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shirdi saibaba website  
If you have seen this sign "Purely for Sai" in any of our's network website, read below experience fully to learn how shirdi sai guided me

Sairam friends, Although i accept donation from close sai devotees , i request them to read below article. At times i don't feel like accepting donation or any favours.So i dont reply mails .

At times when i really see theres a need and if i know the devotee has real interest and shares same attitude as mine, i write to them. If you wish to donate after reading below article , please write me at at Please write few words about yourself.

Thanks - C.Venkatraman

StarSai and Its network of websites are purely for serving Shirdi Sai Baba and pure shirdi saibaba devotees:

"No Support of any kind from third person" Policy :

Earliar i had option where few good hearted shirdi saibaba devotees who wish to support my little efforts in the name of Shirdi Saibaba can donate. I had this option only for a months time during which time none donated..i mean no strangers. During that one month also i was not feeling comfortable internally .Now i removed it because even if i don't have money to maintain websites or do little works for Shirdi Sai , Baba has given me peace and this peace is enough for me. Am sure Baba will send me few good hearted souls to help me in future efforts. I never do any thing big at all because i believe in "words of healing"....I only have good words taught by our shirdi saibaba to spread and for this purpose Baba has blessed me with wonderful sai friends who are like angels of starsai.My parents,Sister and few good hearted Sai friends support StarSai and its network of websites. I don't want to do anything to Sai beyond my ability because Sai has stated in sai satcharita that even to travel to shirdi for pilgrimage, we must not take loan.

So why should i get money for third person and try to do things for Sai. In this age our Shirdi saibaba has given me patience to go through lots of sufferings in career and personal life and still remain in his holy feets. Baba has given such experiences to me to make sure i wont get influenced by the Gains one can get by serving sai. I clearly understood that Baba knows what to do to make his work done. so what ever works i plan to do, surely Baba will send the right pure hearted person at the right time. So far am satisfied with all that i did by following "Purely for Sai" Policy of StarSai network.

One humble servant is enough to water the Tree called "StarSai" :

Few shirdi saibaba devotees write to me asking if we can join and do some service for Sai. I clearly say them let me go in my way and you go in yours. We both are trying to do good but there will surely be difference of opinion. So i don't like joining anyone to do Baba's work. I am not selfish but am trying to remain steady in the goals and visions Baba has shown me. StarSai is a plant a servant who's watering it. My responsibility is to take care of it untill this life ends. By Shirdi saibaba's grace i also got handful of pure hearted sai friends who are also working hard for starsai.I have given them all the freedom because i know they are true to Sai....I am clear about one thing...I don't like to Join anyone in what ever i do in life. Let each one of us Serve Sai as per our ability,wish and inpiration from Sai.

To me divine works has just two atma. My soul on its way to merge with soul of Sai. Its a life time journey. Only sai knows if i deserve to merge with the beautiful Light of Shirdi Saibaba. Infact this is the true goal of all of our souls.

No one understands Truth in this Kali Yuga easily - So i am very careful :

I am very careful and clear in what ever i do for shirdi saibaba making sure all that i desire and do are with in my ability in the long run. I do have problems and am worried about it but i whole heartedly trust that Sai will surely keep my little works breath forever.......Baba has internally prepared me for the past few years to work for few Goals of StarSai in the years to Come. Being a Humble servant of shirdi saibaba is a life time commitment. So in order to be a pure Shirdi Saibaba's child i want to stay away from Donation Etc. Its better not to get any benefit from anyone than depending on others who might deviate from our main goals. In internet i can't judge who has same attitude as me. So i am very very careful in choosing people who support StarSai.

Baba knows my needs to do his works am sure Sai will either help me to help myself or send handful of pure hearted shirdi saibaba children who might help for Baba's works with out Ego and desire of any benefits. I took this decision based on My Guru Sai's graceful feelings created in me and also my own personal experiences from shirdi saibaba which i have wrote below....

Please don't use a pure poor fakirs name to Gain benefits for this earthly life :

Right from November 2007 i got dream Vision from our shirdi saibaba that Sai is deeply hurted especially because many people are using him only as a means to make money. Atleast earning Money Baba can forgive to an extent ( but not always ) as Baba himself is a saint who blesses us with Materialistic benefits but what Shirdi Sai can't bear is people using our Baba's name and involving in wrong activities. Its happening in many places and trust me friends....Baba can't directly punish these people immediately as sai himself knows these false people will emerge in this kaliyug. Its for us to differentiate whats good and bad.

Dreams from shirdi saibaba which shows how much Sai is hurted by few people :

From november 2007 , I got a dream Vision from shirdi sai as if someone acting as if he is a Guru with lots of shirdi saibaba photos, dollars in a Ashram and temple and he is running behind lots of people if he is chasing them and they are scared of him and running away".......

I got many such dreams which indirectly explains..........................

"Few act as Guru or Good sai servant or say that Baba speaks to him/her" According to shirdi saibaba, these people are not more than Business Men.......My humble view in this issue is that

"If you whole heartedly always remain in thoughts of shirdi saibaba, sai will speak to you also".....not with voice but with internal commands.If you make Sai sai sai as your thought always, then obviously what ever you think will be Sai's thought.

I mean Sai is living in every single sai devotees heart the fact is Sai speaks internally to each and every pure hearted shirdi saibaba devotees"...Even your mothers advice could be words of Sai......So do not trust such people...If you want Sai's blessings surrender to sai ....light arathi or chant sai sai sai whole heartedly with pure mind.....

Why do you need a Guide when the real, true great saint shirdi saibaba is residing in your own heart ? I thought being a little servant of shirdi saibaba, I must be a example for generations to come. I will live few decades but our sai and sai devotees are going to be there for thousands of years. For all these reasons i finally decided not to expect any kind of gains through the sites in StarSai network. Its Baba's command to me to remain like this and be calm. I never complain against any one specifically. I stay away from others and do my works with out hurting anyone but its also my work to help innocent shirdi sai devotees to realize they must stay away from few false ,commercial people.

Let me go on my Little path towards Shirdi saibaba :

I respect good authors who write about shirdi saibaba, i respect rules of sansthan and also i clearly want to mention that am also only a very ordinary shirdi saibaba devotee.Just that the situations in my career and personal life made me always come around dhuni in saibaba temple at my place for years togather which gave me little wisdom and understanding of Sai's ways.

When ever someone in pain writes to me i request them to light lamps regularly, read sai satcharita and chant sai sai sai always in their mind. I never expect anything in return from anyone whom i try to help and i also wont reply everyone because i dont have time. I also completely agree with people who might feel my views are wrong because starsai articles are just based on my experiences with shirdi saibaba .so i never want to manipulate it with others. Its just like a Book...if you like it, read it and be a part of starsai family.....Or just leave the Book...I have only wrote good words of truth from shirdi saibabas teachings . We all have rights to serve sai in our own way which is expressed by sai himself in chapter 24 of sri sai satcharita .So this is the way i have choosen....Read the last two paragraph in this link

Sai has said one must not become slave to money.So i am very careful in making sure who is supporting the little efforts i take in the name of Sai. All is well by the grace of Sai , support of my parents, sister and handful of Sai friends.....My humble thanks to Shirdi Saibaba for helping Starsai and my love for spreading the message of humanity to breath...after reading all the above experiences if still wish to support , please mail me because it will help us know each other better.

Its december 31st 2007 and from 2008 Jan 1st i am implementing this "Purely for Sai" policy in all's network websites. I hope my good Sai friends like this idea because we are pure children of shirdi saibaba and surely by grace of Baba our little efforts will breath forever.

Why did i call it " "UDI" leela :

When i opened the book Sai smartha satcharita written by Zarine madam to get permission from our sri sai to implement "Purely for Sai" ,i got the page where "Udi" "Sacred Ash" of shirdi saibaba is explained. That Sai gives Udi to his devotees to make them realize this human body and all we gain in this life will end up into Ash. So we must learn to be detached from earthly gains.

Similarly i felt Sai says , All of us in StarSai family must serve sai with pure mind realizing all that we need is Sai's blessings to do all Baba's works .Money,Support and fame will not be permanent. Only Baba's blessings are permanent. Thats with us in abundance forever...friends....lets live in this little family called starsai.........Merrily , Peacefully and with all unity with out any distraction of the commercial world out there.

Saibaba's Udi has explained it all friends...

Baba , All we need is you ....

C.Venkat Raman - 1 :1: 2008

Always in the holy feets of Shirdi Sai Baba

By sai grace i have planned to publish books, posters to help innocent sai devotees learn simple ways to be devoted to be shirdi Sai baba, You can support this effort if you are interested. At present i only have this desire to create books for sai children but i can't afford it as its a expensive task to print many books, posters .So am waiting for saibabas guidance.Am sure sai will show us a way to serve sai children.

If you wish to contact me , you can write to

Privacy policy : All mails are kept confidential. I write to shirdi sai baba devotees when i have time. At times i might not have time to reply and i accept donations and any favours only if its really needed and the devotee lets me writes few words about themselves.


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Copyrights for few articles, photos in starsai network of sites belongs to author and by the blessings of sri sai saibaba .Written permission is required for using & translating contents.Please understand all the words of this site came from years of over affection i had on my sweet saint shirdi saibaba. so i treasure it a lot.

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