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Baba heard my prayers to have a child

Sairam friends,

3 more days to go in the place I work. Adversities in life makes me more stronger and realize the value of continued learning. I hope Sai blesses me to land in a Good job and Sai has already shown me a way.

Will write about the whole experience once I am out of the company.

As I said, I am more interested in publishing devotees experience these days.

People write to me when they are worried about not having a child. Some elders in Indian families are so stupid that they think Childbirth is like you go to an ATM machine and it comes out.

For some couples, it takes time. It takes years. Have patience. You can’t get everything in life as you wish.

Thankfully, Some women are blessed to get married in good family where everyone support them when they are trying to have a child.

I received a mail from a devotee in October 2018.

Here’s her mail. (Name not disclosed)

Hi venkat,

I become hardcore saibhakt few months before my mother expired this year.I loved her a lot but couldnt save her from cancer inspite of all chemos and medication.But saibaba hugged me and comforted me when she left us.

My father is v rude n short tempered person.From childhood onwards he dint love me n my younger brother and dint talk or care for us.He is irresponsible person,used to beat me and my mother also unnecessarily.He tortured my mom when she was having cancer thats why sai took her to heaven.

I am married to my husband for last 4 yrs and he is such a wonderful man and great sai devotee since childhood.We go to Shirdi every year.After 1 year of marriage he shifted to pune for good job and I stayed back with my inlaws in joint family in Mumbai .

It was so difficult as my inlaws was not cooperative and was very traditional.They were against me shifting Pune as they dont want us to stay apart as they will not get money which my husband sends every month for my expenses 10k to his Mom.

With babas grace I got job in pune and I was about to shift Pune but then my Mom left all of us.Its been 5 months now I am very peaceful but we have been trying for baby from Dec 2017 still unsuccessful.

I am 31 yrs now.I want baba to bless with a healthy child soon.I want to conceive.I have kept 9 saibaba vrat completed 4.My right hand got fractured 1 week ago still continuing vrat.

I hope baba bless us with a child soon.

Om sai.

And this was my reply ( Please don’t perceive me as someone who suggests pooja. What I do is to make people get into some weekly practice that will make them have more faith on Sai Baba.

Sairam Sis,

Don’t worry.

Keep chanting SAI SAI SAI in mind
Go to Shirdi with Husband when time permits and go when its not too crowded. Choose a good weekday.

Offer a fruit under Sai’s feet every Friday and have it as prasad the next day. Sai will surely bless you with a child

Om Sai Ram


That was in October 2018 and yesturday on Feb 25th 2019, I received below mail.

Om sairam Venkat,

I know you get lots of email and you probably wont be remembering me but I contacted 4 months back with my problem of not able to conceive and all family problems going on in my life.

You kept me motivated and gave me mental support with your reply. I kept my faith in baba and kept praying hard in all those hard times.

I continued my 9 days sai vrat even though my right hand was fractured. To my surprise in next month ie in Dec 2018, I was pregnant. Next week I will complete 3 months of my pregnancy. Although journey is long , my faith in baba is increasing day by day and I know he will protect my growing child inside my womb.

Till now everything is normal and I hope next 6 months will also go fine with blessings of baba.

Baba is really very loving and hears his devotees prayers and hardships and hence whatever may happen in my life baba will always be important part of my life in all my happiness and sorrows.

My husband and myself have decided to feed poor people while completing every milestone of my pregnancy ie 3rd month, 5th month, 7th month and on arrival of my healthy and blessed child.

Thank you Venkatji,


Sai Sis

Many people write to me about problems in their life and assume I am going to show some super cool solution. I actually do nothing. All I have is words and I believe words can heal someone in pain. Words can movitate them.

So I simply make them get closer to Saibaba.

I pray Sai to bless this girl with happy pregnancy and safe child birth.

Love you all,


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