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Starsai in me for everyone - You can write to me at . I respect all the mails i receive from "Shirdi" saibaba devotees and keep them confidentially and reply when ever i find time

Every word i write in starsai network of websites is to increase faith and patience for shirdi saibaba devotees. ( All contents,photos are copyrights protected - see bottom of page )

Devotion is all that Matters for our Shirdi Saibaba :

 Friend, There are Saibaba devotees who love him irrespective of ups and downs and there are few who praise saibaba when good things happen in life and even when little failures happen we are tempted to complain that Sai is not caring. Well, Saibaba himself has beautifully said to one of his devotee who asked him to be his guru ,

Sai said " why you need a Guru, You are your own guru, If you do good, you will gain good - As you sow , so you reap".

These words from Shirdi Saibaba is a surpraise to me as sai has lived entire life to induce guru bhakti. Then why did sai mention to this devotee that "ones guru is himself ? " Deeply thinking i realized , Though our devotion on Guru Sainath will have an effect to help us and save us, at times we do have to face failures and disappointments taking it as a result of our own past births or this births bad deed or probably our ancestors. What ever failures it could be health issues, career, relationship problem or personal pains, Let our heart and soul ever be offered as Dakshina to Shirdi Saibaba, The greatest Saint of this Yuga. The good will be saved and protected. Trust these words uttered by sai

"I will be ever active and care for those who surrender to me and who seek refuge in me"

StarSai Dhyana - Theres no name for pure devotion, Pure devotion is beyond worldly aspects like Name, Place and time. Just to help you remember this is one way of showing devotion on your guru saibaba, i humbly named it "StarSai Dhyana"

A meditation with no rules, all you need is Love on Shirdi Saibaba

  Meditation belongs to God and great Saints. The very act of meditating has hyped as "technique" these days. Please please...starsai dhyana is not a technique and doesn't need any practice. Infact all i try to show shirdi saibaba devotees is a path to Love and be more devoted to Sainath.

Friend, after you read this complete article go back to Home page and to see Shirdi Saibaba photos or see any Shirdi Saibaba statues or Photos in your house or temple. Look at his eyes, forget your dreams, expectations and worries. Simple Look at Sainath leaving all your ego, jealously, desire, lust, greediness and pride in his holy feets. This sadhguru shirdi Sai baba is a saint who responds to pure love and devotion.

Atleast spend 5 minutes everyday all your life to look at saibaba's eyes and gradually close your eyes . Meditate his holy name " Sai Sai Sai......sai sai sai...Sai...Sai...Sai...." At times you can pronounce slowly either in your mind or as in low voice ... Saayeee....saayee...saayee....How beautiful to pronounce his name "sai sai sai" and then gradually "saayee ...saayeee" few times.

You will feel the rinaanu bandha ( several births relationship we all have with guru Sainath ). You can at times say your prayers , any mantra you like or sing saibabas aarti, what matters is your mind itself must be surrendered in the holy feets of saibaba.

When you don't exist ! Where is the existance of your desires. Theres Sai and Sai alone. This is the motive of "StarSai dhyana" ....To help you feel the presence of Sai in you.... Happy "Starsai Dhyana" friends, Make it as a habit to devotedly remember Gods name and Saibabas name all your life...Sai is there for you....

Feel the Bliss of Shirdi Saibaba friends....

I hope all the articles and photos of saibaba in StarSai holy feets network of websites helps you be more devoted to saibaba. All you need is devotion, Pure love on Sai. You gain nothing by showing your devotion externally, Let it be a internal love, As saibaba himself says "Break the wall between the Guru and devotee".

The wall is our own internal enemies, our ego, pride, always thinking about money, unable to take mind away from beauty ,lust, desires, worries, pains, bad habits, all these shall be broken and let us peacefully mingle and mix with Guru. There comes a point where the Guru and the devotee becomes one. Such a point where they love each other and serve each other is the divine life which sai expects from all of us friends.

When you love Sai baba so much that you see sai in every living and non living thing, your life will be filled with bliss . Pure eternal Happiness !

About this little servant of shirdi saibaba and birth of Starsai :

I really don't deserve to call myself as servant of shirdi saibaba because there are true servants of sai who has sacrificed their life time for welfare of shirdi sai and his devotees. The reason i still prefer to use the word "Servant" is that it reminds me every second that am always under the holy feets of shirdi saibaba and what ever i do is only by the commands of shirdi sai.It is sai himself who is making me do all he wants from me. So i must never ever have any kind of ego or pride for any good thing i do in the name of Shirdi saibaba. When i call myself as "Little servant of Shirdi saibaba" it makes me realize am only a instrument and the person who is actually doing it is my sweet "Shirdi saibaba".

A ordinary humble devotee of Shirdi Saibaba :

To avoid any misunderstandings about Starsai and its network of sites, i would like to clarify that i am only a ordinary true devotee of shirdi saibaba. I am NOT a Guru or deserve to be one.Due to few pains i faced in life, i was fortunate enough to always go to shirdi saibaba temple, give food , clothes to poor, light candles,lamps right from school days.When i was a kid i love Lord Murugan ( Lord Subramanya ) as he was our Family diety .When i grew up Sai became like a SUN around which i am revolving.

I want to clarify that am only a ordinary devotee of shri Sai and i will only follow and spread teachings of shirdi saibaba. What ever i wrote is based on experience i had in life while worshipping shirdi saibaba in my own ways. The pooja i created is just to help saibaba devotees gain blessings of sai by remembering him , reading sai satcharitra and lighting lamps. When ever someone writes to me, i just ask them to read the book Shri Sai satcharitam , Light lamps and few words as a Friend based on their needs.

I included the above para because now a days few use Sai's name ,calling themselves avatar,Guru , desiple , messenger etc and cheating innocent shirdi saibaba devotees. Its much better to go to shirdi and have darshan of sri sai samadhi mandhir than trusting such false persons. Sai is a poor fakir who is always ready to help you even if you chant his name sai sai sai...........sai sai sai.. sai sai sai... forever..

Now read on about me...

Determained Goals of websites i have for sai and what ever i do in name of SAI :

I do not believe in people who say "Baba has given this power to me ...that powers to me etc and say that their words will come true etc and act as if they are guiding innocent sai devotees. Even if someone does has such powers he or she wont seek fame and money.They will remain where they are and only sai will send people to them .Sai does use few to serve others but we must never ever use that as a means to gain materialistic benefits.

1.BE CAREFUL !!! Never trust anyone just because they have shirdi saibaba photos,wear sai rings and are able to say your problems, past , present and even future with out you telling them. Give respect to them but never see them as Guru or saint instantly. Your focus and devotion must only be on Shirdi Saibaba. Do not give credits for others in between .When something good happens in your life say thanks to Sai.It is sai who has given blessings to you based on your good deeds.

 2. A Simple life serving Sai, doing my duty in life with peace : My mission is very clear - "Sai has helped me to do all this in this age leading life like a fool from 2004 always going to temples, give sai photos to any one who seems to be sad and ask them to light lamps etc.Am sure sai himself will help me lead a simple life. I wish to remain as ordinary as always.My fathers pension money, support of my sister and handful of true sai friends i have are enough to do all the babas work i have been doing so far.

3.I Respect rules of shirdi sai sansthan, good authors who wrote books about sai with pure heart, authors who helped to translate saibabas original book "sai satcharita" and i also offer my namaskar to handful of good servants of shirdi saibaba who has served him in their own way in various parts of this world. I assure that i will never ever spread any false information about sai.

What ever i write comes after years of experience praying shirdi baba, sufferings in life and learning from innocent shirdi sai devotees.Irrespective of grammatic mistakes in all my articles , i do belive my articles do carry "Truth and Honest devotion" in it.

 4.I am not comfortable with people who only say am doing "Anna dhan" - Giving food to hundred poor people and building saibaba temples are good but first see whats the intention behind it. Some do it as a means to collect money, some even have their own registered charity trust just to make sure they can save money in Tax issues and some do it for recognition like they want to be known as owner or trustee of a sai temple...... Listen....Give up all this tactics . Sai knows the real reason you do good deeds.

If you do 1000 good deeds with wrong internion you will never ever have peace in life. Money can be gained but you wont have peace amoung family and friends. The best teaching of sai is "Give up ego and pride" . What does this mean...Sai does not like if you say "i do it". So no matter what good to you, do it with pure heart.

 5. I am ordinary shirdi saibaba devotee who has gone deeper in his path than a younster is supposed to go.So i became mad of sai .All the articles and websites i made for sai is due to this deep, strong, whole hearted faith i have that "sai is universe" "Sai is work" "sai is life"...

When a true sai devotee writes to me in pain , if i have time and if i feel i can help them someway, all i do is write them kindly, politely and honestly to help them walk in shirdi sai's path.I love to do this untill this minute as it helps me learn from really honest, true ,good hearted shirdi sai devotees .I only reply when i have time and if i feel sai wants me to do it.

Spreading the message of humanity and the divine path of Shirdi saibaba :

As a graduate in Visual communication,i was outraged by people using religion and so called "charity organisations" as a business to earn money for themselves & also by the people who are ready to spend thousands for religious rituals, going behind a false saint , spending extravagantly in self pleasure and party but the same people hardly think its their responsibility to do little good things to anyone whos in need atleast when time araises.In my definition charity is'nt just feeding the poor sitting outside the temple.Any Good selfless act without expecting any returns is charity.Even doing ones duty honestly and sincerely and showing true care and affection to everyone can be called as charity.

I took it as a mission in my life to spend the free time i get to spread such messages and remind people which they already knew to act selfless and gain the true blessings of God.Sometimes i feel embarrassed in giving posters with such messages to few sai devotees at temple since it might be considered as disturbance while they are praying but my strong faith that it could inspire them at any point of time in their life forces me to continue.

Starsai is to help Shirdi Saibaba devotees to have "Faith" on Shirdi saibaba when things doesn't happen as they wish :

Medicine is for sick patient.For a Shirdi saibaba devotee who has totally surendered to sai with body, mind and soul, theres no need of such websites. So this "starsai" is only for devotees who face pains for long time and feel dejected and worried that sai is not bothering them.

Starsai is a Vitamin tablet to boost "Faith" and "Patience" on sai to be taken by shirdi saibaba devotees who are facing sufferings and difficulties in life

I have just tried to write few healing words , leela and pooja which can help you show your true affection and devotion on shirdi saibaba.This might help you increase your faith on sai. Remember Sai doesn't need silver and Gold. Sai needs only your pure affection on him and Whole hearted Faith .

Sai's blessings will reach you like beautiful Garland of Flowers :

I also learnt that Shirdi saibaba devotees needs a website which can help them understand how much sai cares for them.Often when you are facing pains which you can't bear, you start to feel that sai is not helping you but the fact is that Sai is keeping you in his own lap like a baby and allowing your pask karma to be washed away for which you have to face sufferings in life. Instead of doubting sai, if we remember him by reciting his name,mantra, do some small pooja etc , someday when our sins are washed away, sai's blessings will reach us like a garland of flowers.

My love for Dhuni -Sacred fire place created by saibaba :

Baba loves dhuni so much. He always kept the fire burning in his dwarakamai like a Agnihotri.The sacred fire created by our sweet saint saibaba is still burning in his dwarakamai in shirdi.Shirdi saibaba temples in other cities keeps a dhuni and let it burn all through day and night.I really don't know why i started coming around dhuni in saibaba temple for few hours everyday from december 2004...I told my mom , i will do it for a weeks time and give baba photos to all sai devotees...Its october 2007 when i write this.Trust me Dhuni is like a Magnet.

A small act of devotion in baba temple which i started saying that i will do it for a single week kept me going for the next 3 years and continues.... By now i would have come around dhuni few lakh times but what matters is not the counts but our love on sai

Few who noticed me coming around dhuni ( fire place ) had asked me why i am doing it for hours everyday and isn't my legs paining.What irritates me more is when one asks if i have any desires to be fulfiled by saibaba because itsn't Gods work to do favours to humans always .God has to govern the five elements of nature Earth,Air,Fire ,Wind ,water and space which are basis of human life.

The answer is i had two spiritual experiences which made a impact in me and gave me a feeling for contineously coming around dhuni.Read it after the

Sai, you are my heart , you are my soul :

Its funny that i have started the about me section with "graduation in".I wrote above intro in second paragraph of this page back in 2004 december and now its been 3 years.Being a photographer, trying assisting a film editor,trying to assist a cinematographer,doing some projects, doing video editing , writing screeplay and trying to be someone in filmmaking, getting depressed, geting disappointments in career every time i dream big, disturbing my parents and sister with my stupid atttitudes, my life means nothing more than my love for sweet shirdi saibaba .

I almost forgot filmmaking.I almost forgot my ambition.Traces of my love for telling stories on screen is sticking to me yet its only in sais hands.I don't really have any interest in career.I am really leading a strange foolish life.Irrespective of all this i have my load of personal pains too.I suffered due to my mistakes and desires.Please don't be too materialistic .Had i seen sai as a "giver" alone, then i wont be doing all this. Sai took what ever he wants to take away from me .He took away the sins i would have commited in several previous births by not allowing me to go to any work and serve him.

Its september 2007 when i write this.I write this because baba has started saying "This time won't come again.You will be busy with work but don't forget me".

Baba ! no matter what change you bring in my life, i will always like to be called as humble servant of shirdi saibaba. Is there a better status in life than making my heart as your dwarakamai and sense your presence deep in my soul every second of this life. I write this with tears baba.You are my heart.You are my soul. Irrespective of all the mistakes i did, you have kept me with you and showered me with all the love the world can ask for.Only thing that we both shared was pure love...baba you are enough for me.Now read below words which i wrote in 2004....

Visions from shirdi saibaba always has a cause behind it but never try to gain fame or be proud of visions and dreams of shirdi sai you get :

Now read on with the spiritual experience sai gave me to pull me to his path make me come around dhuni and dedicate prayers to Goddess of Nature.....After three years now i realized baba made me get attracted to his path by giving me visions which will excite any youngster. Trust me, sacred visions always has a cause behind it. Even if you had visions please never take pride about it. Some visions might lead you to to face sufferings also.I suffered a lot due to visions i had but i learnt its only to pay back the debt i had in previous births.I mean sai helped me wash away few sins i had done in previous births.

My first vision / flash of spiritual experience :

On november 19th 2004, 10.30 pm, when i was simply sitting near my p.c , i had a intuision as if someone is telling me that there will be a disaster in the next one months time.It created a depression in me . For almost one week i was thinking only about this sudden feeling that emerged in me that there will be a natural disaster in the next one month. I told to more than 10 of my chat friends who just explained me that it might be because am working alone and already depressed in life. so chances are that i myself imagined such things.

When tsunami happened on 26th december 2004, few of my friends were shocked and asked me how i was able to say this before. Four days before this on 22nd of december, i explained myself that disasters are going to happen as there are so many sinful happenings going on in earth and i must do what ever i can to spread the message of humanity. I decided to print posters with quotes
" Give food to the hunger, water to thirsty and clothes to naked, then God will be pleased" said by shirdi saibaba.On december 23rd 2004 , i launched to spread the message of humanity and importance , value of helping people in need.

Dedicating my prayers for Goddess of Nature :

Exactly from january 1st 2005 untill now ( am writing this on jan 3rd 2006 ), baba has blessed me with a opportunity to come around his dhuni ( sacred fire where according to me baba lives with flesh and blood ) . Every single day when i finish coming around dhuni for 2 to 5 hours, i will dedicate my prayers to Earth, air, fire , wind , water and say that goddess of nature must show grace on innocent lives to avoid future disasters. I had felt with my experience God ( baba ) has ability to change or alter the place of disasters at any moment.

I agree with scientific reasons for disasters but God is all pervading and i have so many experiences which i will never reveal as the one who has true spiritual experience will never wish to prove it. It is a vast ocean which can be felt only when you gradually involve yourself in spirituality and not just stand apart to oppose the eternal truth.

The other reason i like coming around dhuni is that when one repeats the same thing contineously for hours they can feel the divinity deep in them.Now a days meditation & yoga has become like a computer course and when people learn such things they feel proud that they knew it but spirituality is all about leading a life like a candle which melts itself and gives some light for themselves and others who are near them.

When one mends their heart and lifestyle in such a way, they will get the first sensation that some higher power ( God ) does exist .I had 2 such miracles in my life which made me sense God.( when i say miracle its not the benefits i derived from prayers but some little miracles which are useless for daytoday life but sends you a big shock and surpraise that it happened to you.This is what i call as "A inner voice" or vibration speaking to you.One in a million can get such a experience and gift.When i reliazed it the first time i had a doubt if i am imagining things because as i know myself, i am not so good and so pure for such things to happen to me.Anyway the fact that i felt it made me more responsible ,Think and research more in this thats it about my little experiences in this ocean.

Worship shirdi saibaba from bottom of your heart with pure love on sai irrespective of what happens in your personal life ,studies and career.

I used to go to shirdi saibaba temple in coimbatore from 1994 usually on thursdays or more frequently than that.I continued pray saibaba although i had failures in what ever i do.The reason i mention this is that 90 % of people who go to temple are seeking a blessing and when it doesn't happen they either name a God or a Saint as useless and has never did what they asked for even after all offerings and rituals.

The very basics of offerings like offering flowers and money in temple is that we must loose our attachment with material desires and concentrate on doing our duty with out expecting what would be the result which was said by Lord krishna in Baghavad Gita.

But what millions of us do is to make a offering and ask for more wealth and pleasure and when it doesnt happen we get dejected and show our hatred on God.Well its not wrong to pray God for fulfulling your wishes but shirdi saibaba himself has said "Be contented and cheerful with what comes and what you have got" .There are people who are religious but they fail to show true affection on every one and have feelings or jealousy and hatred but Baba has said "Be ashamed if you Hate or illtreat any one".

For about 2 years i used to feel a statue in the form of star with saibaba kept in every intersection of star and i called it " Ashta sairam".I dont have any idea why i always got such a feeling but it was repeating in my mind when ever i used to go to saibaba temple.I am still inspired by this feeling in me about a imaginary idol in the shape of star.

I wish to give shape to my imagination ( a feeling which repeats in me hundreds of time ) some day but before that i have launched to spread the message of giving.

Thanks for visiting friends

Feel free to write to me if you are a "Shirdi" Saibaba devotee

C.Venkat Raman
Little servant of Shirdi saibaba

The article in the page was writeen in december 2004 and i added few more feelings after 3 years in september and october 2007

More readings if you have time

Visions and saibabas dreams must not make us feel proud :

I wrote above info in december 2004.Now its september 11th 2007 and i wish to say baba has various other reasons for giving me visions about starsai. There are few things which i don't have patience to write and also even if i write it will only lead to comments. Remember , my intention to write visions is just to share my experience with you. Some people now a days misuse sai devotees trying to be guru or what ever saying they get visions and baba is with them only. Trust me, dedicate one whole day and repeat sai sai sai ...then you will realize sai in you too.

You can keep someone as a guide to follow Shirdi Sai's path but that person must be polite , humble and act as your friend. Don't go behind anyone saying he has blessings of baba just for instant materialistic benefits.

Sai himself is there to bless you when ever you pray surrendring to him totally.Even i pray for my sai friends but am sure sai takes everyones prayers equally.What matters is your love on shirdi saibaba.

Visions and babas dreams are not at all the only sign of being blessed by sai. Some sai devotees seem to be proud that they saw sai in dream and have visions. what ever sai does for you say it humbly. I did few mistakes also in my life trusting visions but thats supposed to be done by me since i had to pay back my past bad karma and sai kept quite when i did things based on my own desire. Had i remembered sai alone, i would have got better name from few people.

Now a days i dont even like to have visions because it distracts me with main path of loving sai.Its better to serve sai whole heartedly than confusing myself and others with visions. Please dont take all my vision experiences seriously.I dont even want anyone to trust it because if its true let baba make me work for it practically and give shape to the vision and make it a reality.

Chant sai sai sai : This is best mantra

Just remember sai and chant sai sai sai when ever you get time. That alone is going to help you. Sais words sometimes has lead me to pains but i know baba has done it purposely to wash away my past bad karma. I certainly believe sai will bless me with a peaceful life someday.......and i also wish to fulfill the responsibility baba gave me.Lets see what happens. Am scared of my career and personal life.Don't know where sai is going to take me....

I cannot do anything without God’s permission - Shirdi saibaba

Unless there is some relationship or connection, nobody goes anywhere. If any men or creatures come to you, do not discourteously drive them away, but receive them well and treat them with due respect. Shri Hari (God) will be certainly pleased if you give water to the thirsty, bread to the hungry, clothes to the naked and your verandah to strangers for sitting and resting. If anybody wants any money from you and you are not inclined to give, do not give, but do not bark at him like a dog.
- Shirdi Sai Baba

Discovering the real meaning of Starsai :

Saibaba of shirdi is the SUN . The only one SUN for this universe .To me shirdi saibaba is a sweet saint with powers beyond imagination but he never reveals his qualities that easily.One who has gone through lots of sufferings and failures in life and still hugging baba tight in his/her heart can understand the value of this sweet saint shirdi saibaba.By the ashirwad of my parents who has always supported me irrespective of me not at all concentrating in my career in this age, baba has given me a opportunity to understand how powerful and merciful he is.

No one can be like our shirdi saibaba.There are very few saints and sadgurus who can match his affectonate heart but certainly we all can become "Stars"

Star sai is the relationship between the SUN and STAR
A beautiful deep strong relationship between SHIRDI SAI and his pure hearted SAI DEVOTEES

Dedicated to shirdi Saibaba devotee facing pains in life :

What do i mean by serving sai.The little things i do for shirdi saibaba devotees in pain makes my sai happy.I do nothing more than asking my sai friends to light lamps,help others in need etc but it gives me a satisfaction when i spread good messages of humanity and life,leela and teachings of my sweetest saint shirdi saibaba.

I have tears in my eyes when i write this friends.Please one second close your eyes and imagine a old saint in a small dwarakamai sitting and thinking about your welfare.Who is there in this fast world kalyug to think of our welfare ? Just because you din't see results of your prayers infront of your eyes doesn't mean sai din't care for you.

Two eyes of a pure hearted shirdi sai devotee Shradha and Saburi : Faith and patience :

Saibaba has said even when my true devotee forgets me , my eyes always looks after him.So please be confident , Surrender all your senses to sai.When your time is to suffer, you have to face sufferings.Just keep in mind that baba is with you.This "Faith" on sai is all that starsai and its network of sites are trying to boost." and faith...Keep faith and be calm. Accept sufferings boldly because your past bad karma has to be washed away but always remember sai sai sai.

Baba says "say my name sai sai sai....and surrender your senses lust,anger,ego,greediness and i shall surely bless you with a good life" . So lets pray shirdi saibaba whole heartedly and promise to involve in good thoughts and actions from this minute.This will make sai happy...

Blessings of shirdi saibaba :

Shirdi sai is such a sweet saint that he is always ready to bless you but please give up your bad habits,wrong attitudes,ego,lust and never be crazy for money. If you lead a simple life with out hurting anyone and showing true affection towards good hearted people you meet in your day today life, this is enough to please my sai. Few good hearted shirdi sai devotees write to me sometimes.Firstly let me clarify that i am also ordinary person but may be due to the good nature of my parents sai was able to make use of me for few of his works.I always wanted to serve sai .Even if i get busy with my career , i wish to continue my service to shirdi saibaba.

Shirdi saibaba is always ready to bless you friends.The only problem is with us.We are not able to control our unwanted desires and needs.We are not able to give up our bad habits completely.So lets try to find the mistakes in us and become pure hearted ,deserving devotees of shirdi saibaba.

Branch websites offered in the holy feet of shirdi saibaba :

With the little experience shirdi saibaba gave me the past 3 years due to my desires and also faith on sai, i have expressed my feelings,love and ways of shirdi sai as much as i understood in the below websites.Please have a look and forgive me if there are any mistakes in articles.I tried to be frank and wanted to help shirdi sai devotees with various problems.

I am doing all this since i have nothing else to do and atleast sai has used me to increase the shradha and saburi in the hearts of all shirdi saibaba devotees and bring peace and glory to their life.Shirdi saibaba bless you whole heartedly.

Shirdi saibaba blessings for Relationship and Married life - Starsai.Net

Shirdi sai health site -

Shirdi sai loves light -

Chanting sai sai sai -

Goddess Saraswathi and shirdi saibaba blessings -

Goddess Mahalakshmi and Shirdi sai baba blessings -

Lord Ganesha - , Lord Dattatreya- , Hanuman Chalisa - , Surya mantra -Adithya Hrudhayam - Lord Surya blessings

Shirdi Saibaba Dhuni

Strict Copy Rights notice :

Though am a ordinary sai devotee,by grace of sai, many have supported me to grow as StarSai family from around the world who works for sai with pure heart.we have support of very powerful good hearted shirdi saibaba devotees to work in the name of sai and for cause of humanity. All that i do in above sites is only for service purpose. Strict Legal actions will be taken for copying contents, photos to other Websites . Do not copy contents and Photography i did with saibaba statue. We have law professionals to work.

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Click on the "Purely for Sai" sign in any of StarSai network websites to learn how Shirdi Saibaba guided me to remain simple and pure in doing few little Baba's works.
Copyrights for few articles, photos in starsai network of sites belongs to author and by the blessings of sri sai saibaba .Written permission is required for using & translating contents.Please understand all the words of this site came from years of over affection i had on my sweet saint shirdi saibaba. so i treasure it a lot.