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Greatness of Sai baba’s Samadhi Mandhir in Shirdi

How beautiful it would have been if we were one of the devotees of Sai baba when Saibaba really lived in Shirdi back in early 19th century. How beautiful it would have been if we have really seen how the Buti wada ( the present samadhi mandhir ) was build.

What if we were present when Shirdi Sai Baba spoke about his wish to stay in the Wada . In many instances saibaba told his devotees both about his time nearing to take samadhi and also his wish to be placed in Buti wada.

shirdi saibaba samadhi mandhir darshan in shirdi

shirdi saibaba samadhi mandhir darshan

Tulasi garden – the scent of Tulasi is still there in the deep surface below the samadhi mandhir

In sai satcharitra we have read a incident that Sai baba loves to grow Tulasi plant ( sacred holy basil ) in lendi baugh and also in the place where present samadhi mandhir exists.

I always believe saibaba knows whats going to happen after few decands that in this same Holy land is going to be his Samadhi mandhir where millions and millions of sai devotees come in line line ants coming towards sugar.

In hinduism we all know the greatness of Tulasi plant. Keeping a Tulasi plant in house is very auspicious and blesses us with purity , good health and prosperity. Sai baba wanted to make this Land of Shirdi holy by growing tulasi plants. We also have read about a devotee who supplied 2 mud pots for saibaba to water these tulasi plants. Every inch of the land around shirdi is touched by our Sai baba.

Saibaba has worked hard to take care of his sweet holy Tulasi garden. Sai knows years later his devotees not only has to feel his presence in samadhi but also feel the holiness of the land. The Land which carries Buti wada, the present Samadhi mandhir in shirdi

Saibabas words about his samadhi and Samadhi mandhir  :

1. When Buti and other devotees came to saibaba asking for approval to build the wada, Sai baba said ‘ Yes build the wada, we will play there happily after its build”

This is a indirect assurance from saibaba that soon his samadhi will take place and his devotees who sai considers as his own children will come to see him there .

For us its Great Darshan of Shirdi Sai baba and for Saibaba its a play he has with his sweet children. I feel every time we go to samadhi mandhir in shirdi, Saibaba is happy to see us and plays with us since we are his children

2.One of the sai devotee got a dream the day before saibabas samadhir. In the dream saibaba asked him to send all the money in the box he saves money and also a yellow cloth to be offered.

The devotee got up in the morning and wondered what saibaba means to convey. Soon he got news about saibabas samadhi and sent the money which is used for expenses.

3. Saibaba used to say his sweet devotee tarkad like this

Bhai , you think we are alone now with no one to come to us but one day people will come here line ants comes in search of sugar.

The same thing is happening today friends. How many thousands of people go to shirdi and the first thing they want is to have darshan in Samadhi mandhir.  There are sai devotees who come as far as 1000 miles, there are some who come from far away countries …All of them have one goal. To see the God in his Samadhi.

The powerful vibrant  Sai baba statue in samadhi mandhir

Thousands of sai devotees love the sai baba statue in samadhi mandhir. It was kept in the year 1954 and many of his close devotees like Lakshmi bai had tears in her eyes saying the statue resembles exactly how saibaba used to look .

I can write many instances where saibaba has spoken about his wish to stay in Buti wada ( His samadhi ) .

One beautiful incident is here..

When the buti wada was just about to be built there was a Neem tree branches which was protruding and was a Hindrance to construct the building. Since Neem tree is important for sai baba , with fear in mind, the devotees asked saibaba what to do.

Sai baba immediately said ”

Cut it off.

The message sent here by saibaba is that , when we do something good in life, its ok to neglect few things. Lets say one of your friend is causing problem for a good deed you do, Its ok to keep away from such a person than to leave the good deed you intend to do.

With this message i shall promise to write more about the greatness of Saibabas samadhi mandhir in Shirdi

All of you sweet sai devotees who go to shirdi, please be aware that there are all types of devotees coming to shirdi. Not all will be devoted like you. So try to take care of your devotion. Never get distracted. Focus only on Saibaba and not on the others .

Keep chanting any small mantra of saibaba while you stand in the que. Keep remembering saibaba called you and you came to shirdi and saibaba loves when you maintain peace and patience.

Keep chanting sai sai sai

Saibaba loves you and will call you for a happy samadhi mandhir darshan someday

Om sri sainathaya namaha


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  • om sai ram

    baba tulasi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!now only read this article sir…

    but baba photo tulasi
    is am i dreaming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    baba’s knows everything….

    om sai ram.

  • om sai ram..

    yesterday am very happy and thanks to my cousin brother ravikiran (baba’s devotee)

    he bought dairy from shirdi for me,in tht diary i liked two photos very much and scand and saved in pc i sent that starsai also

    i thanks to him abt diary, and told him inside of photos in dairy are very fantastic ,he told baba likes to come with u
    thats y i bought and gave u…

    one more incident u know abt that sir..(photos of baba and tulsi)

    yesterday i msgd him and told baba doing miracls through u kiran, u dont know anything bt am watching everything:)baba silently smiling and asking me questions ???

    mrng(7.30) he msgd me like this:
    Dont show ur smartness infornt of sai becoz he smarter than u,But if u be humble n innocent like a child he will become a mother who will starve to feed his child!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    om sai ram…

    sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai


  • Sai baba ji, please show me the right path in this difficult situation. I have no clue what’s happening in my sister’s life and my life.

    Please help my parents and give them good heath and strength, protect my brother’s family as well.

    Om sai Ram

  • baba give me wisdom all the time show me the right path and bring light to everyone life who is in always helped &protected from many bad are my supported me when i was in great trouble.just be with me all the time .save me from doing any bad thing in my are everything for sai ram

  • still i m suffering from one r onr problems,, but i have a hope on my saibaba will show the positive reaction on it

  • baba, I am waiting for ur help. please help me, u r the only one to save mr. ple ase help me.

    om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai : om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai : om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai

  • Sai Baba – I have been looking into you from the last 18 years. Please forgive me for my mistakes and sins.
    Please bless me with a good job soon. Give me strength to succeed in anything I pursue. Please give my parents and sister’s family good health and happiness.

  • Om Sai Ram,

    Baba I am very upset about my health & one incident that happnd yesterday. I need your blessings very badly, Please bless me & my mother, sister & their families & my brother & his family & my friends family. & whoever are in bad situation, PLease bless all of us, & show me the right path. Please forgive my all bad sins of my past life……….. I hope My Baba will not leave me in this position……… he vil come to me to help & bless me.

    Om Sai Ram, jai sai ram

  • baba main nahi janti ki aap meri pukaar sun pate ho ya nahi per baba main her weqt aap se baat yhi koshish kerti hoon ki main aap se baat ker sku baba aap tak meri awaz shayed phuch he nahi pati baba main jahan bhi gyi hoon her terf thukari gyi hoon shayed mera koi shara nahi hai per baba main ke der per aa ker ek baar bus ek baar aap ke dersh ker apna sara dukh aap se baatna chahati hoon kya baba aap meri wish puri kroge baba baba maine her pel her saans ke sath aap ka naam liya hai aur baba main yhi chahati hoon ki baba jeb tak meri saanse hai main aap ke naam ki mala ke moti piroti rhu baba kerpa kro baba sare sansaar per baba sare sansaar ko aap ki jroort hai baba seb per dya kerna

  • Once my mom asked me for Shiridi but i had no experience to go on outside trip without my brother but i tried my level and collected ticket on tatkal through my old colleage Ms.Priyatama Mohanty, Stenographer, OMFED and went with mother,father,brother(mentally not fit), sister(Inter costaccountant) and myself on 3/01/2013 at 7 a.m through Lokmanya Tilak and reached at Manmad next day at 9 a.m almost then one driver came to us and asked for Shiridi and i agreed at Rs.825/- (from Manmad to Shiridi) he was so nice driver and reached at a Hotel Sri Sai Mayuri Residency and got room of 5 beds @Rs.900/- per day and stayed for 4 days there. Went to Trambekeswar on Monday though my mother was not feeling good as she was joint pains. Though we completed swiftly our journey any how. Before leaving shiridi i tried atleast my mom once visit Sai Mandir and i got success by bringing a wheelchair and one person meet there because i was feeling pain during taking my mom to mandir.

  • dear friends,
    Jai sai ram,

    baba aap har sukh dukh me mere sath rahe
    mere aur mare pariwar ke sar par hamesha aap ka hath rahe.
    aap ka ashirwad hamare upar sada bana rahe.
    mere mukh pe sada aap ka nam rahe.
    apne kripa aap you hi banaye rakhna.

  • BABA,

    meru nannu kapaduthu vasthunnaru, nenu brathikinantha kalam me peru jabisthu untanu, nenu maraninchaka melone kalisipothanu,na cheyi vadalakandi baba, nenu mee bhakthudini ellapudu me maargamunu anusarinchedanu. na life lo enno manchi panulu cheyali ankuntunna baba vatiki me aashirvadam kavali.


  • Sai ram is my heart sai ram is my father sai ram is world sai ram is my friend sai ram is my mother in this world all my sai sai sai sai sai in the 5 nature is my sai sai sai sai sai alla malik

  • Sai helps me always got job.
    Problems goes by remembering sai
    he s always holding d hand
    I’m praying daily n doing vrat didn’t go shirdi
    Pls cal me lord

  • Sai gives lot of happiness n peace
    Daily read satcharita
    Listen story of sai
    Do vrat n visit temple

  • My dream

    I went shirdi wit ppl who was going to temple
    I applied sandal paste to sai baba statue
    Sai asked wat u need
    No answers to tel full tears
    After sometimes asked for good health
    Sai keep his hand on my head n blessed
    Then I was awake
    Om sai ram love u sai

  • Shri sacchidanand sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai !!
    Dear venkatraman ,
    Thank u so much for creating this website…may sai baba fulfill all ur desires.
    M doing shraddha saburi puja since last 2 months..I cant tell u in words how I am
    Feeling now ..I did not knw about this puja. Loadz of thankzzz ..I am going to forget my past
    And start a new life.
    Thnks again venkat ..may god bless u ..:)

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