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Sai Speaks to you...

I am hungry now. Feed me with devotion.

Do this..if you are in your house, then, offer some food you have usually in a little plate in front of Shirdi Saibaba photo , invite Sai to accept the food , close your eyes for 5 minutes imagining Sai himself has had the food. Then take the plate of food and have it as prasad. If you don't have food, you can offer some snacks or just a cup of tea or coffee.

I have loads of blessings to give you. All i need is you must lead your life with proper care . Work hard, wake up early in the morning, help your family members and be active always. When you behave as i say, my blessings will reach you like water falls from sky during a heavy rain.

Keep remembering my Dhuni ( sacred fire lit in Dwarakamai ). My Udi will cure your disease. If you cant get udi from shirdi, take any edible items like sugar, ,meditate on my name and have a little as udi prasad.

i have proved during my life time that even when you hold sand in your palm and meditate on my name, it becomes my sacred Udi. in order to have it as prasad, instead of sand you can meditate on a edible item like sugar.

Offer orange fruit to Shirdi Saibaba photo when you get a chance and distribute it as Sai prasad to your family members or friends.

If you plan to buy House or get Married, its good time. My blessings are with you

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Om Sai Ram