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In my Family, Having lunch is success

sairam friends,

The past many weeks , almost over a year i was worried that i don’t have a job and no matter what i try , it din’t help me earn.I started having fear how i am going to keep my parents happy.

Yesturday cleaned the Dhuni in sai baba temple, we have to use iron rod of different types for this purpose.My entire head was filled with udi and also my shirt will has black ashes. I came home and took bath. I saw my palm ..It was red. Since i am dark, i have never seen my palm so red. I loved it because my palm was red as i worked for Sai.

Then i slept and got this dream..

Auspicious dream of Gobal swamy – Kalasam with five headed snake

I see me and my Amma going to her village in bus. My mothers kula devata is Gobal swamy which is kept in a house in her village Rajavallipuram.  Its a kalasam with five headed snake and was gifted to Amma’s great grand father by a dream vision from God. They found a real snake and kalasam ( vessel ) in the river .God asked them to take the lemon and kalasam to house from river and do pooja , The snake followed them and lived in house but it never harmed anyone.

The snake left few days later and then they started worshipping the Kalasam and made a silver 5 headed snake .

Even today they do pooja for Gobal Swamy every Gokulastami day. I think the dream says God accepted the little money i sent for this years pooja.

shirdi saibaba

Production of plant increased..he he.. i decorated Saibaba in our house with lots of flowers

After a while i heared the following quotes

“In my Family , Having lunch is success”

I can clearly understand its a message from sai. I did think probably i read it somewhere online and searched but can’t find. So this quotes belongs to sai.

I feel saibaba wants me and all of us to be happy even to have one meal everyday. Especially look at the importance Sai gives for afternoon meal – Lunch. Let us serve food and give food to who ever comes hungry.

Let us not worry too much that we have problems in studies, career, family and relationships. Even the fact that we are having “Lunch” is a success friends.

May be sai tries to tell me, Venkat , don’t keep on being depressed and worried about future and how you are going to earn a living. Try to see my blessings which you din’t realize yet. I am giving you good lunch everyday and be happy for that.

Let us all thank Sai for the food we have everyday and remember the moral of the story.

Never worry too much for the problems you face and think your life is a failure.

Sai Says

“In my Family , Having lunch is success”

Om sri sainathaya namaha



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  • Dear brother Venkat,

    My family is going through very tough phase of life and I am very depressed, hopeless, helpless now a days. left everything to lotus feet of Sai. when I ready your story of “having lunch is a success” , it touched my heart, yes I should be happy that I have lunch everyday infront of me. let us not worry about anything else.
    BABA please protect us.


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