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Sai Speaks to you...

 You are getting too practical with me.Every time you need something alone , you are coming to me.I need more love and true affection from you.My heart is always in need of your love.

we are related for several births and you have never understood the purity of your soul yet.
You are trying to enjoy your life forgetting the purity of your soul.I know all your thoughts and activities.

Trust the words which echos in the four walls of Dwarakamai "Sai wants to live in your heart forever.Accept what i gave you.I have given you wisdom through someone i love.
It could be your parents,saint or a new friend you met in a sacred place.Your life will shine like a fire in my sacred dhuni from now on.Offer all your bad habits and qualities into this dhuni and pray Lord Krishna.
Everything you need is near you.I have given you the best.Accept it whole heartedly.Your present problem will be solved in few days."

Its good time for students. you will do well in exams.Be confident.In business don't expect much profit but you wont make a loss if you do the business which you know.You will progress in your career.

Offer parrot green dress to me or someone in your family or poor children.This will bring you the blessings from all the angels.Repeat the words "Aum Sai Ram" everyday.

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