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Aum Ganeshaya Namaha. It's been 9 years ,a divine motivation in the 2004 made me create StarSai to spread the message "Giving alone can change your life".. StarSai is not just a website , its my dream,life and love through which we all togather learn sai devotion.Please do not copy contents,photos to other websites .You can also write me your shirdi sai baba experiences to post in devotees experiences


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Sairam friends, In the days to come i shall update with more shirdi sai baba news and articles in this section.One beautiful thing i wish to share is sai baba tries to help us even when we do little mistakes and the next day when we feel guilty and open saibaba's books, we surely get a message from sai which will clearly help us realize our mistakes and walk in the path of light.

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Mails are kept confidential but all i have is humble prayer and may not reply. Reason is.. .....For over 5 years i have been replying mails from sai devotees who ever write me their problem etc. After personally helping thousands of Sai devotees i realized , some are understanding that i am also ordinary sai devotee and all i have is healing words of faith and at times request to do naam smaran, a simple pooja to inspire devotion and listen to aarti etc. Some devotees see me as a brother but when their desire is not fulfilled , they say i did what ever you say but sai din't help me , sai don't care for me etc.

You can write to me and i shall pray but not reply always.My duty is to show way to love sai .so i better write more inspiring articles.

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Pray Shirdi Sai baba and get guidance from Shirdi Sai Baba speaks from Dwarakamai .Don't depend on this totally, Its just a small guide. .Devotion alone is truth.

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I pray shirdi saibaba and lord Ganesha to bless all sai children who visits Star Sai with good health, Peace and Prosperity. Keep chanting "Om Sri Sainathaya Namaha" , Every morning Bow to Sun God Surya, offer water or any naivaidya to shirdi saibaba photo,statue in your house and light lamps with love on Shirdi Sai Baba.

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Sai wearing beautiful green dress my father stitched ...... In failures,depression, pains and disappointments if there's something beautiful this life can be used, its in serving my sweet saint Saibaba of Shirdi. StarSai is not just a website.

No matter what happens in my career & personal life, StarSai is my soul and light. I believe someday Sri Sai will help me fulfill his dreams for StarSai for the welfare of shirdi Saibaba devotees - C.Venkat Raman

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Shirdi Sai baba Experiences and Sai Leela in your life.

Sairam friends, I wish to write about Sai leela and sai wish to make me write about his greatness and ways to reach his light so much that i fill this colum with links to shirdi sai baba experiences in the days to come.

You can also share your love for shirdi saibaba, good expriences and send by mail. When i have time and based on editorial factors i shall post them online.

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StarSai has also helped few sai devotees who has realized saibaba sending them a beautiful message which suits their present situation

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Dear Sai Child , We Humbly request you to do Shradha Saburi Pooja by lighting 2 lamps,offering any naivaidya - food milk or water, reading few lines from Sai Satcharitra and Chanting SaiBaba's holy name or any little Mantra of any God you like.... Do this for Life time with pure thoughts about Saibaba with out being distracted from your worries,sufferings and maya. Surrender to Holy paadhukas of Shirdi Saibaba . Your life will be peaceful . Neem tree days of Shirdi Saibaba

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Little servant of sainath

Privacy policy : All mails are kept confidential. I write to shirdi sai baba devotees when i have time.

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om Ganeshaya Namaha

Welcome to Shirdi Sai Baba temple of Humanity "StarSai" to guide Sai devotees in saibaba's Path of light.... Let us make ourself pure by devotion to Sai Baba so that our heart becomes Dwarakamai where Sai lives...

I love our shirdi sai baba so much because very few Gurus are so humble as him.Listen to what shirdi sai says to his devotees " "Slave of slaves I am your debtor, I am satisfied at your darshan. It is a great favour that I saw your feet. I am an insect . I consider Myself blessed thereby". Is there a guru so humble and sweet who says , its not us but him who is waiting for our arrival into his fold and he is satisfied at our darshan . Thats how much sai loves a true devotee.

Shirdi Sai Baba Aarti is written by devotees of Sai Baba during his lifetime glorifying saint Tukaram ,Sant Gyaneshwar and Sadguru Sainath .Any house where all the four Aarti of Sai Baba is sung ,listed with devotion , Sai lives in the hearts of everyone in that family and protects them.

Dear Shirdi Sai baba devotee, Hope this visit to StarSai enlightens you . To avoid any misunderstanding its my responsibility to clarify that StarSai & its network of websites is made purely for inspiring everyone to grow personally, spiritually in Sai's beautiful path towards light. I consider it as my karma to work for sai and am happy to do it with the support of my parents , sister and few good hearted sai friends baba blessed me with .......Read more & About StarSai

When ever you visit starsai please bow to Lord Ganesha , say this prayer & then start reading

Vakrathunda Mahaakaaya,
Sooryakotee Sama Prabha
Nirvighnam Kuru Mey Dheva
Sarva Kaaryashu Sarvadhaa

O Lord Ganesha with curved trunk and Massive body , the one whos splendor is equal to millions of Sun, please bless me so that i do not face obstacles in my works.

A divine Flower StarSai offered in Holy feets of Sadguru Sainath

Starsai is a humble effort to spread good messages of humanity,Spirituality,divinity,temples i love, pilgrimage in india ,especially life,stories,experiences and leela of Shirdi Saibaba.

Starsai is offered as a beautiful divine flower in the heart of my sweet saint ,Shirdi Sai Baba who's love has given me a reason to live I hope the contents of this site inspires you to help any one you like at any point of time in your life.It could be your relative , friend or any third person who really deserves it.Even if you say kind, healing words to others in pain, it will please sai.

By sharing the way Shirdi saibaba and me showed our love for each other, i have tried to inspire shirdi sai devotees to hold to sai's feet firmly.I hope your shradha ( faith) and saburi ( patience ) on sai increases thousand folds from this moment.

Light the lamp of shirdi saibaba in your heart !!!

Medicine is for person who is sick.Similarly i am a ordinary servant of shirdi sai and i wish baba brings his devotees who are facing sufferings physically or mentally to this garden called starsai.I believe words has powers to heal.Thats the only good thing about this site. "Words that cares for you, words that assures sai loves you and words that surely has powers to heal the pains in your life.

Lift your palm and keep on your chest .... touch your heart...Shirdi saibaba lives there ! He is in yourself

Your mother,father,sister,brother,aunt,uncle,children and friends lives outside and cares for you.This poor fakir of shirdi is omniscent and omnipresent.He lives in side your heart and cares for you.Do we need a better Sadguru than shird sai? You are already holding on to the right Guru.Just increase your faith and surrender to him whole heartedly.Sai will act on your life in the days to come.Shirdi saibaba is already in your heart.

Starsai is just a match stick, lamp is in your heart....... Light the lamp, make your mind as pure as Dwarakamai ,soon you will realize shirdi saibaba lives in your own heart. ....Click here to learn more about starsai

.- C.Venkat Raman , little servant of shirdi saibaba

You can write to me at

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Why Shirdi Saibaba is not helping me ?

Expression of few Shirdi sai baba devotees who love sai with heart and soul

In the last few years i had tried by best to guide and help few good hearted shirdi saibaba devotees in worst pain. I have no more than healing words for them to make them feel the presence of saibaba. I am also a ordinary sai devotee as they are but i have to answer one important feeling which is evident in most shirdi saibaba devotees who are suffering in life. They feel "i am doing all i can to show my devotion to saibaba with shradha and saburi and waited months and years.My friends and relatives who pray saibaba are immensely blessed with good life but why i am suffering . It seems saibaba is not helping me."

Well, the answer is we people who pray saibaba with heart and soul and feel that we cannot do anything without saibaba has been hooked by Sai himself to be so affectionate and devoted but still sai doesn't seem to help us because

"When we are so much devoted to sai itself it answers how much we are in need of sai than others meaning probably other devotees who are instantly benefited by our shirdi saibaba would have done more good deeds in their past births or by their ancestors and we people who are facing pains and worshiping sai baba a lot might to suffer and endure , gain wisdom and only then sai is going to help us. Yes it takes time and thats part of Saibaba's beautiful path towards light. The journey always takes time but remember Shirdi saibaba himself is walking with you holding your palm and guiding you in every twists and turns of your life.

StarSai provides few ways, pooja etc so that it helps you divert your mind in Saibaba's path and have patience untill "Saileela" happens in your life. Its all in your mind friends. Saibaba is a diamond living in your own mind. Clean the dirt of desires,ego, frustration,disappointments ,lust and anger..then you will realize that

" Shirdi Sai baba himself will reside in your heart and make you shine in life with peace.Now close your eyes and thank shirdi saibaba for he has been with you invisibly even when you think he has not helped you"

Sai devotees are in pain due to various pains in life .so i have tried to make sites based on problems faced by devotees and help them understand our sweet shirdi sai. Please forgive me if you find mistakes in my articles.What ever i write comes from the experiences sai gave me due to my desires in career and personal life.As sai says "i will give my devotees what ever they ask for untill they ask for what i have in store for them". When it comes to my life sai gave me desires and assurances but while trusting sai whole heartedly that he will surely fulfill what he assured me, my pains increased due to the natural human tendency of "expectation".

What really sai gave me ? He gave me golden opportunity to learn his ways.He gave me good sai friends who shared their pains and experiences . Thats why i am able to write few articles and make websites to help other shirdi sai devotees in pain.I certainly believe that words has power to heal. So i humbly present the branch websites of to all the affectionate children of shirdi saibaba.

Little things that makes my sai happy :

I am a ordinary person who loves sai and wish to call myself as servant of saibaba. Though i also have my own desires, i spend my free time doing what i like the most ...."Little things that makes my sai happy". People write me personally about their problems and i try to guide them spiritually in sais ways. Apart from that i believe words have powers to heal , so i consider few of my sai friends as a part of starsai family and care for them.

The greatest dharma is to make sure we never hurt anyone and always try to heal others pains. When someone writes me or calls me , i try be a good friend and make them feel that theres someone. Not all problems in life are solvable. So as a humble servant of sai, all i can do is to make you gain patience untill sai's chosen time has come in your life to do his leela... These are the days of "Instant coffee" to "Instant everything" ... but if you really love sai, learn to be calm . Everytime you close your eyes , imagine that you are below sais holy feet .Total surrender is all it takes for a sai leela to happen in your life...

Baba says , "If you spread your palms with devotion before Me, I am immediately with you, day and night. Though, I am here bodily, still I know what you do; beyond the saven seas. Go wherever you will, over the wide world, I am with you. My abode is in your heart and I am within you. Always worship Me, Who is seated in your heart, as well as, in the hearts of all beings, Blessed and fortunate, indeed, is he who knows Me thus."

Power of baba's Udi from sai satcharita :

Story of Scorpian sting :

Narayan Motiram jani of Nasik was a devotee of Sai baba.He was serving under another devotee of saibaba, by name Ramchandra vaman modak.Once he went to shirdi with his mother and saw baba.Then sai baba himself told her that her son should start independent business.Some days after this babas words came true.Narayan jani left service and started a boarding house - " Anandasharam" , which thrived well.

Once a friend of this Narayanrao was stung by a scorpion and the pain caused by it was severe and unbearable.Udi - holy ash is most efficacious in such cases, it is to be applied on the point of pain and so Narayanrao searched for it but there was no udi with him.Then he stood before saibabas picture and invoked babas aid, chanted babas name and taking out a pinch of the ashes of the joss-stick burning in front of Saibabas Picture and thinking it as babas udi, applied it on the seat of pain and the sting.As soon as he moved his fingers, the pain vanished and both the persons were moved and felt delighted.

May sai bless with good career and business for all who reads this.

The scorpian sting also refers to the wounds in our heart in some issues.
do not worry, Mentally apply udi in u r mind which is bearing all the pains.
Saibaba will surely heal you soon and bring good news.

Aum sri sai ram


The Goal of is to promote the message of Giving.

God is not residing only in a temple , church or mosque to bless you.The places of worship are there to purify your thoughts and there by feel more close to God whos in every Atom and blesses you every time your prayer is selfless. You start to realize God when you learn the Art of Helping others . May shirdi saibaba fulfill your wishes and inspire you to help each other whole heartedly - Venkat

The giver gives, but really he is sowing the seed for later: the gift of a rich harvest. - Shirdi Sai Baba

You dont have to be Rich to help - Charity needs caurage and heart ,Not money

The only way to reach God is by learning the "Art of giving " not just through prayers and meditation.Even a saint who meditates for years will have to give away the materialistic benefits he derived through tapas to his devotees , only then they can go to the next stage and finally get mukthi. The core factor that decides how good your life has been can be calculated from the lives you have changed through your Hardwork,Service and Resources.

Change your Habits - When ever you face hurdles in your Studies,career ,Business or work and the very usual Financial problem going to a Temple ,church or mosque or sitting for hours and doing prayers CANT do much favour.No God can do magic if your fate is to go through sufferings.God wants to make sure if the resources he gives you can be of some use to the just start in reverse order.

Learn to give and then you will gain more : First prove to god you are selfless through your actions and not just the usual "If i become rich i will help others ". By the time you become rich your lifestyle will take you in a different path and you will forget your prayers.What i mean is charity comes by practice.So "PRACTICE GIVING " with what ever little resources you have.

Above is for those who belive in God like me.For those who dont belive in God just go on with a "Law of Nature" which is " A good thought bounces back as good blessings and a Good action for others bounces back to you from someone else which can make your life much better "

What can i do if i am myself not wealthy ?
You dont have to donate thousands or hundreds to any charity organisation.I have personally experienced big changes in my life by doing few good things with very very little money i have.What matters is building your heart and body by practicing the act of giving.

My family itself struggling.How can i Give to others ?
The reason i want to spread the message of giving itself is not for rich people but for people who are in middle class familes struggling to comeup in their life.I am sure you can spend less than 100 Rupees ( 2 $ ) a month or just cook for 3 more extra people once every month,Pack that food and give it to any handicaps or kids you find in road side or streets.This is what i call as "practicing Giving" .Its a matter of 10 rupees or 100 rupess or even less than this but once you started to do this on a regular basis your soul and body will be blessed and eventually result in good changes in your family and for your children.

The same middle class people are sometimes spending thousands for religious rituals and astrologers who fail to tell you the biggest truth which is all your struggles will vanish once you give food or Help your relatives or friends who are suffering and gain blessings.You could help a child get good education or help someone get a Job or start a business in small way which also can bring you great blessing.

Ok i started giving and i find no Changes so far -
When you give food or Notes,books to poor children or help in any orphanage or old age homes dont worry yourself that failures and hurdles continues to hurt your life.Time is a big healer and your good deeds will surely result in good changes in the lives of your dear ones no matter how many months it takes.

Beware of how your money or resources are spent - Dont think just because you plan to do good things every one surrounding you will be deserving it.You have all the rights to say "No " because sometimes people start to misuse your charity.Just continue to do little things as much as you can but also make sure your act of giving is limited within your financial ability and only reaches the person who deserves your help.What matters is your personal satisfaction in giving and not the quantity.

Universal Truth - Shirdi SaiBaba, Shiva, Buddha and all the known saints and God has stressed in their own way about Helping others . One of the reason is that when you "Give" its a way of reducing your attachment with material desires which is the cause of all worries and difficulties in life.When you give some thing worthy to others God will send someone later who gives you something more precious which is a universal truth.

Help in the name of shirdi saibaba :

I wrote the above article in december 2004 when i thought of remainding people what they already know which is to help others in need. Now its september 9th 2007 when i wish to make a request.So many are giving food to hunger in the name of "Annadhan scheme " .I am not against it .Its good but when you act individually , dont always go to big temples or donate to a big organisation etc thinking your charity stops there. Do you know how many many people are really hungry and desperately in need of your help. When i travel to temples in villages around tanjavur , kumbakonam ,shirdi and few villages in maharastra i have seen how simple poor people. There are so many whom we can meet while we travel who deserves our help. Just be careful with stranges .Tthats my only request but sai will surely protect you for the good heart you have to help others.

Shirdi saibabas blessings for your charity :

Before you contribute first pray baba whole heartedly if your donation will be used properly. Dont do it for the sake of it or just because someone adds your name in contributors list. Remember, baba has a better list up there. He knows everything what ever u do. Trust me, baba is really maintaining your accounts in his own bank "Bank of blessings " .The more good you do to your friends, relatives in need and strangers in need baba will keep on adding to your account.

Help friends,relatives and co-workers by blessings of shirdi saibaba :

When it comes to helping friends and relatives make sure you give what you can afford to loose.Dont give any thing for formality and half mind.Help others if you really wish they must live by sais grace. I have seen some people giving money and stuff to friends , relatives and later complaining that , i gave him money but he cheated. If its your karma to get cheated what can sai do.Sai can only guide you if you are totally devoted to him. I mean you can escape any problems in life if you always remember sai sai when you help friends, do it if you think their situation is really worse,make sure your relationship dont gets spoilt because of giving and then expecting back and then ask babas permission . Finally give and help your friends and co-workers when right situation arises.

Never regret incase you had donated wrongly or wasted your money. Thats your karma or lets say baba made you go through that wrong organisation of trust or people or what ever to give you experience. once you have experience on who is doing charity the wrong way and who is doing it the right way, you will be able to prepare yourself for helping others in better way.

Remember shirdi saibaba when ever you help :

Never think you are doing a help .You are actually paying back your past births debt .who knows ? you are supposed to help someone.Its human nature to get hurted if people whom we helped just makes use of us in their hard times but forgets us in their good times. Its ok.Bhagavat gita says "To work alone you have the competence and not to claim the fruits thereof or Do your part and leave the results to Me" .so leave the results to our sweet affectionate Guru shirdi saibaba. Always chant "sairam " or any of your good mantra when you help others.

The divine grace of Shirdi saibaba and Lord Murugan bless us to have a peaceful life following the path of humanity and spread love amoung people over the world. "Anbe shivam - God is love"

The giver gives, but really he is sowing the seed for later:
the gift of a rich harvest. - Shirdi Sai Baba

saibaba ki jai

shirdi saibaba
shirdi sai baba

My tomb shall bless and speak to the needs of my devotees - shirdi saibaba

These days i come across many who depend on sai in relationship issues, marriage issues and many get into pains in such matters.I have seen some people are in unbearable pain and they pray sai to help them irrespective of the person they love being good or bad.I usually ask such friends to light lamps,do some pooja, divert their mind by reading some good books , read sai satcharitra etc.Its our firm faith on baba which is going to help us and we need patience.Dont worry when things doesn't seem to work out. Avoid taking emotional decisions based on desire.Baba has always asked us to surrender to him whole heartedly which also includes our desires.My prayers for everyone of you who visit this site.May sai bless you and heal the wounds in your heart.

secondly, I wish you know about Sivanesan swamiji of shirdi who served baba from 1954 to 96 for 42 years .Please ask your friends who visit shirdi to travel just 3 kms to reach this beautiful Sivanesan swamiji Mahasamadhi .You will surely find some peace of mind there.If you are travelling to shirdi or planning a trip to shirdi , please read how you can spend your days peacefully in your Shirdi trip .

Thirdly, for those of you who are having health related problems please surrender your body to saibabas feet.Light lamps regualrly,Read sai satcharitra regularly.Mix UDI ( sacred ash ) with water and drink everyday.

For those of you who have financial and career problems please make use of your free time in serving shirdi saibaba in any ways possible.Give food to any true child orphanage or old age home.For students who have obstacles in studies, please help poor children to get books or give them pen etc or pay school fees etc.This will bring you blessings of Goddess Saraswathi.

Truth about Shirdi Sai Baba - No desiples,No messengers, No belongings ,No info about Birth , Caste, Parents :

For people who are new to sai's path ..........I humbly express that where ever you find the name baba , saibaba , sai in entire starsai network of sites, i actually mean "saibaba of shirdi ". He is my love, life , friend and everything. Shirdi is in maharastra state .India. Now a days i see few first start to really serve Sai Baba but later due to crowd they act as if they are avatars, desiples and messengers of Shirdi Sai. Please remember Sai does use his true Bhaktha as an instrument to do good deeds to his other devotees but one must consider them as a humble servant of sai and do the works without expecting any kind of returns including money and fame. some people use the name of shri sai, build ashrams and act as if baba has given them powers and cheat thousands of people in india and abroad. There's not one but several such persons trying to misguide sai devotees.

Read the book Shri Sai Satcharita written by Govindrao Raghunath Dabholkar alias Hemadpant .Theres another complete full translation in english by Zarine Madam called "Sai Samartha Satcharita " . Please follow these books to know everything about Sri Saibaba. Baba never gave importance to his birth ,caste or creed during his life time. If you are a Hindu, see him as hindu, if you are a Muslim , see him as Muslim.But Sai never answered such questions. How can he who is God incarnate , the ParaBrahma have birth,parents,caste and religion. Sai is all supreme power who walked on earth.

How to find out true servant of shirdi sai baba :

The best way to find out true servants of shirdi saibaba is to note if they expect something in return from you. The only Samadhi of Shri Saibaba is in Shirdi well maitained by sansthan with all help to the devotees. Its much better to directly go to shirdi for a darshan and have sri sai blessings in samadhi mandhir and dwarakamai rather than trusting words of such false Gurus spreading in every corner of globe.

Please follow the right path .Dont go behind fake gurus for instant benefits.Saibaba wont do magic.His ways are unique.Some times his leela can even give us pains initially but this is to take away our past karma.Only if we have patience and true love on sai , we can actually understand how much he loves us and the fact that he lives in our own heart. He wont use his siddhi for silly things.Shirdi saibaba has control over 5 elements of Nature and its wise for you to surrender to true saints like shirdi saibaba. I also respect few other good saints but i make sure people take right path. Aum sri sai ram

Copyrights for few articles, photos in starsai network of sites belongs to author and by the blessings of sri sai saibaba .

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