Take a divine journey to learn the two coins Shirdi Sai Baba asks as dakshina from youShradha and Saburi. Immense patience no matter what happens in life is the key to success.

Devotion on Shirdi Sai Baba is Divine Beautiful Auspicious

Aum Sai Ram

Your Sai 

Chant holy name Sai,Sai,Sai

You can chant in mind when ever you feel like

Read Sai Satcharitra

Everyday, you can remember how Saibaba helped other devotees and the best way to do this is by reading Sai Satcharitra.

Light lamps

When you get opportunity to light lamps, use ghee to light sacred lamps in your home and temple.

Listen to Saibaba's Aarti

You can learn to recite or sing Shirdi Saibaba Aarti, Sai Bhajans and anything that's sung in praise of Saibaba


Meditating is good but Sai allows every devotee to experience bliss and his presence in their own way. My favorite way to feel Sai is by imagining Saibaba living in Dwarakamai. I imagine that I actually see Baba, offer him beautiful flowers and show Aarti to him.

Listen, Speak and do Good

Always listen to good things and speak good. Be around good people, friends or remember Sai is within you where ever you are,Doing Good to yourself, your family is more than enough. If you have opportunity to do good to others, go ahead but "give" only what you can afford.

Keep learning. Keep working & Save

Sai's path if Karma Marga - "Path of works". Keep learning, enhance your knowledge & skills. Keep doing something useful.Actively work Save for your future.

Don't worry. Be Happy

I had been sad for several years and realized Happiness is matter of being content with what we have. Lets try to smile even when our desires are not fulfilled.

Be Polite.Humble and Honest

I am not perfect and I do show my anger at times but let us try to be as good as possible and make Saibaba happy. Really Happy.

Sai Leela...

I don't call them Miracles. To me the term "Sai Leela" means Sai's very own divine ways of intervening in his ardent devotees like and blessing them immensely showing his presence in their life.
Sai is Omniponent and Omnipresent.Sai as Antaryami and lives in walls of your heart.
Sai considers each of his devotee as specicial and hence the experiences too differs. There are numerous ways Saibaba has helped his devotees. We will be happy to learn your experiences with Sai Baba

Never get upset or fed up in life. You are   Loved Blessed by Sai Baba

One Sai.Billion Stars.