Shirdi Saibaba Speaks from Dwarakamai - Written by Sai grace C.Venkatraman

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Sai Speaks to you...

You have a servant ,friend or very close relative who serves you whole heartedly.Do something that will make them feel satisfied.You can gift them a dress or give them their favourite food or some money.This will bring immense blessings on you which has the capability to solve your problem.

your children/parents will be gifted from the good things you do.

You are living in house of my own.No matter how many difficulties you have , remember you are living in my support.
so none can shake you.You will be a pillar for others life.

Never sign any important documents.Never start a new relationship.Dont invest in a new business at present.
Wait and repeat these words "sai lives in my house" 3 times everyday.

i will decide when your life must change and whom you should meet.Pray me before you accept anyone as a friend.

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Om Sai Ram