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Shirdi Saibaba Answer Books - a Blessing or problem to Saibaba Devotees

Sai ram friends, This article about Saibaba answer books available in english and various regional languages including the online versions in many websites is to help Sai devotees who worry a lot and get in to depression and confusion .

Lets thank the saibaba devotees and authors who made such Saibaba Answer books.

The positives

1. It gives new hope to sai children

2. Its very useful when we are confused and dont know whats going to happen

3. when u get answers personally, you avoid any mediator between you and sai. This also is good habit. Go direct .

When does such Saibaba Answer Books become a problem ?

1. I myself suffered expecting something in my career believing the words from a version of Saibaba Answer book and in the end got disappointed.

2. Many sai children across the world are now a days addicted to answer books rather than Showing true Devotion on Sainath like reading Sai satcharita, doing Naam smaran Sai sai sai etc. instead when ever they want something they keep opening such online and print versions of anwer books.

3.It creates expectations in the mind of Saibaba devotees and when it doesnt happen the devotee is getting upset with saibaba ...What can Sai do when our karma is to suffer ?

By writing this Article i dont really mean to Say that all Saibaba answer books and its authors are wrong.They have wrote this with great effort with lots of prayers to Saibaba...I agree and appreciate their faith and devotion on Saibaba... Thats why i clearly wrote saibaba answer books do have some positive Side but what about the negative side ?

Lets take this example of a Devotee who mailed me :

In the past many years i have wrote Articles especially to help Sai children do whats right and try to avoid anything that can make them feel saibaba dint help them. Now see the example of the negative side of Saibaba answer books .

Lets say a devotee wrote a exam to get a Job and prays saibaba. Someone gives her a Answer Book and asks her to pray saibaba and see if she will get the Job .She was asked to choose a number between 1 to 1000....To her surprise the answer she got was

" You will be successful .Do pooja of Saibaba"

Lets say believing this as saibabas words , this innocent sai devotee does some pooja rituals like offering abishek in near by sai baba temple, clothes to saibaba etc. Then after a Month when results come she dint get the Job What will be her reaction ?

There are many such saibaba devotees getting answer books in shirdi shops and using the websites . Not to mention even i use them after writing this article. This article is NOT AT ALL to say AVOID using saibaba answer books. All i request is Do not get addicted to saibaba answers from books, websites including mine. May be its your karma also to trust the hints in answer books and then get disappointed.

What matters to saibaba is your true love and Devotion friends..

Instead of worrying and confusing and opening such sites n books many times calmly sit in a place and read sai satcharitra atleast once chapter a day with devotion....or chant sai sai sai...sai sai sai...sai sai sai....with love on shirdi saibaba for 10 minutes everyday.

Shirdi Saibaba gives us Hints but it doesn't mean all such hints must come true :

This Article is to clearly mention, saibaba does give us hints, not only through answer books, but also through dreams , a friends advice, mothers advice etc. Now we all will be happy when good things happens. When something goes wrong only sai devotees do such extreme things

1.some sai devotees stop going to saibaba temple when their wish is not fulfilled ... Who is loosing ?

2. Some sai devotees complains saibaba often even during their prayers that sai Misguided them .... Can our Guru Misguide but our emotions comes out since we trusted the words in answers given in such books.

3 Some sai devotees even start to tell their friends that saibaba gave positive hints but finally dint help them.

Whats the Solution :

If you never used a answer books or tried to get such hints from SAIBABA...great ! You are a true devotee. ? How...once again read sai satcharitra , a chapter where saibaba asks kaka to kill the goat..all other devotees doesnt do it..kaka comes farward to do it..when finally saibaba asked how can he come farward to Kill a goat being a brahmin, Kaka answers " Your words are everything for us ".....

well, here hemadpant also explains the 3 kinds of devotees.

The first category of saibaba devotees who knows what guru needs and does before saibaba asks them to do

the second category of saibaba devotees who will do something after geting saibabas commands- instructions.

the third category of saibaba devotees who will not obey saibabas words even after sai requested.

Now which category is the best dear sai children, Is it not the one who show devotion on Saibaba without expecting any instructions for spiritual or materialistic benefits. Why should saibaba use his words for us friends when saibaba promises one thing which is " Keep chanting SAI SAI SAI....i will always be looking after you and present in you and guard you."

At times you can use answer books but do it very casually. Lets say a astrologer tells your success before 3 month.. If it doesnt happen does that mean the man doesnt know astrology. Same way, even if saibaba came in your dream and promised something, when it doesnt happen, how can you doubt saibaba and reduce your faith on sai.

Devotion is enough to bring you peace : Offer flowers of love to Saibaba

Once again, i personally thank all sai devotees who have mailed me by their reaction to saibaba answers book which made me write this article. The goal is to help saibaba devotees get their mind right in the feets of saibaba, showing devotion to sainath, offering flowers and lighting lamps to shirdi saibaba photo or saibaba statues in their house and temples and read the holy book sai satcharitra regularly. This way their devotion increases and our saibaba will surely bring you peace of mind friends.

Your questions and saibabas anwers ?

First of all lets go back to Saibabas time. Did saibaba answered all the questions of his devotees directly. You are a good sai devotee. You have read sai satcharitra, Then how come you dont know that Saibaba always answers indirectly, in parables, by stories and what Saibaba conveys to us by this friends . Sai clearly conveys the message that His ways are not always DIRECT....theres no question and answers. Listening to Sai leelas are enough to make your life better and whats more greater than reading one chapter in the sacred Book Sai Satcharitra when ever you feel upset in life or need a solution.

Once you did the reading, merge your heart and soul deep in saibabas life...imagine that you also lived in 18th century and feeling saibaba is with if you have been to saibabas darshan in the village shirdi, You enter his holy dwarakamai, offering him beetle leaves, flowers,lighting lamps and ofcourse offer him tasty puran poli which saibaba loves a lot. Is it not beautiful to merge yourself in saileela than asking him about your own career, relationship and worries......

Its simple friends.... Show love on saibaba.....gradually saibaba will show you the light.

.- C.Venkat Raman , little servant of shirdi saibaba

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