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  Blessings of Sai Baba by doing shradha Saburi pooja
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Dear Shirdi Sai baba devotees & my Sai friends , by the grace of Sai Baba i have tried to photograph few statues of shirdi sai baba statues in my house along with description below all saibaba photos. This page will have collection of beautiful shirdi sai baba photos, saibaba pictures,sai paintings etc.Each page has one to three photos of Shirdi Sai Baba.All photos are copy rights protected . Scroll down , See all sai baba photos with devotion and gain blessings of Saint Shirdi sai baba


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sai baba
See how Divine and affectionate is the face of our Sadguru Shri Shirdi Sai baba. Pray whole heartedly looking at sai baba in this beautiful form. The safron dress and also the orange tint of light over the face of sai adds sacred beauty .Say your favourit mantra of saibaba and get blessings of this vibrant shirdi saibaba photo - Hope you love sai in this picture friends - Venkat Raman Photography
shirdi saibaba
Do you remember the leela of Sai baba from sai satcharita where a devotee applies tridant pindi to the forehead of sai baba .When i see the chandan ( sandal paste ) in this beautiful Sai baba photo , i remember that leela.Sai baba seens to look YOU sharply with his eyes.If you really love Sai Baba from bottom of your heart and chant "Aum Sri Sai Ram" for 10 minutes , trust me you will realize the presence of sai baba in your heart & life .Sai baba bless you - Venkat Raman Photography

Sai baba is a fakir in reality but due to our devotion and understanding of saibaba's powers, we call his SAI MAHARAJ. This photo reveals the "King in the fakir " Look at the way our sweet humble saint shird sai baba looks in the above photo. To me he Looks like an emperor.He is majestic and looks like prince though his heart shows no different between a king and a pauper.

When you see this photo of Shirdi Sai Baba ,you can see the Sai Maharaj in this poor fakir. Though our Sadguru shows as if he has nothing, deep in his heart is a universe and treasure of all wealth and prosperity.One graceful look of Sai baba can change a poor person into King....Saints never use their powers to gain prosperity for themselves , Their work is to choose the right person and bless them with prosperity.So pray Sai baba in this photo whole heartedly to bless you with good Career and business. Shirdi Sai baba bless you.


In this Saibaba photo page , i will write about another beautiful sai leela which i read ...

A incident from Saibabas life time to teach that Sai baba lives in every single photos we have :

The Photo sent by Sai baba to Saddhy Bhayya :

Sai Baba sent His photo to Saddu Bhayya Naik in 1915, through other devotees Balaram and Muktaram. This was the photograph that was kept in Dixit Wada; it reached him on 8.2.1915 on Thursday .

Baba also sent a letter which read "Through this photo I have come to your home. Without My permission don't come to Shirdi again "

To celebrate the arrival of Sai Baba photo, Rudrabhishek and Puja were performed and Sai Baba photo was placed upon a sinhasan and Anna Daan was done by Saddu Bhayyas family.

Doing Pooja to Saibabas photo will protect a person from any danger/disease :

Once there was an epidemic of plague in Harda. Every villager left their houses and went away.. At that time, Saddu Bhayya had gone to his ancestral village, Brahmingaon, leaving his father with Sai Baba's photograph in Harda. Saddu Bhayya wrote to Sai Baba asking him what to do about the photograph and the plague. Sai Baba told him go back to Harda , Perform Pooja to the Photo and send his father to Shirdi.

A few days later Saddu found two dead rats near the Saibaba photo. He immediately wrote a letter to Saibaba. Baba in his characteristic way said, "Allah Mallik was there and there is nothing to fear." Saddu Bhayya stayed in the same house and was safe by blessings of Sai baba.

Saibabas photos are not papers with Images - Sai Baba really lives in them :

Now read on the story of Saddu bhayya. He had 3 sons. Saddu Bhayya took samadhi in 1937. The photograph sent by Sai Baba was in Bhamingaon village with no one to take care or do pooja .

One day his Saddu's son Laxman Rao got a dream in which SaiBaba said " i came to your home through this photo­graph, and you have discarded Me. If you don't come and free Me within two days My leg will be eaten away".

Laxman Rao was shocked at this dream, but couldn't understand it. He went to the court as usual but was rest­less the whole day.

That night he again had the same dream. In which Sai Baba said "you have not heeded My warning, if you don't come and set Me free. My leg will be eaten away bytermite (white ants)'

This dream Shocked Laxman Rao and the very next day he ap­plied for leave in court and went to the house in Bhamingaon. When he opened the door he was shocked to see that white ants had eaten the wooden frame, and had just invaded the photograph be­low Sai Baba’s big toe.

Laxmen cleaned the photograph of saibaba with affection thinking how sai has guided him to protect the photo .Then he took the photo­graph to his home in Indore where he framed it and even now the photograph is being worshipped by his daugher Vanitha with love and care on our sweet saint Sai Baba.

Ok friends,by this leela, sai has helped all of us understand the following

1.Doing pooja to saibabas photos protects us and we also get peace and prosperity :

Every single shirdi sai baba photo has a power in it to protect us from any danger or disease ahead of us. If you whole heartedly do pooja to saibaba photo or statue, surely sai will bless you with health, prosperity and peace of mind

2. Praying or getting a Saibaba photo is equal to going to Shirdi :

Some of you might live abroad or may not have chance to go to shirdi in near future. In the above leela baba himself sends his photo to Saddu Bhayya and mentions in letter that "I have come to your house through this photo.Do not come to shirdi with out my permission. " ...Friends, every single word utters by saibaba during his life time has a indirect meaning for the generations of sai devotees to come for next thousands of years. So we must understand that Sai himself considers his photo and statue equal to coming to shirdi. So if you are not getting a chance to go to shirdi, worship the photo of saibaba offering garland,applying kumkum , lighting lamps etc.

Your pure love on sai is all that sai needs more than your physical presence in shirdi.So worship Shirdi saibabas photos and sai statues whole heartedly.This is enough.

3.Take proper care of all your shirdi saibaba photos and statues :

Friends,We must take proper care that all the shirdi saibaba photos, stickers, wall hangs, even a tiny ring, pendent and saibaba statues are all safe. Dont worry if the photos are torn/dirty or statues are broken.Nothing happens without sais will .At the same time try to always value the photo of shirdi sai baba. If someone gives you a photo of saibaba affectionately accept it and worship it because may be sai came to you through that photo.

Now who made you come to and look at these beautiful images of Sai baba .Its not me and you....Its our sweet saibaba who has pulled you to him to get his beautiful darshan along with all this leelas.This itself is a leela.Not all will learn the powers and leelas associated with babas photos and we are fortunate to know it.

Sai, thanks a lot for helping me make this page in the night time of 27:10:2007 ...its 2 o clock in the night..All this day i was making pages for presenting babas photos beautifully.In the evening i lit lamps in Nagasai temple and came back and started writing these all night......Hope you like it friends.

Take care of yourself and also the saibaba photos and statues you have.
Sai has come to your house through that photographs

Baba, I love you sooooooooooooooooo much...
Hugs to my sweetest saint saibaba of shirdi !!!

C.Venkat Raman
Little servant of Shirdi sai baba.


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Your Shirdi Sai Baba photos can do miracles if you do pooja to sai whole heartedly

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Copyrights for few articles, photos in starsai network of sites belongs to author and by the blessings of sri sai saibaba .Written permission is required for using & translating contents.Please understand all the words of this site came from years of over affection i had on my sweet saint shirdi saibaba. so i treasure it a lot.

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