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Unwrap the box with Shirdi Saibaba statue and show devotion. Sai will do miracles in your life

Sairam friends,

I have seen many Shirdi Saibaba devotees buying very huge Sai Statue from Shirdi or other places and take home proudly. They will worship Saibaba for few days but later completely give up showing devotion on Sai. You don’t have to do hour long pooja everyday but take time for some kind of connection between Sai and you on a day to day basis.

Here’s a beautiful devotees experience.

om sairam…
ithink it should be a miracle ,iam a devotee of lord ganesha ,amman muruga ,a year before a student of mine presented babas statue as a gift . one day my servant took it out from the box because i kept him in pooja un rapped . after tha one day i went for an interview before going i just prayed to him that i should be successful ,again,really to my surprise his temple was at th back of the place i went for job ,my father who dont go for temples said that we will visit the temple and go for the placewhere we wanted to go really my purpose was success ,from that day many miracles are happeningand iam thinking of him alone and iam eager to know about himand every thing is happening around my life as miracles …….really i should thank the girl who presented me the statue

Jaya Gowri

Hope you like this experience friends.

Unwrap the box with Shirdi Saibaba statue and show devotion. Saibaba will gradually start to do miracles in your life. As I always say, I don’t like the word “Miracle” as Sai prefers to be silent most of the time and that’s his nature. What matters is you will realize Sai really cares for you and make you do things which is good for your life. Do we call it miracle? May be.

May Sai bless you with peace


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