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Modern guru is not SadGuru ( true guru )- A emotional expression of ordinary indian

A Simple Meditation remembering Saint Shirdi Sai Baba

Sai Sai friends...

March 11th 2008 was another day for this job less creature roaming between temples and streets of my hometown. Today i was coming around dhuni in shirdi saibaba temple at my place and went to Railway station to pick my parents. I saw posters of a magazine about modern Gurus, bought it , sat on the platform chair and read which made me write this article which is one of my goals " to help people not to fall prey to a false Guru" -

I love saint shirdi saibaba ...this site has helped few sai devotees to follow saibabas path of light but i never ever write against other modern Gurus.Today i feel sai made me write it because many days i used to worry how can a good hearted person fall prey to false guru who are famous, lead life in luxury and still says they are serving humanity ?.

Being a soft and sensitive person , i dont like much to talk about other Gurus and whats happening around the world in the name of " i will show you light and give you health, wealth and peace " strategy. All Gurus has common goals. To do good for humanity but are they "SadGuru" ?

Let me clarify am not writing this article against any specific gurus or cult ....I welcome their service for welfare of humanity ..but i am here to say what was really "divine" and "spiritual" in this country and what it is now....

A sad-guru is True Guru. He has to internally work on a devotees/ followers mind in each and every aspect and continue to guide them for life time.

The present Gurus in india and abroad can never be matched with the pure saints and sadguru who sacrificed their life time for welfare of humanity. I wrote this message especially to help a average person to first read some books about saints who lived before early 19th century so that they will understand the right path to choose. The present Gurus are doing their part to serve humanity but they can never be treated as SadGuru because our ancient saints lived a simple life with out craving for name and fame.This one aspect of gathering crowd , fame and name is common amoung gurus of present days. Its easy to say its done by the followers but the intention always is to make their organization grow.Real divinity has nothing to with a purticular organization but thats what promoted in most cases.

Simply attending a meditation class/joining a organization wont change charecter or nature of a person unless he/she has gone through sufferings in life which gives them wisdom :

I am not against purticular modern Guru because in kaliyug we have to accept things as it were. All i want to express is the fact that "Its a personal experience" . Its not a 3 month SAP course to get a new job. Meditation classes...this ...that....fine .....even i am capable of inventing a new way to see "divine light" but no matter how many such new gurus and new methods of meditation is found, in the end of the show what matters is "a personal experience"

what we learn in school and college is knowledge ....and what we learn by experience due to ups and downs in life is "wisdom".

Person 1 :

Wisdom won't come if i send a software engineer to meditation classes. Well, he or she will be earning handsome of money, might be hanging out with friends in coffee shop , there might be few problems in relationships, career, health , family etc and they will happily say "This is my Guru " I went there ..had a nice time...they gave dheeksha, taught this etc etc and i felt good"

Person 2:

But a guy or girl will surely get enough wisdom if they face some problems in life for months or years, follow the path of righteousness , suffer , endure ....

Now thats what i mean by " personal experience" ..Meditation techniques taught by these modern gurus are taken as blue print for divine experience and lessons to lead a good life.

Our saints of past are great and none of these present day Gurus can even come close to their service to Humanity.Now if i ask "Person 2 " to do Annadhaan or help poor people, it makes sense to them because they have gone through the pains....They know what it means to make someone happy. How can you impart wisdom and Self realization to a man/women who lives in comfort and luxury. They will only nod their head, donate some money to a organization or temple and stop there. They wont even know where their money is actually going and they are least bothered about it.

Why are our innocent people behind such Modern Gurus :

It is one's own karma which is responsible for him to be locked or fixed to a Guru of modern times and nodding his head for what ever they do. Can any of these modern Gurus live like saint Ramalinga who's lived for light and himself had samadhi as light ? Can any of these saints live on alms , in old masjid like shirdi saibaba. Modern Gurus "Act Smart"...Its almost like a corporate world with many day to day business happening there. They have trustees , founders, co founders,so many many way of revenue streams.

Vast majority of people think "India is spiritual country and these modern gurus are helping india".

This statement might become untrue if we compare present day gurus with that of ancient saints and how far they are taking us away from divinity . I am not against commercialization of such organizations....its unavoidable but in every corner of our world new gurus are emerging brain washing people making them believe in what ever they say.If we indian's are running behind such modern Gurus, then our divinity will only remain in books, dvds, bhajans, posters, photos,gatherings etc.... Where is the Light and where are we taking our men ?

Let us maintain the status that "India is a spiritual country' .

Please don't blind foldedly follow someone as Guru and ruin the divinity which is in you.

Again i repeat...I am not personally saying all such Gurus are wrong . I am only speaking generally that its ignorance of innocent people and MEDIA hype "who associate few Gurus with divinity and spirituality".

I can also speak few words about athma, karma , make few techniques of meditation , release DVDs , Give dheeksha..Does this make me a NEW GURU ? How strange it is that we get inspired from life of swami Vivekananda but life of these modern Gurus can only be like a Novel with lots of testimonials - "I went to this class/gathering / and i got job....i was in debt and he helped me...i got married because of his blessings" Vow....Testimonials are flooding and people who have problems will flood to the feets of such modern Gurus. How long are we going to be innocently locked to modern Gurus ?

In kaliyug it happens and we have to accept things as it were. But its also duty of few ordinary person like me to make people with problems " think" ...think again and again and ask yourself....

Is it not better if you go to temple, read a good Book, do some good deeds like giving food to poor, books, pens to children as per your ability, chant your favourite Gods name and come back home....?

Many people are complicating their life falling under feets of someone whom they never know is really divine or not. Every time i say this to my friends, they say people get materialistic benefits from such Guru's .To an extent its possible but it might have happened because its in your Karma to hook you to the wrong Guru by showing you few benefits.

What can a ordinary person like me do if you choose to think the modern Guru you have choosen are great. Am i getting any benefits by this message in my site ? or do i have personal grudge against anyone. The basic reason which makes me express this feeling is "Why search else where and run to a gathering , be in crowd, listen to their hypes when the "Key is in your own mind".

I am simply requesting read few books , life story of ancient saints. If you search such books with pure heart , you can come across one easily. Read these life history of our ancient saints, gurus and then think how they lived and served humanity. Now a days the simple reasoning of these modern Guru is "I am only showing way to my followers" vow.... thats truely a good answer but are you sure they way they show is correct.

In spirituality God is the master and unless you have personally analysed , experienced and searched for truth, you cant be sure if you are following the true path of light or you are made to follow the path they thought is correct.

Poster culture of Modern Gurus in india ...

Tv programes and events to gather crowd :

Have you seen product launch for a new brand - Whats their advertising expenditure.Some of our Gurus are spending more than what indias biggest brands might spend.I really wish i could get contract for printing posters of these modern Gurus . The other day i started my journey in town bus from shirdi saibaba temple to my house. A 10 kms journey. Each and every single electricity post, telephone post, railings between road has poster announcing their Gurus arrival.

Finally i reached my house and found the poster stuck to the telephone post in front of my own house...even before entering the house i tore it and throwed it out. What kind of nonsense is this culture to stuck posters ...Where is divinity and where is gathering crowd ? A real SadGuru works in a devotees mind internally.Thats how our ancient saints like shirdi saibaba helped devotees. As baba says " Its not a you but me who is waiting for your darshan" . Even when shirdi sai lived, he appears in dream of good souls , makes them come to shirdi and help them" ....How many modern Gurus can do this kind of effort carefully choosing good souls and personally inviting them.

In a crowd of 10,000 there will even be robbers and men who has come to look at women and enjoy their time.They might hurt other good souls. Hope now you understand the disadvantages of advertising enormously in "spiritual matters"

Did our ancient saint "advertised" themselves ? I really wonder whats happening to our Men and women who are highly educated and brainy. Simply do good deeds buddy. Thats enough. Thats going to take you to light than meeting a New guru and following them.

A SadGuru helps a person immediately - a pure ancient saint lives inside ones own mind :

I know men and women who are part of such organizations of new Gurus. There are good and bad people in all places. Take for example a modern Guru has a follower who drinks too much and suffers not able to leave his habit. He needs to get some guidance from his Guru. Now a SadGuru of ancient times will know this problem of the devotee before he communicates to Guru and so the Guru gives a guidance internally. This is "Divinity".

The miracle of how a Guru knows the pains faced by a devotee and helping him before he seeks for the help shows how"sacred our indian saints were" .

Now even if there are saints who say they do have such powers, i wont consider them as sadguru because they will have other negatives which i cant speak about. I leave it to the decision of public.

One has to think 1000 times before he or she follows a Guru. Now a days people walk into a gathering of spiritual leaders and become their followers. They think they are big , their words and actions are pure etc but even these Gurus of mordern times has their own set of "Big Mistakes" .Its hard to find out...its really really hard to survive in this country if i openly discuss mistakes of mordern gurus of india coming like mushrooms in every single city, town and village in india cheating innocent people using their weakness in health and financial status. Let me clarify again i am not specifying anyone .

I am humbly expressing only to the "young innocent souls " of this country. the following points

Keep them as a cinema - be there for 2 hours -come out - dont fall in their feets as if you are dependant only on them - real divinity is the life you lead :

1. Keep the modern Gurus just as "Guidance" in your path...I can go to the extent of saying " i fall in your feets, please think 1000 times before you accept anyone as Guru. Just because a person exactly finds your problem, gives solution to it, they are not capable of being a Guru. Guru is someone who must destroy darkness in you and shows light. Just because they show light in your career and health doesn't mean you will also reach the eternal light of the supreme God with the same Gurus guidance. What i mean to say is do yoga, learn meditation if you want But remember " the real sadGuru Lives in you"

The moment you realize "sadguru" lives in your as antaryami - antarvasini -the one who lives inside - then its your first step towards eternal light of supreme.

I have a relative you underwent a heart surgery during which time he met such a Guru. He believed he was saved by blessings of this guru and built a Ashram for him. He asked my relative to throw away all Gods pictures and follow only his meditation techniques. After 10 years my realtive has realized that Guru is not behaving properly and closed the ashram. Such extreme cases are there but am even against someone nodding their head always to their guru.

Even i have a good guru who is a servant of shirdi saibaba but he is affectionate , never gathers crowd and there are less than 10 people who call him guru. Whats most important is he never taught me any specific way of meditating or any crap done by false Gurus.The best part is he listens to me and never treats me as someone below him and never preached me anything.

Its like the story which comes in sai satcharita. A mother tortoise will leave her young ones in bank and go to other bank to catch food. The mother tortoise is away from her kids but her gaze on the young ones is enough. Similarly a Sadguru sometimes doesn't seem to help us. He wont make false promises and assurances like modern false Gurus.( but do not read assurances of sai in some answer books/dreams to justify this ) A sadguru will always give the best to his devotee.

He always says "Catch to one thing and hold on to it for ever" Meaning, if you love shirdi saibaba hold on to sai forever. Even when it seems saibaba of shirdi is not at all helping you in career and personal life , dont get fed up and run to another Guru. This is the biggest test shirdi saibaba or any pure saint of ancient indian will give to their followers. They wont seem to help us always but its our faith on them which must help us hold ourselves in their thoughts and believing someday shirdi sai will help us.

Lord Shiva is in our own mind :

2. Don't foolishly spend entire life time doing one way of meditation or any rituals or mantras or always going to gatherings of modern gurus etc blindly participating in their gatherings. Even i request people to light lamps etc but beyond also these rituals and pooja is the "lord supreme" . . Think hard how it has helped you . Its not time pass friends. Lord Shiva is in ourselves ...we only have to purify our mind to realize the shiv in us.

3.some of these Gurus say they give "deeksha" to open the light in you. They will speak about visions you get, experiences etc. Don't be hooked to such words...They are brainwashing you friends. Be careful. This human life must not be wasted by falsely wasting time and energy in

Worlds best selling spiritual real estate :

4.Do not trust anyone who asks for money to do rituals and pooja to help you. Even meditation is gods own property but now it has become worlds best selling spiritual real estate. Everyone speaks about meditation, releases dvds, takes classes and gives deeksha. Vow whos property is it ? Its Gods own pure way of helping a soul for merging with the light in the end.... No one has rights to intervene another mens soul using their innocence. Do not think when these modern Gurus says , they will give you Deeksha and help you lead happy life.Think again if something is in your, all you need is hold on to a real sadguru who can act internally. why do you need to go behind a guru to whom you must pay money, fall in feets, participate in gatherings.... why do these modern False Gurus advertise and pull you to their feets ? I am not writing this article only to hindus but to all men in all religion because all over the world , people are getting cheated by false Gurus/ priests etc.

5. Finally i must say that its my humble request do not misunderstand that this article is written to prove that only shirdi saibaba is purest saint and Guru and i am totally against all modern Saint. There are even people who call me Guru though i always write them back that" i am living with desires like you. so see shirdi saibaba as Guru because sai works internally."

Finding your True GURU :

I never ask anyone who does not believe in shirdi saibaba or who is not in saibabas fold to accept sai as Guru. Even the caption of starsai is "giving alone can change your life" which is a message of humanity and this message i will spread for rest of my life to good souls in all religion. so i cant expect everyone to follow shirdi saibaba alone. All i request is when you accept anyone as Guru , ask yourself , "can they live in my own mind and guide me internally" ...Only God and few ancient saints has such ability. So better research saints and gurus who lives on and before 18th century and early 19th century .Am sure you will find the best..

its my long time wish to help devotees not to fall prey and loose entire life time in the hands of wrong Guru ...Its ok if you dont follow my shirdi saibaba but do not blindly think someone who seems to be good is always good and accept them as Guru. Not at all. Friends...its like a business for these modern false Gurus. Be careful . Some of them can brain wash you and ruin your life. They seem to help you with materialistic benefits and bless you and praise you but they are misleading you for their growth and selfish reason.

Shirdi Saibaba's blessings :

Finally i thank all of you who read this message. Its not a article friends...Its a emotional pain in me for years togather. I also can't specifically say who is bad and good. So many good hearted people are innocently telling me that they see such false people as Guru. It hurts me from bottom of heart that in kaliyug even God cant stop it. Leave off all the False Gurus. There are even people who say "shirdi saibaba talks to them, they are babas messengers etc" and cheat many people. There is one big crowd using shirdi sai himself and making money cheating people.

I leave it to your own decision....If you think i am wrong forgive me. I cant bear when innocent people who has problem in health, family and career,look at the posters and tv programmes of such false gurus and spend so money and fall in their feets. These saints themselves has done so many sins. They have support of politicians and big authories. So our job is not at all to investigate them trying to dumb them. I repeat the golden sentance again " in Kaliyug these things happens and we have to take it as it were"

Now you must be a good hearted soul....Only God and my sweet saint shirdi saibaba has made you read this. I never asked you to follow any purticular religion or shirdi saibaba. I also never wrote this article to prove all modern gurus are misleading but i wrote it to prove "ancient saints" are always the best to be choosen as Guru because they guide you with out any rules. All they expect from you is to do good deeds.


1. Help people in need as per your ability.

2.Work hard and earn your living doing hard work honestly

3. If you are a shirdi saibaba devotee , take time to read sai satcharita written by hamadpant

4. Do not hurt anyone. Especially do not cheat any women or men in relationship. even if someone has hurt you, please only think good for them.

5. Surrender Body , mind and soul to God. Simply saying i went to meditation class yoga class is nothing. Only when you surrender fully to God, your bad habits, ego, lust,anger will be destroyed in the fire of divinity and you will find peace in your self and spread love for all the lives on earth

My language is not Good because i am not writer. I am a ordinary 29 year old job less creature ( in year 2008 , duno what sai has in days to come ) ,coming around dhuni in shirdi saibaba temple in my home town , doing little good deeds as much as i can. I also have desires probably my desires took me to hold saibaba's holy feet.

Shirdi Sai Baba has said
" I will give my devotees what ever they ask for untill they ask for what i want to give them" Here shirdi sai tells about his wealth of wisdom.

I also started praying baba from 1993 when i was in school.After few failures and experiences in 2004, i devoted my time for Sai and
here i am . Its sai who has given birth to StarSai but my pains and sufferings are with me . Thats why i used to tell my sai friends

" Think Sai gave me what he wants to give me before he wants to give what i asked for "

i have lots more to learn in shirdi saibaba's ways and also in the path towards Light. I am full of desires. I do mistakes . I am neither a saint or a sinner or a Guru. I am a ordinary indian who loves to serve other good hearted shirdi saibaba devotees with little words that heals them and brings them strongly in the path towards light"

Sai, you are my heart, You are my soul and i wish to serve you untill i reach your holy feets

Venkat Raman
Always in the holy feets of Shirdi Saibaba


you can mail me from the contact emails given in this site.I reply mails when i have time.

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