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Shirdi Sai Baba live darshan

“Antaryami” – The one who is lives inside you in the form of conciousness.

The Guru who lives in you calls to realize the beauty of looking at Sai from Inside yourself

We have Darshan of Sai baba from shirdi but did we really see Saibaba from inside.  ?

Sairam friends,

Many shirdi sai baba devotees has a habit of watching “Shirdi Sai Baba live Darshan ” from the samadhi mandhir temple built by Buti during saibaba’s life time.

Yesturday while talking to my sai friends about shirdi, saibaba’s samadhi mandhir, the weather in shirdi, new changes in shirdi etc, i gradually realized though i have been writing in for over 6 years ,

“The real Soul of Shirdi Sai baba”is not yet known to me.

We go to shirdi travelling long distance, finally reach shirdi by train, bus and lots of hardships but did we really have the “Darshan ” that Saibaba wish to show us ? Imagine the shirdi which was a village with less than 100 huts. Lots of greenary, Neem trees, Mango trees etc. How it would have been when a poor family travelling from mumbai in train ,gets down in koergoan station and took their Tonga ( horse ride ) to shirdi.

How it would have been when someone goes to shama and asks

“Do you know of a fakir , a saint here in shirdi , where does he live ? “

and surprisingly it was the time when shama was still a teacher in a school near the masjid saibaba used to live and himself never believed on saibaba as saint. Many like shama only thought of saibaba as a mad fakir. Its hard to believe but based on his interview to Narasimha swamiji, his reply was

“I do not know of any saint, only a mad fakir lives in the masjid “


when i write these words , i have tears in my eyes friends. Shama used to sleep in school itself and he was surprised to hear sai talking in various languages even english. Slowly shama realized this Mad fakir is not ordinary human but a great saint . Shama later became staunch devotee of sai baba and helped many devotees come into sai’s path of light.

shirdi sai baba live darshan

shirdi sai baba live darshan - See the Sai in you

Today we don’t consider shirdi sai baba as mad fakir but do we not act very materialistically and selfish . We never realize this Saibaba also is a sweet guru who needs our devotion and care irrespective of our desires being fulfilled.

I ask to me myself .

“Will you be happy with sai baba if you will never get a job, never earn and never get all that you desire ? .”

No i won’t be. I will say “sai baba, you don’t understand my feelings , i am suffering and you can’t see , what more you want me to do that you still don’t open your eyes to make my life better.

As a sai devotee who always think about him, we do have rights to speak to saibaba with complaints. There are sai devotees who even write me this

“I met a guy in sai baba temple, he cheated me ..Your saibaba spoiled my life ”

Well, meeting someone in saibaba temple or else where doesn’t make any difference and sai is not responsible for every wrong happening in your life.

There’s another mail which reads ..

“I went to shirdi, prayed saibaba nicely but surprisingly after my shirdi trip, i am suffering more in office “

I won’t say they are wrong . Including me, i wish we realize the glory and greatness of shirdi sai baba from inside. As saibaba says to his devotees

“Break the wall that seperates you from me and we can see , feel and touch each other freely. We become one”

Hope you understood what i try to convey friends. You are most welcome to go shirdi with desires in mind, to believe that your sufferings will come to an end when you step on the shirdi soil and when you have darshan of saibaba in samadhi mandhir and holy dwarakamai.

Hold on few more days is the mantra to keep loving sai baba :

Your pure devotion is appreciated by saibaba, at the same time, “please hold on few more days” is the mantra to keep loving sai baba of shirdi. Think about the people who suffer worser than you friends.Think positively and look for  alternatives in life .

“Learn to realize , when you are in pain, when you fail , Sai baba also experiences the same”

If you have problem in relationship, studies and career  and if you feel sai baba is not helping you and please hold on…hold on..

may be you must chant sai sai sai more deeply with heart and soul,

may be you must sing and listen to sai aarti and

may be you must do parayan of sai satcharitra with out much expectations.

In the end , you can never be fed up if you feel my saibaba will surely help me and show me a way someday. I know sai children who suffer due to responsibility in family and they still hold on to shirdi saibaba’s feet.

The goal of this message is simple

“Learn to realize , when you are in pain, when you fail , Sai baba also experiences the same”

Mother , i have to bear pains for welfare of my devotees :

I wish to write this beautiful leela of shirdi sai baba friends. Once a devotee , a mother comes to saibaba with tears . She tells saibaba that her son is suffering from bubos in his stomach and sai must cure him soon. Immediately saibaba raises his kafni and shows four Big egg sized bubbos in his stomach . Sai baba says

“Mother, i have to bear these pains for welfare of my devotees ”

Sai baba has actually taken the sufferings of his devotee to his own body . Sai assures the mother saying , your son will be alright . Dont worry and the son was cured by sai grace.

Expression of a ordinary sai devotee to help sai devotees See saibaba as themselves and not a saint living in photos and statue :

This message “Shirdi Sai baba Live Darshan ” is a expression of ordinary shirdi sai baba devotee about few incidents and the thoughts that emerged in my mind about sai baba and his life in shirdi and how we perceive saibaba in modern times.

It was another day in my life worrying  if i will ever make my parents happy for all that they have done for me. One of my sai friend came online and asked “Are you busy ? ” . I din’t know how to take it as i was upset what to do next in my career and how i am going to earn my living. I had few plans which already seem not to workout for me.

I was a bit frustrated with saibaba himself , completely doubting if saibaba cares for my welfare and told her ” It doesn’t matter i am busy or not, i answer my sai devotee friends when ever i get time” .

Doubts, worries and frustration if saibaba really cares for us :

I also got a mail from one of my sai friend that she doubted if saibaba will help her get job and later felt guilty for doubting shirdi sai baba. Well , to be honest , irrespective of the fact that i love sai baba , i eat, sleep and even when i drink water i ask saibaba if he wants some water. When i believe in shirdi sai baba so much ,write about him, answer mails from sai devotees and guide them in shird saibaba’s path of light, why do i get doubts if saibaba really will bless me with a good life too.

she contined to ask “Shirdi Sai baba Live darshan ” is not showing in her computer. I wondered how many millions of shirdi sai baba devotees around the world goes to the shirdi sai baba sansthan official website especially to see the Live darshan of saibaba dwarakamai and Shirdi Sai baba Samadhi mandhir in shirdi.

My True Realization about life of Shirdi Sai Baba and his actually glory and greatness is yet to be discovered :

Though i serve saibaba in the little ways known to me, i am very clear about one fact that i have not yet realized the glory of shirdi saibaba. My attitudes and idea about shirdi sai baba and understanding of saibaba’s life is very narrow minded.

I thank saibaba .

I am devoted to saibaba.

I dig sacred Dhuni, sweep and clean

But i am not happy in life and  with Saibaba when things don’t work the way i wish

Yes. i do thank sai baba for blessing me with good parents, sister and at times a peaceful life irresptive of my set backs in career and other personal issues.  Even when i meet someone who comes from shirdi, i get into complaints that this is wrong, thats right. Shirdi is commercial – obviously all places even famous pilgrime temples becomes commercial due to the huge number of people who visits the place.

Chanting Om Sai – Sri Brahma Vidhya for over one week :

The past one week untill now – july 5th 2010, i have been chanting ” Om Sai – Sri Brahma vidhya ” , as i was blessed with a dream from shirdi sai baba with the words “Sri Vidhya .

The below two articles are based on the dreams i got from Shirdi Sai Baba.

1. A dream of “Shri Vidya ” – Goddess Durga and Shirdi Sai baba leela

2. Chanting “Sai Sri Vidhya ” with tears in eyes

Disappointment after doing a spiritual effort – Counting benefits for what ever we do for Sai baba and all Gods we worship :

After a week of chanting “Om sai – Sri Brahma Vidhya ” …i gradually started saying saibaba, i am doing chanting also in my mind when ever i feel but saibaba also is not caring for me and goddess shri vidhya is also not showing me a way.

I did felt one thing friends, i had tears in my eyes suddenly waking up in the middle of the night realizing the flow of a divine energy, i could feel the love of sai and the goddess emerging in me and its like river, i was in bliss but this could not make me satisfied. I need to earn, i want to make parents happy. I have to get married to someone who truly likes to support me in what ever i do for sai childre.

All this made me feel insecured, disappointed and i get back to my “spiritual exchage ”

Yes i call it “Spiritual exchange “-  Saibaba i did this to you, you din’t fulfill my desire..

Example , someone mails me

“I learnt that doing parayan of life of shirdi sai baba, sai satcharita will fulfill my desire, i already read that 2 times and even now saibaba is not helping me ”

A very natural expectation ,

another example is more innocent

“I went to shirdi with family, we all got beautiful darshan , i also got hints from saibaba that surely sai will fulfill my desire, but it din’t happen”

Friends, Saibaba attimes even gives positive dreams but not always it gets fulfilled and we can’t say saibaba left us unanswered. Thats why we must have total surrender to gurus holy feets. When i speak about total surrender , it means irrespective of what’s given to us, irrespective of whats assured my saibaba himself, if we really learn to love shirdi sai baba , then we become one with Sai.

I am not asking you to completely stop complaining and worrying or speaking our your frustration and disappointments to saibaba. Your prayers reach sai baba . Imagine he is a datta avatart. All the prayers thats done on earth reaches him.

Every minute millions of prayers reaches sai baba. Every genuine prayer from a true good pure hearted devotee is accepted by saibaba. Now sai inturn is melted not by your darshan in shirdi or parayan simply with expectation in mind or singing aarti for something to happen immediately.

A saint’s heart expands when your prayer reaches him so purely with devotion that does beyond your desires and when you have ability to control your sense pleasures and have immense patience.

When you learn to see this Sai from inside, as a saint who is not only in Shirdi and whom you need not see in live darshan but when ever you simply deeply whole heartedly utter or lets say chant “Sai Sai Saaaaaayeeeeeeee”

Sai surely responds to you.

Take one step to see the sai in you and sai baba will take 100 steps to hold you , lift you and keep you safe . Now and forever…”


july 5th 2010

Shirdi Sai Baba live darshan :

If you came to this page searching for shirdi sai baba live darshan , its in the below link

Shirdi Sai baba live darshan from official website of saibaba sansthan in shirdi

Om Sri Sai Ram

Om Sri Sainathaya Namaha

Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai.

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