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Shirdi Sai Baba – The guru who never speaks but makes us feel hes always speaking

sairam friends

Its been 10 days  since i had taken care of dhuni in nagasai mandhir as i was busy since my sister had come from U.S . I went to nagasai mandhir this morning and felt very painful to see heap of wooden sticks and coconuts filled up to the ground surface in dhuni. For years i have not seen dhuni in such a condition. My friends do take care of dhuni when am away.probably they dint had time this week.

I decided to remain in temple untill the crowd move away and clean the dhuni.

I used the iron rod two of them to clean…we have to dig…it was too hot as its thursday. I felt a true devotee is the one who knows what the guru wants even before the guru instructs him. I cant wait for saibaba’s commands to clean dhuni. Dhuni is my love and life which is wrote in ,

While digging the ashes to filter down the iron bars in dhuni, the fire was too high. I started feeling the iron rod is getting the heat to my palm. Though am used to it, as its summer afternoon and dhuni is also over hot, i could feel the heat coming to my palm quickly.

I dont want to stop digging dhini. To me its a gift from sai. Many times i moved away when the fire raises and saw my palm. two – three places it was swollen, the palm became pink like never before. Some devotees were still in temple and i requested them to be careful as coconuts attimes burts in dhuni.

I was getting thirsty but cant leave the dhuni door open and go away to have water. I continued to dig…




I say this every time i diggg and stir the ashes to filter down the dhuni tank. One old man asked what i am doing. I told him its the sacred ash of saibaba called udi . Its collected from ashes which comes from devotees offering and we sai friends get down the tank and filter the pure udi every 20 days. I told him i was away for over 2 weeks and now i am satisfied that i am able to do this work.

He smiled and told ” Oh you are satisfied, lets always think good and do good, good will happen to us.”

I continued to dig sky blue shirt had dusts which emerges from dhuni ashes. i was worried as at times my mother used to say how hard its for the maid to wash my shirt. I always say her , My shirt looks black and dirty but even touching it is a blessing. Its Saibaba’s Udi.

The shop keeper was walking by that way to fill his water bottle with water. I told him, Anna, when you go back,give me some water.

I contined to dig..suddenly i felt burning sensation in my righ palm, i took out the iron rod , hagged it on the grill , looked at palm and then the dwarakamai saibaba portrait , I told ” “Sai, you teared my skin ”

i went to the pipe, washes my palm and face and again digged,  i was satisfied as most part of ashes went inside .I had to do more work tommorow but i am exhausted now. I closed the dhuni door, locked it.

The shop keeper came with the water bottle, i happily drank water .

When my sister and brother in law was here, they were having a idea that i am too much into sai baba and not behaving like normal guy. They hurt me with some words i can’t bear though they did that to make me realize i also must try to be successful and happy and not worry like this always. It was this reason i tried to avoid going to temple during their stay in india . I was with them taking care of their baby katya who is just 3 years old but says “Sai baba” when ever she looks at a picture of sai in my house.

anyway, i was too happy today as i finally came back to my normal life of taking care of dhuni after 10 days. I took the bubos in left palm and skin about to tear in right palm as a gift from saibaba .

My sai friends, ramanujam, udayakumar were there and i demanded them to have coke with me . Ramanujam asked do you have lots of money, i said ” I have 100 Rs.” with a exitement as if i have crores. We had a 2 liter coke bottle,soon it was member of 5 sai devotees who serve sai. i drank 3 glasses of coke. They were talking about few things…about temple. some issues…..etc etc….

Deep in me i was wondering how my sister and brother in law thought i am not enjoying my life. This too is a party. My palm had few hot bubos,even if  i wash it was burning but i enjoyed holding the glass with the cool coke in it. To me it was relaxing. To me this too is happiness and this really sounds like peace to me.

who else can smile , chat and have coke when their palm had burning sensation. Its all about our mental disposition friends.  Sai says the best devotee is the one who realizes what he needs before sai himself instructs it. I could have gone back home even after looking at the heap of ashes in dhuni.

Friends, Shirdi Sai baba is the Guru who never speaks . At times he speaks in dreams to few but not always. To me if we really feel sai and see the world through Sai, we can hear him speaking. Its not words . Our languages are different. Its his leela to bring us the thought. When i saw heap of ashes in dhuni, i realizes , Saibaba wants me to clean it and i did.

I heared it  with out him speaking. I dont mean to say i am best devotee. I also have my draw backs. What i say is to the world who thinks millions of saibaba devotees follow saibaba who is NO MORE. Some dont realize though sai had his samadhi in 1918, he is still working to help his children.

Here is a Guru who wont speak. Who wont say , Who wont instruct . Who wont guide . But he is doing it every moment if only you know to realize how this sweet saint is taking care of you and your family like his own eyes.

I came back home, removed my shirt before my mom could  notice the ashes , removed it , rolled and kept in self. I had some food. Kept a saibaba book infront of plate, askes him do you want and gave him like we feed children and had the food myself.

I applied coconut oil in my palm, laid down, hugged a saibaba book to my chest and told saibaba.

“sai, i dont have a good career or life style as the world expects..I am happy atleast you are making me do this dhuni work. This gives me happiness and satisfaction.”

Friends, Hope you realized saibaba is a saint who never speaks with his voice and words or languages… If you truly deeply show your love on saibaba, surely you can feel he’s always speaking.

Sai , at a time when people are being cheated by false gurus that he has powers to speak to saibaba or saibaba speaks with him etc, this sai leela is written to help each and every sai devotee realize

‘Every good word and prayer you say sai, sai listes to it, Every moment you truly love saibaba, sai guides you internally and makes you do the right thing .You  never hear him speaking. His languages are different.”

Sai, you are my heart, you are my soul.

Om sri sainathaya namaha

Venkat raman


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  • omsairam

    baba blessed u brother:)u knw wn?
    last week pradhosam time i wnt to baba’s temple wn i was at dhuni i thought abt u tht time i prayed abt ur career
    baba gave flower :):)

  • sairam,
    I really stunned by your dedication, devotion towards sai. I don’t know how to comment on that. Will anyone be so mad behind this sweet shirdi saibaba, ofcourse you are proving tobe one. Yes, it is true that anyone loves sai become mad of sai.
    you know i came to know him only at the middle of 2007. At that time, i was not having any picture of him. Now, in 2010, i have two statues and 6 small photographs and sai satcharita and sai’ “the superman” books etc., and also one book in telugu(ofcourse, i do not know telegu)
    Once, in 2008 he came in my dream as saima, yes he hugged me and i felt that my mother hugged me with love. That experience was so nice, still i could feel that lovable hug.
    When i read your dhuni experience, i got tears in my eyes.
    aum sai sri sai jaya jaya sai
    aum sai sri sai jaya jaya sai
    aum sai sri sai jaya jaya sai

  • Om Sairam,

    Tears roll out from my eyes.

    Your dedication makes me to move close towars SAI.

    For me Baba is everything.

    You are the one who blessed by BABA.


  • Dear Brother,

    Infront of you we are nothing yes really a great work.I love saibaba but still i am doing mistakes….i don’t know why?…i have to get rid of all those things but i never hurt anyone in the world….

    Please pray for me my brother….

    Om Sai Ram….Sai r Forgive me ur child…


  • last year 2010 my mother and me was going to shri sai temple early in morning aprrox 5am for chola & to see snaan.. it was dark no person on road .. no rickshaw anything. Temple is almost around 1.3 km from our house. we was little bit scared. i told my self in my heart that sai baba would make his divotees comfortable & also read in sai sachcharitra that baba help those people in travel who come for his darshan. he will only help us now. lets see how he wil help us. it was only in my heart ..i have not shared with my mother… as she has not read the sacchritra.

    than in one minute approx we have seen one scorpio achanak se.. i dnt knw from where it has come.,. as we have clearly saw that there was no transport like car bus etc.. duur durr thak.. than we ask for lift to that person (baba) age would be 45 yrs.. sitting in it.

    he said pls come & sit. me and my mother sit & we was little bit scared of him.. we said to drop us at next redlight from that we will manage. he didnt reply us. than he said where u have to go. i said sai mandir. we are not aware of sai baba magic. i have also seen even photo of sai baba on dash board. but didnt relaise the fact.

    he dropped us infront of sai temple without saying any word to us. now my mother open the door of car & goes out …. i was only there & offer him Rs.10/- he said “nai lene tere paise” with big smile face. i couldnt understand & goes out. as i was in hurry to see snaan of shri baba.

    later on i realise after finishing the aarti and going back home that wo or koi nai sai baba ya unka koi bhakht aaya humari help k lia.. till date one year gone i daily remember that day bfore sleeping. it was a vert grt exp.

    aarti sharma
    new delhi, india

  • i m writing this as a article as today i have realy realised that it was him or his person there to help this.,, this was a very big incident .. whcih seems smaall when i m writng.. hope every girl after reading my article …simran/chant sai baba name when she is alone or scared on road..

    aarti sharma

  • Om Sai Ram.we didn’t have our own house.Ididn’t know about sai baba.Someone told me to do sai katha.I did prayers to sai and what i have seen is really amazing.within 2 months iwe got our own house and from my that time i have made sai baba as a idol in my life.pray to sai baba that always give my family a happy and prosperous life.OM SAI RAM

  • OM SAI RAM.Yesterday i saw sai in reality.when i started crying sai closed his was just like dream come sai ram

  • OMSAIRAM.i would only wish to baba that the work which is getting delayed should be done as soon as possible with good response.may baba give all happiness and prosperous life.sai baba ki jai.

  • Hi brother,
    You are so lucky. You can feel the presence of baba. I am very much inspired . May baba bless you with good career.
    Om sai sir sai jaya jaya sai

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