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How a devotee from Nagpur took refuge in the holy feet of Shirdi Saibaba?

Sairam friends,

I have some expenses involved this month for the Sai work I am planning. So trying my best to fund it. These days, I receive mails from students who wanted to do better in studies and also blessings to choose the right career and I am replying them because it makes me feel satisfied. I honestly must make an Education/Career resource website in future if Sai approves it. Lets see.

Anyway. This post is simple and sweet experience of a devotee who works in Nagpur and gradually Shirdi Saibaba pulled him to his holy feet.

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Dear Venkat ji, Sairam !!

I thank you for this beautiful site where we could share our thoughts and experiences. This is a site which helped me maintain my cool during bad phase of my life and strengthen my faith on Baba, simultaneously. I am sharing my experiences through Starsai, if you find it fit then please post it.

Saibaba crushes Mountain of problems within few days:

It has been a year when I realized my association with Saibaba. As I am posted at Nagpur (MH) so I, with a colleague decided to visit Shirdi, of course with a wish like millions of other devotees do. It was May 29 last year we had Darshan of our beloved Baba and returned home safely. Just after that, an inspiration from within to keep fast of 9 Thursdays made me do that. It was July and I had done nearly 4-5 fasts, when a mountain of problems fell on me. It was so painful that I was feeling half dead; I would wake up at 2 or 3 in morning and would pray Baba to help me out. I used to think that when i have been doing fasts then why did such problem occur. But with Baba’s grace it was all settled in 4-5 days.

My devotion for Baba grew and I did tell others to take refuge of this great saint. Throughout this ordeal I realized that my past bad deeds made me suffer so much and that could have continued if Baba was not there. Since then I have taken the refuge of holy feet of Baba and would not leave it ever. With the passage of time I also realized how Baba would pull a sparrow to him.

Sai helps to travel peaceful in Nagpur train

I would like to share another experience though small yet big for Sai devotees, that I was travelling in a Jhansi bound train from Lucknow. At Jhansi, I had to catch another train to Nagpur which was scheduled to depart at 1135 hrs. There was a lag of only 1 hour between arrival and departure of both trains. On my way to Jhansi, the train met with a small accident which delayed it by 1 hour. I was perplexed at the moment over the thought that whether I would be able to catch my train to Nagpur.  Though it was not a big problem as compared to one cited above yet the impending trauma of missing a train and boarding another train when there was least chance of getting a berth, made me remember my Baba. I prayed him and continuously did that until the train reached Jhansi just 5-6 minutes before the departure of Nagpur bound train.

As soon as the train arrived, I jumped from it ran towards another train like anything. It was only after 3 minutes I settled on my berth that the train started. I heaved a huge sigh of relief and from within I was thanking Baba. Then, I realized that Baba would not leave you if you remember him by heart.

May Sainath bless all of us !! Sairam !!!


Hope you like this Sai devotees experience friends.

Aum Sai ram – Venkat

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