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Power of chanting Sai Sai Sai for peace in family

sairam friends

The entire march 2010 was very scary and lots of problems in house. My father fainted and only shirdi saibaba saved him…secondly sai also gave me a dream before  about presence of some evil spirits in our compound. I did all possible ways like sprinkling water etc but only today i realized ” the biggest way to keep away such evils is “Chanting SAI SAI SAI…naam smaran can make all these ghosts also to get mukti..meaning they go to next level , reach god n a good birth.

Listen to the incident :

I am writing this article as soon as the sai leela happened on march 31st 2010 . Morning 5.AM

today being full moon day i had been to nagasai dig dhuni and then came and amma were cleaning my room till 1 in night..then i slept . as soon as i close eyes i had a vision as if Lord Gubera is doing abishekam to lord shiva and parvathi. I slept deeply looking at it.

I never knew what happened

suddenly i started saying with long breath

sayeee saaaayeee sayee sayee sayee and woke up…

its was 5 AM

i saw a dream it was so scary friends
as u remember a man was standing outside window before 2 month in my dream. i stuck a sai sticker on all windows and thought now sai is everywhere so we r safe.

i keep udi under my pillow n sleep

the dream was like this…

first i see a very fat man standing out side compound wall.theres a store 60 feet from out house..he was standing firm without moving n staring at me.  i got scared  n say mom…again in dream i see its been few days and i see this man standing there again looking away from house but amma also peeps from window n she faits saying :”ghost…ghost”

with anger on that fat man that he was trying to do bad to us , i dont want to show we are scared but we are saibabas i loudly say

sai sai sai sai saiiiiiiiiiiiiiii saayee sayee sayee

saying so in dream i realized i was saying angrily sayee saaayee in reality as i woke up…

i got scared n closed windows ..Friends yesturday being panguni uthiram i read skandha guru kavasam n gave udi prasad to parents. I clearly realized this friends.
that problems happens in business , amoung family members , fights amoung family members, misunderstanding , education problems at times happens due to these evil spirits also…especially since we people are devoted to god and guru in kaliyug they try to spoil us….who can do bad to us friends ?

I woke up and thanked saibaba….but then since i am too sensitive n fear now how wil i confidently open windows n sleep friends ?

i also saw in dream that fat man moved away from the store…like he seems to go away completely from this are and his mission to spoil us has failed…i took nagasai udi n throwed from window saying “we are saibaba’s children..get away from ur present state n get mukti ”

all of u when problems happens in family, when theres misunderstanding , when theres business or health issues, its also important to think in such aspect.

do the following :

1. light lamps regularly…even if its night .

2.take water in vessel , chant any gods or sai mantra u like or simply chant sai sai sai few minutes and sprinkle in all rooms little bit…then if its  a independent house sprinkle around the compound.

3. every morning offer a glass of water to shirdi saibaba photo or statue in your house, chant sai sai sai and give it as prasad to all family members.

Moral of the sai leela :

Naam smaran is so powerful…the fat man ghost was standing firmly friends..not moving at all for days in dream…when i angrily said Sayeee saayee sayee…sai sai sai.he moved n left…

then i woke up, took saibaba’s udi and sprinkled out side window saying , we are saibaba’s children..infact i realized saibaba also wants to appreciate me that though he was scaring me, i faced him dint faint n used saibaba’s naama to make him get away.

naam smaran is so might seem saibaba is not getting you profits, job or good health or peace instantly but every single time you utter SAI, adds to your benefits sometime in your life.

sai bless u friends


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  • sairam
    i too felt like this incidents so many times..after like this incidents i told abt this to my
    akka she didnt accept my opinion (near full moon days and new moon days) and told how it psbl, u r always praying god’s and doing pooja’s at home and daily going temples also and she asked if ghost power is greater then God??? i told her
    ghost power is not greater than god until we dont forgot to do namasmaran or pooja’s at home otherwise surely affect that bad situations
    so best to do namasmaran or reading hanuman chalisa and sundarakanda.


  • Jai Shri Shirdi Sai Nathayanamah!

    It is once again substantiated that “Namasmarana” is remedy for all events in our life. Every one can achieve any good in the life and relinquishes anything that may be ill-powered by constant utterence of Namasmarana of the GOD whom they worship regularly and specially “Rama nama; Shri Shridi Sai nama” during the routine in the day to day course.

    This enhances Bhakti and leads to good path of life avoiding hindrances.

    The seed for the Divine Life is sown, water it with nectarine stream of Cosmic manifestation in the quest for Liberation.


    May Lord Shri Shirdi Sai Baba BLESS US ALL.


    Hope always blessings of Saibaba will be there on ourfamily.

    We all trust him & we all of us have surrendered our lives at the feet of Shirdivale saibaba

  • Julie kalra

    It’s a true experience. Once I Worked in a school . As a newcomer some old teachers tried to bully me . During the examination days there was some mistake in the question paper set by me .The teachers were agitated they started harassing me . I chanted the name of sai baba . Suddenly a voice inside me said look at the original question paper . I immediately took out the original paper and to every ones surprise the mistake was deliberately done by my colleague . I have experienced when you are right baba ji us is with you om sai ram.No body on earth can prove you wrong if you are right and you chant baba name from the core of your heart sai ram

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