple in Panvel( Navi Mumbai) and distribute food and money among the poor.I cried and folded my hands and bowed in front of Baba and told him

“Baba this is the 1st time in 25 years that I have done a puja of this kind..I have been wanting a baby for a year now and all doors were closed..I have enormous trust in you and you can make it possible..please bless me with a child and I will be able to complete my family”. 

Believe me, it was 5th of September, the next week after udyapan …a regular Sunday morning and my husband and I decided to have a small outing but I felt something was different.

So I told my husband Abhishek first to get me a self pregnancy test kit at home and then we will go out.So I took the test it was around 1pm and the result was in my hands.

Baba had bestowed his blessing..I was finally pregnant after 1 year and I lost control ..We cried our heart out and thanked Sai Baba. I had a successful pregnancy and what science couldn’t get me faith did.

I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy on the 29th of April 2013 and he is Baba’s blessing to my family.My son now is 5 years and we named him ” Armaan”.Sai Baba gave me experience of a lifetime..

Om Sai Ram….

Believe in Baba..take his name and you can experience his miracles everyday.

Om Sai Ram

Neha Priya

That’s it guys.

How was your weekend? I did photography and was busy working on articles.

Thankfully, I also launched Global version my Photography website where I organize photographers and interviewed a Photographer from Canada and Germany. Its fun but lots of hard work.

My next goal is to do video interviews but seems I have to spend money for video calling app.

I am not sure why Sai asks me to work on it though. May be, I will loose my job or may be Sai wants me not to worry about what’s happening around in the workplace.

This morning, Sai showed a dream in which one of this girl has already done Ph.d in what I aspired to do and I appreciate her.

It was Sai telling me irrespective of the set backs in my career I should do good to everyone and show them the right path.

Initially, I asked Sai why should he show such a dream? I told Sai that I can respect a girl if she’s smart but would never like a girl based on her professional accomplishment.

As I get old, I am starting to realize all the mistakes I had done in my past. Sometimes, I have tears in my eyes questioning Sai on what am I going to do in the days to come?

I feel sick and praying Sai that my parents can’t bear if I get any major health issue and asked him to heal me.

Hope Saibaba shows me a way


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