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Koothanur Maha Saraswathi Amman Photos - I took this photo of Goddess Maha saraswathi of Koothanur from the picture i got from Saraswati temple.

Saraswathi , The Goddess of Arts will bless you if you keep remembering her by chanting in mind when ever you feel like "Om Saraswathi Namah" ...Keep on praying with love call her "Saraswathi, Saraswathi , Saraswathi" in your mind at any time. She like all Goddess loves pure devotion and will guide and help you immediately.

koothanur Saraswathi

Please have a look at more Saraswathi photos at . I did this photography with so much love that for hours i was admiring how beautiful the image has come out the way i expected it to be. On december 29th 2005, i bought 8 white lotus came home , took the small saraswathi statue i had got from koothanur and arraged the entire thing for over a hours time.I want to express the feeling that photo was taken with the light that emerges from little lamp.It took 45 minutes for me to get the right shot.I was convinced with the look and same evening i gave it to print with my friends kanna and vengadesh.

I had wrote in the print asking people to light lamp contineously for 64 days praying saraswathi and do what ever they can for poor children's studies like getting them books and pens for free or paying school fees.I said 64 days because i dont want to write 48 and make it look like astrology stuff, when it comes to lighting lamps, the longer one lits the lamp the more its power and 64 also indicates the 64 arts which can be acquired from saraswathi's blessing. The reason i wrote about helping in children's education is that many people although have a tendency to help others , will actually act only if some one reminds them. I am simply doing the part which will register in their mind the feeling of helping others and motivate them to do so.

Further more saraswathi has white lotus which also implies having a pure good heart which will have tendency to help others. One gets true blessing of saraswathi if we fill our days with good thoughts and actions and not just by reciting mantra.

My journey to saraswathi temple - Blessings of Goddess saraswathi and shirdi saibaba for good education

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Goddess Saraswati Mantra : If you have any good Saraswati Sloka or Goddess Saraswati Mantra and Saraswati photos , please send it so that i can share with my sai friends.


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