Goddess Shri Raja Lakshmi with several Children’s book in her collection blessed me with a fruit

Sairam friends, Since Navratri is approaching, I believe Saibaba is inspiring me with different forms of Goddess Lakshmi. I am surprised why I never thought of worshipping different forms of Lakshmi all these years. I simply worship Goddess Mahalakshmi. Last week, I heared Sai blessed me with a dream to worship Vidhya Lakshmi September 14th … Read more

Trying to build a holy place in my heart for beautiful Goddess of 3 cities – Tripura Sundari

Sairam friends, In the past couple of weeks, I kept remembering Goddes Shakti¬†in the form of Tripura Sundari. She’s also known as Shri Lalith Tripura Sundari. It was Saibaba who inspired me to remember Mother Goddess. As her name describes she’s – “Beautiful Goddess of the Three Cities” I had the following dream 10-15 days … Read more

Lakshmi Sahasra Namam

mahalakshmi elephant

Sairam friends, I found this beautiful Lakshmi Sahasra Namam on Youtube. These days, I have not posted any spiritual articles but it has always been in me. I remember Sai and Goddess Lakshmi in my heart. Yesterday, I tried to chant holy name of mother while at work but could do it only few minutes. … Read more