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Shirdi Sai Baba Wallpapers for your desktop and laptop computers

sairam friends,

Thousands of shirdi saibaba devotees are searching for Shirdi Sai Baba wallpapers to set as background photo in their desktop and laptop computers. I wish to satisfy their desire through this graceful photos of saibaba. One of the picture of saibaba is in low light tint so that your eyes will feel soft light without irritating bright light while working on computer.

After many years i felt like presenting Shirdi Sai Baba wallpapers as gift to sai devotees to set Shirdi Saibaba as background in their Desktop. I hope you love it friends.

If your screen resultion is 800 x 600 then the 1024 x 768 too suits your screen, so i have provided Shirdi Sai baba wallpapers in 1024 x 768 sizes.

How to Set Shirdi Sai Baba wallpapers :

I have posted all wallpapers as photos  so that you can choose what you like most.

1.Choose the saibaba wallpaper you like and click on that image.

2. It opens a bigger image in size 1024 x 768

3. When the bigger saibaba photo appears fully, right click and select “Set desktop background ” – select “center” in the frame that popups.

4. To save the saibaba photo, you can simply right click and select save us. Later you can open it, right click and select “Set desktop background”

1.Shirdi Sai Baba wallpaper one

shirdi sai baba wallpapers

shirdi sai baba wallpaper - click on saibaba photo

Shirdi Sai baba wallpaper one – Venkatraman Photography from .

Beautiful shirdi saibaba photo is taken in saibaba temple at shivaramapuram ,Mayiladuthurai, tamilnadu, india.

Click on image, bigger saibaba photo appears, right click your mouse and select “set as desktop background -then select “center” in the popup”

If your desktop or laptop monitor is widescreen more than 19 inches in size , try the below shirdi saibaba wallpaper

Shirdi Saibaba widescreen wallpaper 1  ( 1440 x 900 resolution )

shirdi sai baba widescreen wallpaper

shirdi sai baba widescreen wallpaper

Shirdi sai baba photo same as above and this is for widescreen monitors . Click above saibaba photo, bigger image opens, then right click and set as desktop background.

Shirdi Saibaba Wallpaper 2  (  1024 x 768 resolution)

shirdi saibaba wallpaper

Shirdi Saibaba wallpaper - click photo,open big image,right click ,set desktop background

Shirdi saibaba wallpapers for big monitors and widescreen is provided below

Shirdi Saibaba wide screen Wallpaper 2 – ( 1440 x 900 )

sai baba wallpapers download

Shirdi Sai baba wallpapers for widescreen - click sai baba photo

Click above saibaba photo, wait untill big image downloads , right click and set desktop background.

Hope you love to see sai baba always when ever you start your computer and laptop.

Om sri sainathaya namaha


july 1 2010

All saibaba photos and shirdi sai baba wallpapers are copyright protected , not to be published in other websites and only for personal use of shirdi saibaba devotees.

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