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A letter sent to my sai friend Priya's mother in 1986 with simple beautiful message for Gurupurnima
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How to invite Shirdi Saibaba to live in our house

Contributed by my sai friend Kavitha and Kanan family while i had been to their house.

Gurupurnima this year comes on July 7th 2009.

Guru purnima is a holy day for all devotees of Guru like Shirdi Saibaba and Datta parampara. I wish to share this information to all Sai devotees and also Devotees of any Guru in Dattatreya parampara. If you are devotee of Shree pada shree vallabha, Swami samarathi, Narasimha swamiji n also Shirdi Saibaba,please use the Gurupurnima time to invite your guru to live in your house.

Every year go to any small Saibaba temple , Datta mandhir or Ganesha temple as some might not have sai mandhir near their house. In case you are at Shirdi , Akalkot , Narasigawadi or Ganagapur , you can do the same thing as below.

Offer coconut, Dakshina to guru and invite him

On Guru purnima day , Offer a coconut , dakshina of 2 rupees ( or any amount as you wish ) and invite your Guru ( saibaba ) to come and live with you for next 2- 4 month. You can leave the coconut offering in temple itself and come. Invisibly in subtle form if you lead a pure life , you can feel the presence of Guru in your house itself. Guru will surely make you a better human being by giving you simple teachings spiritually.

I mean to say this holy "Gurupurnima" day is when you can invite guru to stay in your house in subtle form and show devotion keep a shirdi saibaba photo, statue, light lamps regularly, offer them food as if guru is really living with you. Its assured you can really understand Saibaba and his beautiful teachings through good incidents as per your devotion in the next 2 to 4 month.

If you live abroad and are not able to go to temple to invite saibaba to your house , then you can offer coconut to shirdi saibaba photo in yopur own house and pray him to stay in your house for next few month and bless you with spiritual wealth.

A letter written in 1986 - A Gurupurnima message from a someone who love Saibaba

Om Sainathaya Namaha

A Gurupurnima message which inspires Sai bhakti :

One of my sai friend Priya from mumbai wanted to share this beautiful sai leela . Priya's mother had written a article in 1986 edition of Sai leela magazine about how greatful she was to shirdi saibaba for blessing her with a very good Husband.

She had dream of a temple with many door and when she met her husband for first time ( before marriage ) he gave her prasad from the temple which looks similar to her dreams with many door.

Looking at the beautiful article in Sai leela magazine, Priya's mother soon received a letter from a Sai devotee from delhi. He has not given any purticular name or address. All he wrote was "Dr.Babaji, 13 june 1986."

Comparison between Science and Sai devotion :

Sai-ence and Sai - lence

The message is really worthy for people who ask questions as in why do you believe saibaba, everything happens by your own hardwork, whats use of a guru etc. There are many families who lead a life with such nature to avoid Saibaba and any Guru based on their belief in scientific facts and thus have a mordern outlook on life.

Answer for People who have a odd attitude about our devotion to saibaba :

For example if your friend is feeling sick or facing any problem in studies or career, we as sai devotees naturally give them a saibaba photo or udi prasad from shirdi etc. We do it with good intention but they inturn question us asking whats the use of all this. If saibaba can really solve their problem and infact such people will even spoil their friends understanding of saibaba saying "what success saibaba gave you for all the faith you have on him ?

So this person who doesn't want to identify himself to Priya's mother has wrote a letter to her asking her to build a saibaba temple ( which was her wish ) and also the above letter beautifully hand written with drawings and pictures of saibaba . He has introduced himself as Dr.Babaji .The irony of it being he being educated has compared science with Sai devotion with terms "Sai -ence and Sai - lence " .

Friends, every sai devotee has their own way of understanding life and Sai devotion. Infact i have never included other sai devotees experiences in starsai so far . Most of the experiences and sai leela are something which happened in my life. This is first time i include a experience of sai devotee and his love for sainath as the message seems to be wonderful.How deep must be priya's mothers devotion on saibaba that she greatfully wrote about saibaba in 1986 edition of sai leela magazine and Sai bhakti of this person who responded to her experience with this sai letter.

This is the message given in above letter friends :

The person who sent the letter to Priya's mother in 1986 has requested her to read it everyday from Gurupurnima for 108 days. I feel you can read it atleast once to understand Sai devotion , its greatness and how we are benefitted by Sai bhakti.Please ignore the grammatic mistakes . See only the effort this humble sai devotee has taken years back to encourage and spread Sai bhakti.



Saience !! SAI - ENCE is the GRACE of
Aum Shirdi SAIBABA . Saience is Spirituality
Charity and Equality.
Love Saience.
Live in Sai-lence always.
Find your life within yourself.

Read Saience. Lead Sai- Lence Life Daily !!!!!


Almighty God is our father, mother, master and nectar. God is greatest, oldest and dearest.

Our God is Aum Shirdi Saibaba.
Look him . Love him. Think him. Serve Him.

We can serve by Saience thoughts.
Saience words and Saience deeds.

Sins can be destroyed by SAIENCE and Sai - lence actually !!!!!


Immortal Sayings : - Be Simple. Be Humble.
Be Noble. Be Faithful.
Be Truthful.
Be Technical. Be Punctual. Be Cultural.
Be Charitable. Be Beautiful. Be Spiritual.
Be graceful. Be peaceful.
Life plus Saience gives Health, Wealth, Wisdom, Peace, Freedom and Spiritualism !!!


Equip Saience and Sai- Lence.
As BREATH and Food are necessity for our body. Saience and Sai - Lence are necessity for our life. Illuminate Saience. Illustrate Sai - Lence.
An ounce of practice is better than tons of theory. A little exertion here brings great rewards really. Root yourself. Know yourself. Rejoice Yourself. See your own Self in All !!!


Naturally you came alone and naked with your past own good and bad destiny. You must go back alone and naked with your present own good and bad destiny. Our destiny is in our own thoughts, words and deeds. Life Minus saience gives disease, poverty , sorrow , war, foolishness and materialism. Look saience lovely.


Cultivate Saience and Sai - lence. Nobody can escape from God and our own destiny. God is seeing our own good and bad destiny. God is dwelling in our heart always. Our own destiny oils the mahinary of life daily. Think Saience Work Sailence. Get Sai - Lence always. Saience Thinking and Sai - lence living are Supreme !!!


Everything happens by our own Destiny and God wills. Rectify our mistakes. Magnify our Mind. Certify our conducts. Amplify our works. Justify our expenses. Simplify our wants. Nullify our greed. Glorify our future with Saience and Sai - lence.

Future with Saience and Sai - Lence.
What you sow good and Bad daily
That you reap Good and Bad really !!!!!
Aum Shanti

Science vs Saience ..

..Where there is science there is poverty, disease, sorrow, war, foolishness and materialism

..where there is Sai - ence there is health, Wealth, wisdom,Peace, Freedom and Spiritualism

Aum Shanti
Dr.Babaji - 13th june 1986

Sairam friends , Hope you loved the above message . Priya wanted me to spread the beautiful leela of her family as a gurupurnima message for this year. Hope you all loved it . If you want the bigger Size verson of above beautiful letter , email me and i shall send you the attachment when i have time so that you can read it everyday saving in your computer.

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