It seems you wanted to reach the sky – Sai Baba

Sairam friends,

My Mom is not well these days which worries me. I am not able to take off often and be with her. I trust Sai baba and going to work. Only Sai has to take care of my Mom. Last night, I went to Rathna Vinayakar temple and offered green grass to small Ganesha statue under the tree. I am driving OK in my new car but irrespective of it being compact, I still feel Sai thinks I must be careful. Every now and then Sai warns me. I believe Sai will protect me.

This morning, when I opened Sai Satcharitra, it came to Chapter 25 in which Sai Baba asks Dammu Anna not do Cotton trading as it might lead him to severe loss. Taking Baba’s advice Dammu Anna did not get involved in the business but when someone else took it up, he seemed to earn well. Dammu was wondering why Baba stopped him from doing business? After few days, the price of cotton came down in the market and the one who did the business suffered a big loss. Sai baba saved him by forecasting the future.

There are situations in our life when we wanted to try something bigger in career or leave job and go for a business. Let me clarify this. I am not against growing ahead or taking risk. Make sure you have enough resource to take care of yourself and your family before you take important decisions in life. Accept life as it is and be content with it.

You certainly have to take risk but not so fast when your time isn’t good. Many people had wrote me that they left their job due to some issues and not able to find a better position. So please think twice before you wanted to take important decision related to career and business. There are people who take huge loans confidently to do business. Kindly keep yourself in the safer side and ask yourself what you will do if things doesn’t go well as you planned.

I write for people who fail. People who are destined to be successful never have time to read my articles. So my message is for people who are worried about their future and taking unnecessary risks.

Sai baba wants you to work hard but he also wants you to be desire less.

When SaiĀ  assures

“There will be no wants in the house of my devotees”

he means to say, he will bless us with good food, shelter and basic needs in life.

Let us lead a simply life and be content with it.

Only when the right time comes, Sai allows you to take big risk and go ahead with your bigger plans.

You never know how market and business environment will change in future. So have patience for the time being.

His message to Dammu Anna was clear ” It seems he wants to reach the sky. Ask him to be content with what he has?”


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