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I take away the wealth of the one whom i love the most - Shirdi Saibaba
shirdi saibaba live darshan

sairam friends,

Sai emptied my pocket and blessed me with beautiful rain

Abishekam ( holy bath ) for all Shirdi Saibaba statues in my house :

Apart from the big saibaba statue which i usually photograph i have more than 10 little saibaba in my house and also one more dwarakamai saibaba. We light 7 lamps to saibaba everyday apart from other lamps

The little saibaba murti usually accumulates dirt and also oily ..even though i do abishekam to little saibaba every month it remains dirt..

Today i felt like cleaning since my sai friend vidhya from mumbai told am very rich as i get blessings of so many saibaba....its like i felt when others appreciate i must atleast keep baba clean.

So i first took a new tooth brush n tried to clean...was not satisfied..theres a neem tree outside my house...i plucked some little stem of neem tree with leaves...took them...poured water to saibaba and nicely rubbed the neem leaves over all saibaba..

I was rubbing Neem leaves over the saibaba statues contineously chanting Datta stavam written by a Saint who lived during saibabas time Shri Vasudevanand Saraswathy swamy Maharaj .... ( Dattatreya Mantra from )

Milk Abishekam to Saibaba :

Really felt blissful ...then i offered milk abishekam to lord dattatreya, ganesha, saraswathi, shiva with nagam , mahalakshmi and all saibaba in our house.

Met the very Old saintly person who used to come once or twice every year to this temple:

In the evening went to saibaba mandhir in my place.I was sad asking baba whats going to happen especially my parents are worried a lot about me. Then suddenly i saw the old saintly man who used to come to saibaba mandhir once in a while. He used to wear dhoti, have a stick and also torn shirt....he also ties a turban over his head. He looks very weak due to his age. He always travels to this saibaba mandhir in coimbatore and also kanchipuram etc. Once he told us " I have been to shirdi when saibaba lived and many times later but now it all has become commercial and crowded and he gets no peace there "

This is the third time i have seen him in nagasai mandhir.

Earliar i saw in 2007 when he used to say about his experience with saibaba.

This old saintly man has seen Saibaba when he was 4 years old :

He has been to shirdi with his father when he was only 4 years old. He has really seen saibaba friends. Perhaps a 2-3 surviving gifted human being who has seen our saibaba. He said those days his father took him to shirdi changing more than 4 trains from chennai.

( I have no confirmation about it but i trust what this poor old saint tells ...all that he says as i can clearly see his age, his simplicity . Even the watchman today said " look how he looks ,same as baba, so simple , we wont have strength to travel in train and busin this age and he always utters the holy name "Baba...baba"

Never seen some one so weak . He himself said " theres only Bones remaining in my body " when i saw him he was so shirt also. The watchmen in nagasai mandhir told someone has stolen all his belongings and cloth. so he felt better not to wear anything now.

Infact he was standing in the corner of the steps in the baba mandhir supporting himself with a long stick. He was loudly telling to me and another devotee " Onnu samsaaram irukanum, illa amma irukanum, illaati namma naaye maari dhaan"

"A man must have his wife or his mother . If not then he is treated only as a Dog"

Somehow even now when i write this i feel it comes from saibabas mouth friends. These words seems to be a message for all of us who ignore our mothers and dear ones feelings at times.When this saintly man after years of spiritual life speaks out the greatness of a Mother and Wife, i feel its a message for all of us from saibaba himself.

The past 2 times i met him, i have tried to please him but since many other devotees will sit around him to get attention and i can't do much. This time no one was near him. So i was able to have my time fortunately. I sat near the pillar when he started saying.

naanothu naapathi ettu kilo meter poganum.... ...A/C bus na irunoothi aymbadhu rooba.

"I have to travel 448 kms. if its A/C bus then i have to spend 250 rs."

I asked "Thaathaa kaasu vachu irukeengala"
" do you have money with you "

There was this empty expression in his face and hands widening with a low voice ... "illaa....paakalaam." " NO...lets see"

i felt really some chance for me to finally give dakshina to such a holy man who not only seen saibaba but also leads such a simple life like Sai himself.

I din't had 100 rupee notes and regreted for it..
All i had was a 50rs , 2-3 20rs and some 10s...i din't count .Since i myself have very little and he wont wait untill i get money from ATM, i gave him all the money with only some coins remaining.

I politely said " thaathaa kaasu vaagikireengala" " grandpa can you accept this money ? "

I said it with a feeling that i would have given more but he asked other wise....

he asked " ivolovaa" ...." so much ? "

i really felt happy when he asked why you give me so much...i murmured i dont have 100 rupee notes.

He asked where are you from ? I said am from coimbatore. He asked "Proper Coimbatore or little far " I said 10 kms from here.

Soon a auto came to pick him to Bus stand to go chennai....i also gave me little photos i printed for . He took the auto saying "baaabaaa" baaabaaa....all the time.

The watchman and i were talking sometime about him and i told him i did abishekam for all saibaba in my house n now felt happy that i got this holy saints darshan.

Then i went again to Dhuni place and was lighting all the lamps and candles which were put off by wind..i usually do it standing there for hours .

Went to tea shop forgetting that i dont have money to pay :

My sai friend came and we went to near by tea shop to have a tea. Only when i had tea i remembered i dont have money as my entire pocket is empty. I asked my friend to pay. He said with smile that he also dont have. We were relaxed as we know the people who work in this bakery very well. The bill was 16 RS. i told the waiter that i will go ATM and come.

I went to the indian bank ATM which was not working...then i walked in the road searching for other ATM. Finally i saw a Bank of Maharastra ATM and got the money. When i was searching for ATM i remembered something people say about saibaba

"When saibaba wills, it won't rain, it pours "

saibaba nenacha mala varaadhu, kottum !....he he

The moment i came out of the ATM it started raining and i felt the whole experience of saibaba answering my devotion from morning by making me meet the old saintly man through whom sai emptied my pocket.

I told to my friend while having tea..." Saibaba loves to take away wealth of whom he loves the most. I am happy that today my pocket is emptied"

When i went back to Saibaba mandhir my sai friends Ramanujam and vijaykumar were taking wooden logs to be dropped in the holy dhuni.I joined them...Deep in me the words said by the saintly person keeps repeating

" So much ! "

Even when we give every little with love to Sai, Sai considers it as "So much " .

What i gave was surely not enough for his bus journey. I wonder how he manages to travel or probably he has some money in store for travel.All i know is saibaba gave me a beautiful message.

"Either you must have a caring wife or a Mother or both. Otherwise you are Dog"

He must be over 100 years of age....he himself said " i only have bones remaining in my body" but the words that came from him were so true and sharp

"So much ! "

Every drop of rain is a blessing from Sai :

When the rain drops were falling on my head i feel every drop is a blessing from Sai. When sai empties my pocket i know theres so much he wants to give me.

Om sainathaya namaha

C.Venkat Raman - wednesday - 02 : 07 : 2009

i felt this experience as if i have shirdi saibaba live darshan during saibaba's life time in shirdi.

3 Month later

Sometime before someone in temple told me the Thatha has passed away and i prayed for him. It was 7:10:2009 when i returned from Tirupati ,had beautiful darshan of Lord Sri Venkateswara . I went to Nagasai mandhir with some laddu prasad. I had very little of them and gave to few sai friends in temple.

I saw this Old saint sitting in varanda of temple but i just walked inside to main hall, had darshan of beautiful saibaba and came outside , fell in his feet n he blessed me.

I told him had been to tirupati and have him prasad.He had little and asked me if i work. I said Yes.Then i left his place and was near dhuni. After sometime i saw him turning towards me always. So i went near him and sat. He was teasing the temple priest that he spends a lot, gives money to all people who asks for money etc. Then he saw me and said i am his sishya ( the temple priests sishya ). The temple priest said no no he is shishya of him showing saibaba statue inshide main hall. ( like a joke ) I simple sat near him.

After sometime a lady and my friend vengadesh came near the saint. He saw me and said "This guy is a selfish....he will say yes yes to all if he wants his work done...I again asked what he means. The saint said something like a joke that am selfish. etc.

I told him why he is insulting me when am in temple and am not like that. The old saint said "Will a theirf accept he is thief" I was deeply hurted as he said this infront of other devotees and all were laughing at me. I told him give me a example about me if am that kind of person. He said I cant say example but you do have unwanted desires. Then he spoke generally that all are like this . Once we get married and have children then we realize its all waste .He said only person who is true God is Mother.

He asked the temple priest , is there any one who prays saibaba with full heart. Devotees are saying saibaba bless me to be successful in business, i give you half of my profit etc people only need their desires to be fulfilled . They dont love saibaba . I then asked him why he hurted me and made me worry saying am selfish. He said its just a joike...he said for fun.

After i came home. I wondered why saibaba made that old man hurt me and what i learn from this incident. I realized one thing for sure.

When our shirdi saibaba lived, saibaba also teaches and makes fun with his devotees but sai never lets his children feel hurted by his words.

Secondly i realized NO saint and no guru in this universe can be as affectionate and sweet like our shirdi saibaba. This old saint who used to come to temple , whom we understand that has seen saibaba himself when he was a little boy is someone i respected a lot. I know he is very very old, cant even walk or drink water easily and he loves saibaba. But just because he is old , looks like shirdi saibaba wearing turban etc , it doesnt mean he can be like our saibaba. We can fall in feet of such old sai devotees but never ever think they are saints and their word of blessing is as sai blessing.

3 month back when the saint blessed me also nothing big happened in my life and now when this saint blessed me and also called me selfish also nothing big happened. I mean to say its a message for all who reads this.

A humble request to all shirdi saibaba devotees :

1. Shirdi Saibaba alone is truly affectionate :

I saw this saint , respected him and was happy when he blessed me. Many in temple bows to him when ever he comes to saibaba temple in our town. At times he goes to kanchipuram also. So what so special ????????????????????? He is also a sai devotee like us. In your local temple or any where if there are priests or any one wearing turban on head or old person , respect them but never think their blessings can change your life. Only saibaba cares for you ,, saibaba can make your life good. Many people write me and i guide them but only their devotion on saibaba can change their life.

SEE SAIBABA DIRECT : dont look for any Guru or other saints etc.

your devotion to shirdi saibaba must be simple. Honest and DIRECT.

There some some sai devotees who gives money to poor people who beg for alms thinking they are saibaba. Yes i also agree helping others is good. Tommrowo lets say someone acts as if hes a guru or acts as if he is poor and cheats you , will you simplyy say i thought he is saibaba.

Please leave all this sentiment.If someone asks you a favour . see.think and then do it.

There only human who asks help not our saibaba :

When were were in tirupati a man his child and a women were standing in bus stand. The man claims that he lost his purse and he wants money to provide food. My friend stopped for a moment.My friend believed that the man says truth. We dragged him and made him realize this man is just cheating. See...Like this there are many examples.

Respect people who speaks about shirdi saibaba and his leelas :

Ok now i come to a point. One thing i noticed about saints or gurus of present time is that THEY COMPLAIN THEY COMPLAIN and always complain. Theres a sai friend of my who says "Shirdi is commercia....shirdi is commercial..they made saibaba sit in gold etc etc. Fine. Shirdi is commercial i agree . If you love saibabaand feel like going shirdi, you have to accept the truth that shirdi is like this only. Just see your own devotion and love on shirdi saibaba and dont complain. Ofcouse when some thing bad happens you try to say others but make sure your love for saibaba is always there.

People are commercial...shirdi and any pilgrimage locations in india is commercial...what to do....even i cant go shirdi today without atleast 5000 rupees in hand as i live 1000 miles away from shirdi.

Now i come to the point;. The old saint was saying tirupati no one allows to see god with peace. True. He says in shirdi some complaint. Ok tommorow he goes to some temple, there also some problem. I would have been more happy if this old saint said me some leelas about our shirdi saibaba , about saibabas greatness and how saibaba helped him etc. Simply to listen to complaints am i getting benefitted.

So why all this happened. Why saibaba made me meet this old saint. Has he really met saibaba and whats his mind. I dont know. I still respect him but i dont think i will seek word of blessing from anyone other than our shirdi saibaba himself. Am sure i will bow to elderly people, respect all saints and try my best to do good.My love for shirdi saibaba has increased thousand folds after this incident as sai made me realize as if he speaks to me..

From this live darshan of shirdi saibaba article , all i request is readers please read below wordss a message to you from our sai baba.

"Where ever you go, what ever you need. Remember i am your antaryami - The inner ruler of your heart. Show me your devotion, remember me sai sai sai always. and ask me alone what ever you want. I will bless you, take care of you and make your life good and happy - Shirdi Saibaba.

Om sainathaya namaha


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