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  Blessings of Sai Baba by doing shradha Saburi pooja
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Shirdi Sai Baba Photography by Little servant of Saibaba : Page 3

Dear Shirdi Sai baba devotees & my Sai friends , by the grace of Sai Baba i have tried to photograph few statues of shirdi saibaba statues in my house. This page will have collection of shirdi saibaba photos, saibaba pictures,sai paintings etc.This page has three photos of Shirdi Sai Baba.All photos are copy rights protected . Scroll down , See all saibaba photos with oure love on sai and gain blessings of Saint Shirdi saibaba


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Sai Baba loves lighting lamps so much. When you see a sai baba photo like this where sai is not looking at you, remember sai still watches you in his own way.If you see the above photo for more than 5 minutes chanting " sai sai sai..sai sai sai..sai sai sai.." am sure you can feel that even in this photo baba is looking at you .When a devotee shows pure affection, sai will turn to him/her , Look at them and bless them whole heartedly- Venkat Raman Photography
saibaba photo
The two lamps under the holy feets of our Sadguru Shirdi Saibaba are the only 2 things sai expects from a true devotee .The first lamp is "Shradha - Faith" and the second lamp is Saburi - patience" .Friends please try to do the "Shradha - saburi pooja" that i have wrote for the welfare of sai devotees.Light two diya or atleast candle everyday in front of shirdi babas photo or statue in your house .Surely sai will bless you by fulfilling your good wish if you do the pooja for 50 days.. . - Venkat Raman Photography
shirdi saibaba photo

Saibaba shining like a beautiful full moon in the above photograph. Did you see the smile on his face.Seems he is happy that you had darshan of this powerful , sweet little shirdi saibaba statue of my house. I have photographed all these with so much of love on sai and now he is giving darshan to pure hearted shirdi sai baba devotees all over the world. I will be pleased if these photographs of sai baba creates in you a inspiration to offer Garland , flowers to sai baba photos , statues in your house.

You can also offer water or milk infront of shirdi sai baba statue or photo every day in your house and do pooja by lighting lamps. Try to read just 2 paragraph of sai satchartia - life of shirdi sai baba book everyday while doing pooja.

Thanks for looking at these blessed photographs of Sai Baba friends - Venkat raman


Sai leela in which baba blessed a devotee with prosperity by blessing him with a Photo of Baba :

This is the 3rd sai leela you will be reading related to sai baba photos and this purticular incident i read is an example of how sai baba blessed his devotees with prosperity by blessing them with his own photos and paintings.

Artist drawing a sketch portrait of Sai baba and Baba gifting the photo saying "Everything of yours will become Gold "

It was only after 1914 that sai baba allowed his devotees to make paintings and take photographs of him. This incident explains it very well.

In the year 1914 an Artist named M. Ramakrishna Rao of Bombay came to Shirdi and made a sketch potrait of Baba on 7.6.1914.It was an painting. Dixit, Kaka Mahajani and every devotee who saw the drawing admired it and liked it a lot.All the devotees knew that Sai Baba would get angry if he saw someone has made a painting of him. So they decided to keep it in the Dwarakamai and covered it with a white cloth. They felt when Sai baba is in good mood, they can show it to him .

The Noon Arati was peace­ful ...After the Arati Sai Baba was smiling, so Shama said "Deva this Artist has made a sketch drawing of You, we would like You to see it".

Even before he could complete His sentence Sai Baba roared "Where is the photo? Bring it before Me. Why are they making My photo? Bring it at once".

The devotees brought the portrait and placed it before Sai Baba. Rolling His eyes Sai took his satka and was about to strike the painting. After few seconds Baba calmed down.

Shama asked "Deva what is to be done with the photo?" .The devotees watching all this in dwarakamai were silent and wondering what sai is going to do.

Sai Baba looked in all four directions and at every devotee standing there... A devotee whom baba loved a lot , Chottu Bhaya was standing next to Baba. Baba called him affectionately and softly said "Take this photo home, everything of yours will become gold".

The drawing is 2 1/2 and 3 ½. . Chottu Bhayya took the drawing to his house and did pooja everyday.

Friends...Thats the leela of sai baba where he really was angry with an artist since he drew his picture but sai would have felt there will be millions of devotees in the years to come who must be blessed by him through paintings, statues and photographs.So sai allowed these things. Again i want to stress, saibaba photos and statues are just an external force to help you realize the sai who lives in your heart.

Hope you admired the photography and got inspiration to do Pooja for Saibaba photos regularly :

By the grace of goddess Koothanur Saraswathi, i had used all the arts i learnt only for Saibaba so far. The photography i have done is nothing compared to the beauty and the glory of sai in the statue i got in shirdi. So we have to thank sai because he has choosen me to do little good things.Though am also facing lots of pains in my personal life and career, i feel good , the art i learnt is helping other shirdi saibaba devotees to admire saibaba photos and gain blessings of sai.

Its 2.45 at night when i finish this 3rd photo page. Friends all i can say is theres a saibaba photo infront of the computer am typing these messages and making the webpages...It is sai who is doing it and i am just an instrument.I never get interested in doing any other work this late night. When it comes to sai, i never feel sleepy.

Baba ,i say this with tears in my eyes baba..
You are my heart...You are my soul and i will serve you as long as i breath in this earthly life.

C.Venkat Raman
Little servant Of shirdi saibaba
27 10 : 2007

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This page is made to satisfy shirdi saibaba devotees who wishes to see saibaba photos,sai baba photos,photos of saibaba,sai baba pictures, sai baba photos,shirdi sai baba photos,saibaba pictures,shirdi sai baba pictures, shiridi saibaba photos,shiri saibaba photos,sri sai baba photos and sairam photos.I just felt many shirdi saibaba devotees are remembering sai by looking at his photos.So in the days to come also , i will try to do more photography and present it here for your darshan friends.

Copyrights for few articles, photos in starsai network of sites belongs to author and by the blessings of sri sai saibaba .Written permission is required for using & translating contents.Please understand all the words of this site came from years of over affection i had on my sweet saint shirdi saibaba. so i treasure it a lot.

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